Am I the only one who thinks that the skill levels in wii sports club were done poorly? There is like 2-3 people in each level, and then like 20+ people in ★10... It gives me an impression that nintendo had a lot of left over miis and said: "eh, let's just dump them in the ★10 rank" This results in so many miis being way too overpowered. Some miis like Xiaojian and Na-rae are ★10 in literally everything and their looks just don't quite match their levels... Gen 1 had some overpowered miis but the difference was 1, there were much less of them, and 2, the miis that were overpowered actually looked threatening for the most part (like eva looks very competitive, theo having a large forehead could mean he's intelligent) Xiaojian looks like a toddler, Na-rae looks like she could be good, but not ★10 good. Susie is a ★10 boxer despite not looking remotely threatening.

Furthermore, aside from Alice, Barbara, and Enrique, THE MII'S BASEBALL AND TENNIS LEVELS ARE EXACLY THE SAME. Seriously, that's just completely lazy.

One of the levels they did right though, was pit being the boxing champion as he looks more threatening.

The point is, I think the balancing and placing of the miis in wii sports club overall was done horribly, and that way too many miis in wii sports club are overpowered.

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