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Ever since I joined this wiki... It was normal. Then, there was vandalizers. Candy, LilCakey, Kung Pierre, Kung Jackie. Ugh... That is where the admins had to deal with the vandalizers. I did help revert. yes. i did. And then... right now, Cristina got protected. There is also a thing called semi-protect. Which is applied on PavelBarbaraJeff. Semi-protect is a template to semi-protect an article if it needs semi-protect. Then it will say: 

New Protect Transparent.png
"You must explore more to be able to enter this place!"

This article is semi-protected. You must wait for 4 days and have made at least 10 edits since you joined this Wiki to be able to edit this page.

Meanwhile, feel free to explore & edit other pages!

You will have to wait 4 days to get editing rights when a article is semi-protected. It gets annoying when the vandalizers just try to ruin the wiki. Then they made the articles that they vandalized, protected/semi-protected. I wish I had admin... BUT WAIT! I CANT ASK FOR ADMIN! OH NONONONNONONONONONONONONO! Oh well. The vandalizers will keep changing their IP addresses or even not.

Well... Thank you for reading this story of vandalizers. I wish the vandalizers will be good, and will never vandalize this wiki.