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I was up at 1am and checked on the wiki when I saw... Another clone of Revengeofthekiddo! His name was Revengeofthekiddo2. And then he vandalized more articles! He vandalized Clara, Daisuke, Faustine, Rachel, and more. They got Clara protected. This is getting fricking annoying! Now the vandalizers are making the admins protect them now! I really didn't even ask permission for editing protected articles, but here's what the protect thing looks like:

IMG 20190312 071322.jpg
"Sorry, only the pros and champions can enter this place!"

This article is protected. You must have either admin's or content mod's rights to edit this page.

Meanwhile, feel free to explore & edit other pages!

And yes this is protected because blog posts are always protected. Well, yeah but without that sign.

I think this is really getting annoying, and for it to stop. Thanks for reading this blog post and I will have to be on night guard for the wiki now. Maybe?