Wow. A page that is protected for pretty much no reason. Elisa's page is protected. The ONLY reason that it is protected is that it was a request to get protected. Not for it being vandalized. It hasn't even BEEN VANDALIZED. It was only a suggestion. I do not appreciate this and I find it unnecessary. This makes FOUR Wii Sports Resort pages protected. The other three had a reason, but for Elisa's page? NO REASON AT ALL. This does not make any sense and I seem to not appreciate this. No vandalization has happened yet, so it should not be protected. Elisa is also one of my favorite Miis. Now, if one of my favorite Miis is protected for a reason, I would be fine, but if you protect a page JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE SUGGESTS IT, I don't find that OK. If the page was semi-protected, at least I could still edit it and it would have made more sense. But, nope. Now, I can't edit it unless I have admin. Or I would suggest that you would UNPROTECT THE PAGE.

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