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**This list is outdated. Please don’t list it as my actual opinions.**

In this blog, I will be ranking all 147 Wii Party Minigames. Yes, 147. This is both from Wii Party and Wii Party U. I will then be giving a short reason on why it is bad/good. I will not be including any minigames that are a copy of another minigame (like Challenge Trippy Traverse) or minigame modes (like Solo) because listing challenge minigames that are a copy of another minigame would just be a bit redundant, and listing minigame modes wouldn't make much sense, since you play a variety of minigames, and not just one. And one last thing, due to the wiki not having a certain challenge minigame, tabletop minigames, or co-op minigames, I will not be ranking those until those pages get created. So, with all of that said, let's rank the minigames!

Both in Wii Party and Wii Party U. In my opinion. Which is of course subject to change. Here we go!

147: Clover Hunt (WP) - Literally the EASIEST MINIGAME EVER. If you can not beat this, not even joking, you need to talk to your doctor.

146: Match Mii (WPU) - Way too easy. If you watch P1's screen on the instruction video, you are basically rewarded a free win.

145: Flying Fruit (WP) - Impossible for the three.

144: Lumber Whacks (WP) - It would be easy for the one if they only had one heart, let alone three.

143: Operation: Sandbox (WPU) - VERY weird controls for the one. You have to push both joy sticks at the same time to go forward, and then if you want to turn right, you let go of the left joy stick, and vice versa. It's just as finicky as it sounds.

142: Fruit Focus (WP) - If you get chose to go second, the game says "f*** you".

141: Snap Judgement (WPU) - Okay, I need to explain this one in more detail, because it really pisses me off. The game rewards you for playing it WRONG. Here's the thing, just randomly mashing one of the three buttons means that you compete with three other people with a 50 or 33 percent chance, depending on how many signs the Mii at the center is holding, every other turn, while the others are only competing with two out of 50 or 33 chance every other turn, and then after that, they still have to beat you. That means randomly mashing one button is the dominant strategy, which means that the optimal counter play is to also randomly mash one button, which means that the whole entire minigame boils down to RNG. It's a decent game on paper, horrible in execution.

140: Rodent Rundown (WP) - Sometimes the mouse runs away from you, sometimes it doesn't.

139: Jangle Wranglers (WP) - Slow as molasses and bland as an expired saltine cracker.

138: Tube Tosser (WPU) - I didn't know that the beach could be boring until I played this.

137: R/C Drifters (WPU) - Toy car racing but it's really bad and boring.

136: Walk-Off (WP) - The gameplay is boring, the music is boring, the visuals are boring, and everything is just so boring.

135: Communter Count (WP) - You'll probably get a draw in this minigame.

134: Roll to the Goal (WP) - You should also see a doctor if you can't do this one.

133: Spiked-Ball Brawl (WPU) - Pretty hard for the three.

132: Heart Targets (WPU) - You just point and press A.

131: Robot Factory (WP) - You build robots. Yawn.

130: Fruit Or Scare (WPU) - Walk up to the box, press A. Wow.

129: Sitting Pretty (WPU) - Musical chairs, but bland. Just press a button, and pray to the musical chairs gods.

128: Apple Scramble (WPU) - If you don't want to get hit, you will literally NEVER get hit.

127: Pearl Plunder (WP) - This one is just such a weird one! It almost seems random at times.

126: Can Poppers (WP) - It's so easy to shoot all the cans without them touching the ground, you have to try to lose this one.

125: Penalty Kick Challenge (WPU) - Easy for the one.

124: UFO Zap-Up (WPU) - Easy for the three.

123: Basket Bonanza (WP) - It's basketball.

122: Catch a Wave (WPU) - Somewhat easy for the one.

121: Chopper Hoppers (WP) - Sometimes the Miis go after your helicopter, sometimes they don't.

120: Jump Rope Jam (WP) - It just seems a little bit slow. Just a little bit.

119: Pose Pros (WPU) - Some of the poses look NOTHING like the actual pose the Mii is doing.

118: Garden Gridlock (WP) - Yeah, this technically counts as a minigame, right? I mean, it's on my list, so it does, so, I don't know, it's an interesting concept at least.

117: Popgun Posse (WP) - Like Can Poppers, but actually balanced.

116: Space Zappers (WPU) - Simple point-and-shoot Wii Remote game. It works well enough.

115: Barrel Daredevil (WP) - Tight timing, but fair.

114: Assemble Bots (WPU) - Like Robot Factory, but way better in every single way.

113: Maze Daze (WP) - It's a maze. Nuff said.

112: About Face (WP) - Decent puzzle game.

111: Ram Jam (WP) - You just move sheep out of your way. Pretty balanced.

110: Bobsled Highway (WP) - I would like it better if it was a racing game, but it's still decent.

109: Jumbo Jump (WP) - Basically that one game from Wii Fit, but you are getting less exercise.

108: Alley Hoops (WPU) - It's also basketball.

107: Feathered Frenzy (WP) - Grab the feathers and don't touch the brown things.

106: Blastronauts (WP) - Interesting teamwork for both you and your teammate.

105: Super Snow Sliders (WPU) - A pretty cool slide-across-ice game. Pun intended.

104: Fishin' Buddies (WP) - Good pair minigame that is just a LITTLE too easy.

103: Hide-and-Peek (WP) - Good hide-and-seek styled minigame, but I think the three have a SLIGHT advantage.

102: Channel Changers (WP) - Change it to the right video.

101: Cry Babies (WP) - Accurate representation on why I do not wish to have siblings, but still neat.

100: Flycycle Team (WP) - Interesting physics going on there.

99: Snow Shredders (WPU) - Like Jumbo Jump, but better.

98: Shutterbird (WPU) - Find the bird that actually has feelings.

97: Shutter Shy (WPU) - Do you want to run like a mad man, or play it safe and hide behind the water? The choice is yours.

96: Saucer Snap (WP) - Timing seems a LITTLE tight, but it's fun.

95: Shifty Gifts (WP) - Balance your gifts and don't drop them.

94: Cliff Riders (WPU) - Good unicycle minigame, but if you don't make it to the end, YOU F***KING DIE!

93: Balanced Diet (WPU) - Find the right fruit and don't break your scale.

92: Ninja Scramble (WPU) - Good minigame where you actually track one of the three people.

91: Zig-Zaggurat (WPU) - Don't get squished. That is not a good fetish.

Alright, let's take a brief intermission so I can explain the next few entries on this list. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't listed any pure RNG minigames yet, and that's because judging them objectively is quite difficult to do. I mean, they are all functionally the same. I don't really like or dislike RNG minigames, but I think they play an important role in making Wii Party what it is, and you need to have that balance in there. For those exact reasons, I thought the best way to list them is to group them all right towards the middle of the list. I still have my personal favorites, so without further ado, lightning round, here they are!

90: Risky Railway (WP)

89: Dicey Decent (WP)

88: Hide and Go Beak (WPU)

87: Lucky Launch (WP)

86: Mad Hatters (WPU)

85: Strategy Steps (WP)

84: Run to the Sun (WPU)

83: Diamond of Mine (WPU)

82: Meet and Greet (WP)

Alright, that's all of the RNG minigames out of the way, now let's talk about another type of archetype, the mashing minigames. Whether you are mashing A, B, A & B, A & B alternatively, or shaking the remote, these minigames boil down to doing those things really really fast. Like RNG minigames, they play a cruical role in making Wii Party what it is. I chose to include shaking the controller also counting as a mashing game. And I definitely do have my favorites for this category. Let's get into it.

81: Flag Footrace (WP) - It's Flag Fracas, but it's only two players. It's really not that much fun.

80: Lap Happy (WPU) - Fun minigame in which you have to switch buttons every time.

79: Cosmic Capers (WP) - It's basically the space version of Mario Kart.

78: Flag Fracas (WP) - Like Flag Footrace, but actually playable.

77: Chop Chops (WP) - First to press buttons or shake a certain amount of times wins. I like to call games like these "sprints". But as far as I'm aware, this is the only sprint minigame that I found.

76: Chin-Up Champ (WP) - In contrast to a sprint, this is whoever presses a button/shakes the remote the most within a certain amount of time. I like to call these "durations", and personally, they're my favorite type of mashing game. Here's one more.

75: Close Knit (WPU) - The best duration game and the best mashing game. So, with that out of the way, let's go back to the normal minigames.

74: Smile Snap (WP) - You press A when everyone looks at the screen. I kind of like it.

73: Splash Bash (WP) - One person tries to get three other people wet.

72: Sheep Crossing (WP) - Interesting teamwork. Nuff said.

71: Punch Dunk (WPU) - Run away from the boxing gloves.

70: Symmetrical Suits (WPU) - You got to find the right piece, but it's a bit too simple.

69: Token Drop (WPU) - It's basically an arcade game.

68: Balloon Boppers (WPU) - It's about running away when people are trying to target you.

67: Pump Cart Panic (WP) - Gotta go fast!

66: Pop Coaster (WP) - It's a rollercoaster minigame.

65: Spring Time (WP) - It's all about timing.

64: Face Flip (WP) - You have to flip the right cards in a row.

63: Countdown Crisis (WPU) - It's hot potato.

62: Poserobics (WP) - It's a pretty balanced 1v3 game.

61: Star Pupil (WPU) - Like Pop-Up Bandits, but worse.

60: Pop-Up Bandits (WP) - Like Star Pupil, but better.

59: Cage Chomp (WPU) - Just follow the right card.

58: Safe Landings (WPU) - Good luck actually trying to get exactly zero seconds.

57: Timber Topple (WP) - Really interesting 1v1 game.

56: Maze Malaise (WPU) - It's another maze.

55: Friendly Face-Off (WP) - Interesting puzzle piece game.

54: River Rollin' (WPU) - Pretty good river racing game.

53: Recipe Recall (WPU) - Somewhat easy memory game.

52: Paddle Pals (WP) - It's more river racing.

51: Derby Dash (WP) - It's another racing game.

50: Freeze! (WPU) - It's a bit too easy, but your cursor shakes a little bit even if you are holding it still, so it's fine.

49: Puzzle Pick-Up (WP) - Another fun puzzle piece minigame.

48: Ice Spinners (WPU) - A minigame where you get dizzy and time your A press.

47: Back Attack (WP) - Three words: Don't. Get. Hit.

46: Bumper Crops (WP) - Interesting pair game where you have to throw some fruits to your teammate.

45: Spring Ringers (WP) - Another good pair minigame.

44: Balance Broncos (WPU) - Works well with a Wii Remote.

43: Domino Tally (WPU) - Like Communter Count, but actually challenging and playable.

42: Pogo Battle (WPU) - You just bump people off the stage.

41: Big Bang Blasters (WPU) - Fun shooting game.

40: Spotlight Fight (WP) - It's all about shoving people out of your way.

39: Safari Hustle (WPU) - Like Derby Dash, but better.

38: Tropical Punch (WP) - Pretty fun boxing-stylied minigame.

37: Quicker Chipper (WP) - It's all about swinging at the right spot.

36: Hammer Heads (WP) - Whack the moles, but also the humans.

35: Speed of Sight (WPU) - Analysis and reaction.

34: Shutterpup (WP) - A photo game but you get more than one shot, and you have to chase the target down.

33: Follow Your Face (WP) - Really good tracking minigame.

32: Rope Sling (WP) - Another minigame that is all about timing. This one is great.

31: Ramped Up (WPU) - A great skateboarding game.

30: Poppin' Pilots (WP) - Competitive biplane game.

29: Water Walkers (WPU) - Another timing game.

28: Power Prisms (WPU) - An easy Pac-Man game, but still pretty fun.

27: Blast Panels (WPU) - A really fun and balanced 1v3 game.

26: Trippy Traverse (WP) - Very fun game where you actually have to keep the path balanced.

25: Crash Balls (WP) - The title pretty much says it all. Crash into balls.

24: Moon Landing (WP) - Just dodge the meteors.

23: Zombie Tag (WP) - Competitive outdoor game.

22: Perlious Pathaways (WPU) - Really fun 1v3 game that actually forces you to think carefully.

21: Face Flippers (WPU) - You just choose the correct Mii. It's very great.

And here we are, we have reached that magic number, the top 20. Allow me to show you my top 20 favorite minigames of all time. Except maybe not, because you would still have to replace some of these with RNG or Mashing Games, but I have already explained why they are technically are not part of the main list, but anyway, lightning round, let's finish this! Here's the best of the best!

20: Deliverly Duel (WP)

19: Stop Watchers (WP)

18: Jumping Target (WPU)

17: One-Two Punch (WPU)

16: Goal Getters (WP)

15: Moonbase Escape (WPU)

14: Flashlight Frights (WP)

13: Balloon Buggies (WP)

12: No Goals Barred (WPU)

11: Marching Orders (WP)

10: Color Coordination (WP)

9: Space Brawl (WP)

8: U Can't Catch Mii (WPU)

7: Mii Vaulters (WPU)

6: Flap Hurdles (WP)

5: Twisted Flight (WPU)

4: Flock Shot (WPU)

3: Banana Blockade (WP)

2: Teamwork Temple (WP)

And the number one best Wii Party minigame of all time is...

1: POOL PARTY (WPU). Long live the king.

Oh my GOD, this blog took WAY longer than than I thought it would. Do you agree or disagree with my rankings? If so, then why? 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, because this blog took like one whole day to write.