I made this blog post because I wanted to showcase on what skill levels these Miis would be if swordplay was in Wii Sports Club. Now, you will notice that Miis that are only a baseball teammate are on here because I kinda don't like the skill level system in Wii Sports Club and how it works right now. How it works right now is that some Miis don't play any sport and are just a baseball teammate, when it would have been better if Nintendo made skill levels for all Miis. The second problem I have with it is that you face champions when you get to ★5. How I think it should work is that you have to get to skill level ★10 to face the champions, and then when you beat them, you face random opponents each time, basically just like WS and WSR works. But here are the skill levels for each Miis in swordplay in Wii Sports Club.

Duel & Speed Slice

Grade 1:

Enrique (Beginner), Rie, Sho, Steven, Pian-Pian, Barbara.

Grade 2:

Jianjun, Eduardo, Hee-joon, Mark, Na-rae.

Grade 3:

Delilah, Ji-hoon, Pedro, Rui-Lin, Xixi, Irina.

Grade 4:

Hiromi, Haixiang, Kazuhiko, Kaori, Anna.

Grade 5:

Alice, Bruce, Pit, Maria, João, Xiaojian.

Grade 6:

Hyun-woo, Ivo, John, Giulia, Patricia.

Grade 7:

André, Skip, Polly, Chris, Xue-Ren, Gerald.

Grade 8:

Mitsu, Zi-Kai, Yuya, José, Erick.

Grade 9:

Akira, Mónica, Alphonse, Jialan, Victor, Anne.

Grade 10: (You'll play at dusk here.)

Elena, Bernardo, Yunyun, Paula, Yuriko.

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