This is facts about my Mii and other stuff.

  • I got a Wii when I was in 1st grade. You probably already know this if you have seen another one of my blog posts.
  • My original Mii actually wore glasses. I didn't wear glasses at the time and I still don't, I just decided to put glasses on my Mii for some reason.
  • The disc that I have that I play Wii Sports Resort on is titled "Wii Sports + Resort" which is basically two games in one disc. But I have the original Wii Sports disc as well. You might be wondering "Why do you have two seperate discs when you can just play the original Wii Sports on the Wii Sports + Resort disc?" Well, it's because for some reason, when I select Wii Sports, it just sends me back to the Wii Menu.
  • My first time I played golf I actually got a chip-in. I wasn't too excited because I didn't know much about golf.
  • I play Table Tennis the most on Wii Sports Resort.
  • One time, I didn't play Swordplay for a REALLY long time due to how difficult it was for me to beat Ai. I wasn't necessarily frustrated, I just didn't want to play swordplay anymore. And yes, I have beaten her to this day.
  • For some reason, when I was a kid, I thought that Alisha, Marisa, and Ian didn't exist due to how very few times I saw them at that time. I don't know why I didn't see them much. I also thought that Ian's name was "lan" with a lower case L.
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