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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    If you have seen the Discord server for this wiki, you will know it has became a disaster for me recently. In fact, it has became so bad for me recently that I have considered leaving it and possibly never coming back. Me and HowILoveIt got into a fight. We have constantly been getting into fights lately, but this one is what caused me to think about leaving the server. The main thing that caused me to think about leaving is the fact that he called me a retard. To prove it to you guys reading this blog, there's an image right here.

    It just really made me want to leave the server and people shouldn't be saying this stuff anyway, especially admins. I don't understand why we just can't get along for once. He probably has anger issues judging b…

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    You know what I have been seeing a lot?

    That people are saying that Olga is a clone of Miyu. And it's sick bu******. First of all, they are not even clones because they are not genetically identical!

    Okay, just kidding, that's not really the reason why they are not clones, but I still have a reason for it.

    It's not that people say that they look similar or anything, no, it's the fact that people think that she's a Miyu clone...


    And that's not even close to the main problem, because some people go to say that she's a clone of Miyu in SPORTS. Except for tennis, their skill levels are not even CLOSE! Let me explain this.

    Olga is at Grade 1 at baseball, while Miyu is the third b…

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    (All seven Miis end up in some sort of a kitchen that is inside a large mansion)

    Sakura: Well, this isn't an island, that's for sure.

    Sarah: Ursula, are you sure this portal went to the right place?

    Ursula: Well, I have NO idea where the exit portal is now, and I don't think this is the right place.

    Misaki: Maybe this COULD be Yuhu Island, but we are inside a mansion that is part of this island.

    (All seven Miis overhear Rie and Alice arguing through the door.)

    Rie: I already told you, Alice, I didn't touch the stupid thing!

    (Alice opens the door)

    Alice: Well, please stop arguing with me and-- Whoa! What's with all of the guests?

    Rie: How did you losers get in here?

    Alice: RIE!

    Elisa: Allow me to introduce the whole group. I'm Elisa, and that's Sarah,…

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    This is not finished.

    I love the Spot The Sneak game in Wii Party and Wii Party U. I love the idea of it, and I think it's fun to play with friends. However, I kind of wish that ALL minigames had spot the sneak variants, because then it would make the game more interesting. So I thought it would be fun to create my own Spot The Sneak variants of all minigames. Also, since Pearl Plunder, Face Flip, Dicey Decent, Maze Daze, Stop Watchers, Follow Your Face, Hammer Heads, Zombie Tag, Ram Jam, Balloon Buggies, Water Walkers, Cage Chomp, Alley Hoops, Star Pupil, Snap Judgement, Run to the Sun, Lap Happy, Ramped Up, Safari Hustle, Flock Shot, Cliff Riders, Close Knit, Balance Broncos, Chopper Hoppers, and Walk-Off already have a Spot The Sneak va…

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  • KingFire4IcePowerAAA

    (All four Miis go back to the main island near the lighthouse, and Elisa pulls out her phone to text Sarah the picture of the unique blue-glowing tennis racket)

    Sarah's Text: What the heck? Did you spill glow-in-the-dark paint on your racket?

    Elisa's Text: No, I found this at the top of crab rock. You are going to have to come to the lighthouse so I can tell you more about it

    Sarah's Text: Okay, I'm on my way

    (Elisa then puts up her phone.)

    Elisa: Okay, I just texted Sarah about this racket, and she's on her way.

    Sakura: Okay.

    30 seconds later...

    Sarah: Okay, I'm here. Are you SURE you didn't spill paint on your racket?

    Elisa: No! If I spilled paint on my racket, it would be clean by now. It can also do this.

    (Elisa serves a ball, and the tennis bal…

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