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  • IAmAwesome2

    Years ago, I discovered the formula for gaining skill level in Basketball Pickup Game if you win. But now I want to know what the formula is if you lose. All I know is that it's not the same as if you win.

    Here are some examples of games:

    Human: 8 CPU: 9- 0 skill points lost

    Human: 0 CPU: 17- 136 skill points lost

    Human: 14 CPU: 17- 10 skill points lost

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  • IAmAwesome2

    I just got Irina's badge!

    November 11, 2019 by IAmAwesome2

    30 day streak!

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Annoying Female Miis

    November 10, 2019 by IAmAwesome2

    Who are the most annoying females in your opinion? In my opinion, probably Lucía (in Table Tennis) and Kathrin (in Boxing). Update: I also think Rin and Emily are annoying, because I have to face them in Baseball and can't beat them.

    Note: I got the idea from HowILoveIt's blog about annoying male Miis, so credit goes to him.

    Voting has ended. The winner is Lucía!

    Lucía: 4

    Kathrin: 1

    Delilah: 1

    Steph: 2

    Emily: 2

    Maria (WS): 1

    Anna (WSC): 1

    Anna (WS): 1

    Yuehua: 1

    Shu-Hui: 1

    Hiromi (WSC): 1

    Sakura: 1

    Barbara (WSC): 2

    Abby: 2

    Na-Rae: 1

    Helen: 1

    Jessie: 1

    Ai: 1

    Rin: 1

    Emma: 1

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  • IAmAwesome2

    I just adopted Mii Wiki! I'm trying to make the wiki as canon as possible. If you want to be an admin, just let me know.

    Sincerely, IAmAwesome2

    A link to Mii Wiki is here:

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  • IAmAwesome2

    I like music, so this is why I did this. Plus, other users have done similar blogs like this.

    Add your comments below!

    Joost- Elecric guitar

    Midori- Piano

    Guillermo- Drumset

    Oscar- Tuba

    Steve- Trumpet

    Abby- Xylophone

    Alex- Steelpan

    Andy- Marimba

    Chris (WS)- Piccolo Trumpet

    Barbara (WSC): Vocals

    Jeff- Double bass

    Rie- Electric bass

    Gerald- Jazz drumset

    Maximilian- Acoustic guitar

    Maria (WSC)- Piano

    Marius- Piano

    Alice- Electric guitar

    Cheng-Han- Flute

    Barry- Saxophone

    Pit- Rock drumset

    Enrique- Congas

    Ricardo- Cajón

    Jianjun- Keyboard

    Akira (WSC)- DJ turntables (EDM)

    Joseph- DJ turntables (hip-hop)

    Sara- Vocals

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