• I live in The universe
  • My occupation is watching SMG4, playing Wii Sports and Mario games
  • I am an SMG4 fan
  • IAmAwesome2

    About Discord

    January 19, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    I have a few questions about Discord.

    What do you guys do on there?

    How does the "voice chat" work?

    I'm just wondering, since I'm not on Discord.


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  • IAmAwesome2

    About Mii Wiki

    January 17, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    Okay, so I recently asked TortoiseCat5 about redirecting Mii Wiki into this one, so if there are any weird fanon pages, please delete them immediately. (I was planning on Mii Wiki being as factual as Wii Sports Wiki, so why do we even need Mii Wiki if we can just redirect it into Wii Sports Wiki?)

    Sorry, guys, if this is causing some problems.


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  • IAmAwesome2

    I got this idea from MarquessMark.

    So the survivors were: Helen, Miguel, Sarah, Silke, Siobhán, and Theo.

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  • IAmAwesome2

    A weird coincidence

    December 5, 2019 by IAmAwesome2

    I was editing the page "Chris (Wii Sports)", and right afterward, I earned Chris's Badge!

    What a weird coincidence.

    Anyone else have concidences like these?

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Note: I got the idea from KingFire4IcePowerAAA .

    • I got a Wii in Christmas of 2010, and my main Mii (Bob) debuted in Wii Sports on Jan. 1, 2011. Bob debuted in Wii Sports Resort a day later.
    • When I first got a Wii, I made four Miis on it: Bob, Emma, Claire, and Squidward (that did not really resemble Squidward all that much). My siblings made an additional three.
      • The original Claire was changed into someone else because my siblings and I wanted to "recycle" Miis. However, I made another Claire Mii in 2016.
      • Squidward was changed into the Mii that is now my father's Mii.
      • Emma got changed into the Mii that was my grandma, but then she got changed back.
      • I have made many more Miis after making those four Miis. This was because I wanted to play all the…
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