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  • IAmAwesome2

    Just something I found on what is quality trivia. We're probably doing this on this wiki, but this topic hasn't been discussed much.

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  • IAmAwesome2

    Nintendo eShop

    April 7, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    So how would I purchase WSC passes for the Nintendo eShop?

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    My school is getting worried about the coronavirus.

    How has the coronavirus affected you?

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    Median Skill Level

    March 11, 2020 by IAmAwesome2

    I am going to try to add Median Skill Levels of all the WSR CPU Miis in this blog. (Median Skill Level is the middle of all the CPU Mii's skill levels lined up in order, from least to greatest. If there is an even amount of skill levels, I will just take those and divide them by 2.)

    More TBA

    1. Nelly [1303]
    2. Midori [1258]
    3. Misaki [1063]
    4. Tyrone [1004]
    5. Elisa [967.5]
    6. Yoshi [853]
    7. Akira [839]
    8. Tatsuaki [686.5]
    9. Steph [628]
    10. Sandra [568]
    11. Fumiko [303.5]
    12. Cole [103]
    13. Megan [73]
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  • IAmAwesome2

    So I went to my local GameStop, and was looking for Super Mario Maker, Wii Party, Wii Party U, and other games that I might like. Also for another controller (because my Wii Remote's wrist strap broke... kind of)

    Turns out, they didn't have Wii Party or Wii Party U. So I got this instead.

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