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HowILoveIt HowILoveIt 12 October 2019

Which Mii (You can add more than 1 if you'd like to) is, in your opinion, horribly underrated?

For me, It has to be Poor Stéphanie. I mean, look at her! How could you not love that goofy face?

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HowILoveIt HowILoveIt 12 October 2019

What if Swordplay was in Wii Sports Club?

So I've been wondering something... You know how Wii Sports Club is based on the first Wii Sports... So I thought to myself "What if it was based more on Wii Sports Resort? How would it go?" And my mind went straight to Swordplay because that's literally my childhood.

So hear me out on this. If you don't agree, just give out your opinions. I won't judge:

  • 1 Beginners
  • 2 Pros
  • 3 Swordplay Showdown Bosses
  • 4 Changes
  • 5 That's about it

Level 1:

Merrick (Beginner), Patricia, Rui, Xiaojian

Level 2:

Bowen, Erick, Yunyun, Yuriko

Level 3:

Chris, Susie, Xiuping, Shu-Hui

Level 4:

Mitsu, Yuehua

Level 5:

Donna, Steven, Pit, João, Kaori

Level 6:

Se-young, William, Jianjun, John, José

Level 7:

Dunbar, Giulia, Skip, Jeff, Jesús, Jialan

Level 8:

Frank, Kazuhiko, Guillermo, Haixiang, Har…

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