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  • HowILoveIt

    10 Miis I made.

    April 6, 2020 by HowILoveIt

    Anyone you hate? Anyone you love?

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back with the others)

    Miyu: ...Hiroshi is not coming out of there.

    Lucía: You think I can't see? My vision came back already.

    Miyu: Yeah, well, I'm just saying that I'm getting a tad bit worried that he's probably--

    (Hiroshi gets out of the robot)

    Miyu: Nevermind. There he is.

    Lucía: What took you so long?

    Hiroshi: Well, one thing's for sure, Steph obviously doesn't think about space on a location.

    Miyu: Steph? Hiroshi, what are you going on about?

    Hiroshi: Nothing of concern. Just get in the wheelcha--oh no...

    Lucía: Oh no what? What's wrong?

    Hiroshi: The... wheelchair's broken.

    Miyu: So we're stranded is what you're trying to say?

    Lucía: Yeah, we're basically stuck here now.

    Hiroshi: Well, no, actually. We could try something...

    Miyu: Like what?


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  • HowILoveIt


    (Ivo bumps into Sota and Ai)

    Ai: Well, hello there.

    Sota: How art thou?

    Ivo: Ah f***! It's these "elegant" pieces of crap.

    Ai: Language, man.

    Sota: We haven't done nothing to you.

    Ivo: Other than getting in my way.

    Ai: Oh, Fufufu! You crack us up.

    Sota: Perhaps it was YOU who got in OUR way.

    Ivo: Yeah, of course. What's with the dead body on your shoulders?

    Ai: Oh, this?

    Sota: It's just a dead Elisa.

    Ai: With a knife on her head.

    Sota: Fully dead.

    Ai: Hey, that rhymed.

    Sota: Without intention too.

    Ivo: Well, this is gonna take a while.

    (Back with the others)

    George: Who are you?

    ???: You should know.

    Léonie: Why are you here?

    ???: You should know.


    ???: Try asking something then. …

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  • HowILoveIt

    Miyu: ...Something's off about this.

    Hiroshi: There's like 59 things off about this. Where do you wanna start? I'd start on the obvious.

    Miyu: First off, the left side of the dinosaur's nose is scratched.

    Hiroshi: And?

    Miyu: It's showing metal. That's never inside an actually dino, now that I think about it.

    (Inside the dinosaur)

    Steph: AW, S***! THEY FIGURED IT OUT!

    Hiroshi: So you're saying it's a robot?

    Miyu: Seems like it. I mean, what else could it be?

    Lucía: Well, what are we--

    Steph: F*** this!

    (The dinosaur, now proven to be a robot controled by Steph, opens its jaw more)

    Lucía: WAH! NO!

    Hiroshi: Nope. Not on my watch!

    (Hiroshi gets up and jumps on the nose)

    Miyu: Wow. For someone in their late 50s, you sure know how to jump.

    Lucía: My question i…

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Alisha starts sprinting to Alphonse quickly. Then she tries to hit him, but fails as he dodges it)

    Alphonse: Nice try, bi-


    (Alisha then tries to kick him in the side of the head, but fails again)

    Alphonse: You're really bad at-


    (Alisha then screams at the top of her lungs while she charges at Alphonse, throwing him to the floor)

    Alphonse: OW! Hey, wait a second. Can't we discuss-

    Alisha: SHUT IT!

    (Alisha then starts punching Alphonse to no end until he started bleeding from the face)

    Alisha: Die. Die! DIE! DIE, YOU SACK OF S***! F***!

    (Alphonse lies on the floor, dead, covered in blood and bruises)

    Yuehua: Oh my...

    Alisha: ...THE F*** ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! DON'T F***ING STARE …

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