(Back at the refuge)

Sara: What is taking Ivo so long to come back?

Enrique: I dunno. You would think that he would be here by now.

Bo-Jia: *in mind* Miyu, where the heck are you right now?!

Helen: Bo-Jia... are you feeling alright?

Bo-Jia: HUH?! Oh, yes, I am fine... just... dandy

Helen: Your shirt is covered in sweat.

Bo-Jia: What?! Oh, that's nothing. I'm only feeling a bit warm!

Sara: Dude... the air conditioner is on.

Bo-Jia: *Awkward silence*

OK, MAYBE I am a bit uneasy.

Enrique: A bit? You've been saying the name of your daughter in the most scared tone of voice for the past 56 minutes. There is a pool of sweat under you and you look like you saw a ghost.

Bo-Jia: ENRIQUE, SHUT UP! I am only a little bit scared. You're just making stuff up.

Enrique: Sure I am...

Steven: ...OK...changing the topic from Bo-Jia's middle child...You guys remember that call I had to take earlier, right?

Helen: Yes? You made a large deal of it once you looked at your phone.

Steven: Well, that was Marie on the phone... She said that she was gonna use the gun I have on my house to "finish some business with a freckled annoyance", but she didn't say who?

(Bo-Jia's eyes widen largely as he hears Steven mouth off)

Helen: Is that all she said?

Steven: No. She also said her dad is gonna be so upset when she founds out about it.

(Bo-Jia starts getting up from his chair)

Helen: Her? That takes Nick, Michael and Chris out of the subject.

Steven: Yeah. That leaves out Rachel, Lucía, Mi-

Bo-Jia: Um, I think I left something in the bathroom. Gotta go check!

(Bo-Jia then runs off)

Steven: ...Yep. He's nervous about his daughter.

(Now we take a look at Bo-Jia)

Bo-Jia: Marie, if you lay a finger on my daughter, IT'S YOUR DAMN HEAD!

To be continued...

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