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  • HowILoveIt

    (Back with the others)

    Miyu: ...Hiroshi is not coming out of there.

    Lucía: You think I can't see? My vision came back already.

    Miyu: Yeah, well, I'm just saying that I'm getting a tad bit worried that he's probably--

    (Hiroshi gets out of the robot)

    Miyu: Nevermind. There he is.

    Lucía: What took you so long?

    Hiroshi: Well, one thing's for sure, Steph obviously doesn't think about space on a location.

    Miyu: Steph? Hiroshi, what are you going on about?

    Hiroshi: Nothing of concern. Just get in the wheelcha--oh no...

    Lucía: Oh no what? What's wrong?

    Hiroshi: The... wheelchair's broken.

    Miyu: So we're stranded is what you're trying to say?

    Lucía: Yeah, we're basically stuck here now.

    Hiroshi: Well, no, actually. We could try something...

    Miyu: Like what?


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  • HowILoveIt


    (Ivo bumps into Sota and Ai)

    Ai: Well, hello there.

    Sota: How art thou?

    Ivo: Ah f***! It's these "elegant" pieces of crap.

    Ai: Language, man.

    Sota: We haven't done nothing to you.

    Ivo: Other than getting in my way.

    Ai: Oh, Fufufu! You crack us up.

    Sota: Perhaps it was YOU who got in OUR way.

    Ivo: Yeah, of course. What's with the dead body on your shoulders?

    Ai: Oh, this?

    Sota: It's just a dead Elisa.

    Ai: With a knife on her head.

    Sota: Fully dead.

    Ai: Hey, that rhymed.

    Sota: Without intention too.

    Ivo: Well, this is gonna take a while.

    (Back with the others)

    George: Who are you?

    ???: You should know.

    Léonie: Why are you here?

    ???: You should know.


    ???: Try asking something then. …

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  • HowILoveIt

    Miyu: ...Something's off about this.

    Hiroshi: There's like 59 things off about this. Where do you wanna start? I'd start on the obvious.

    Miyu: First off, the left side of the dinosaur's nose is scratched.

    Hiroshi: And?

    Miyu: It's showing metal. That's never inside an actually dino, now that I think about it.

    (Inside the dinosaur)

    Steph: AW, S***! THEY FIGURED IT OUT!

    Hiroshi: So you're saying it's a robot?

    Miyu: Seems like it. I mean, what else could it be?

    Lucía: Well, what are we--

    Steph: F*** this!

    (The dinosaur, now proven to be a robot controled by Steph, opens its jaw more)

    Lucía: WAH! NO!

    Hiroshi: Nope. Not on my watch!

    (Hiroshi gets up and jumps on the nose)

    Miyu: Wow. For someone in their late 50s, you sure know how to jump.

    Lucía: My question i…

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  • HowILoveIt

    (Alisha starts sprinting to Alphonse quickly. Then she tries to hit him, but fails as he dodges it)

    Alphonse: Nice try, bi-


    (Alisha then tries to kick him in the side of the head, but fails again)

    Alphonse: You're really bad at-


    (Alisha then screams at the top of her lungs while she charges at Alphonse, throwing him to the floor)

    Alphonse: OW! Hey, wait a second. Can't we discuss-

    Alisha: SHUT IT!

    (Alisha then starts punching Alphonse to no end until he started bleeding from the face)

    Alisha: Die. Die! DIE! DIE, YOU SACK OF S***! F***!

    (Alphonse lies on the floor, dead, covered in blood and bruises)

    Yuehua: Oh my...

    Alisha: ...THE F*** ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! DON'T F***ING STARE …

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  • HowILoveIt

    As far as I'm concerned, most people like the Miis from the Wii more than the Miis from the Wii U. I'm guessing it's because the Miis from the Wii U look a tad bit too detailed and sometimes a bit weird, while the Miis from the Wii, not having that much stuff to work with, don't look that weird. Let's start with the basics.

    Barbara, Maria, Claudia, Yunyun, Marit, Sophia: Eyes are too large.

    Victor, Joost, Irina: Mouth is way too close to their nose.

    Shu-hui, Yuehua, Masako: They look like ducks more than anything.

    Hee-joon, David, Zi-kai, Xiaojian: What in the world?!

    Delilah, José: If someone looked like that in real life, I'm running.

    Jianjun: His mustache is WAY too far up his nose. It looks like nostril hairs.

    Guillermo: He looks normal when.…

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