Hilvi Haslbäck

  • I live in Austria
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Confectioner
  • I am Male
  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    Norbert Otto Trebron was born in Mississippi, USA. His family doesn't care about him, not even grandparents. He's in only care under his aunt, which appears to be evil. After the school, he saw the male teenager shot down another female teenager in front of his eyes. He was unable to do anything but watch helplessly. He has to sleep under the bridge like a homeless people, because his siblings keeps "bullying" every night, and his parent doesn't care any word from him. He is very angry and has enough of his family. In the Internet café, he researches on the Internet which city he should live in. Until he has found this page. Upon further reading, he fell in love with Vienna and his dreams is, to fly Vienna. Unfortunately, he is only 14. No…

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck


    February 13, 2020 by Hilvi Haslbäck

    After 10 months, I can finally added the image of my personal mii (on this wiki).

    And I would LOVE to comment your opinion about this image. :D

    His name is Hilvi.

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    I have bad news.

    February 6, 2020 by Hilvi Haslbäck

    I had wisdom tooth surgery and had to take two pills three times a day to relieve the pain. That means I can't eat anything solid, for example. Bread with crust, pizza etc. And I have to do the same thing for a whole week.

    Please respect me some manners! ;-;

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  • Hilvi Haslbäck

    Beginner Mii (4/18)

    • Chika
    • Mitsu
    • Adrien
    • Hee-joon

    Standard Mii (5/18)

    • Luca
    • Chris
    • Megan
    • Carlo
    • Se-young

    Advanced Mii (6/18)

    • Naomi
    • Fumiko
    • Ryan
    • Cole
    • Merrick
    • Xiao-Tong

    Expert Mii (2/18)

    • Sandra
    • Sophia

    Master Mii (1/18)

    • Joana
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    Beginner Mii (4/12)

    • Alex
    • Chika
    • Adrien (x2)

    Standard Mii (3/12)

    • Ashley
    • Barbara
    • Carlo

    Advanced Mii (1/12)

    • Ren

    Expert Mii (2/12)

    • Theo
    • Eduardo

    Master Mii (2/12)

    • Jackie
    • Sakura
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