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THE MOD HAS BEEN RELEASED! play it on Dolphin emulator (with a Wii Party ROM), Wii (with a Wii Party disc), or Wii U (with a Wii Party disc)! currently, the mod only supports US (NA) English and EU (PAL) English, with no current plans to support other languages. thanks! below is the original blog post:

READ THE BLOG FIRST, then vote HERE! voting is now CLOSED! thanks for participating!

UPDATE: i now have 8 total responses! thank you all so much for participating. i'm going to finalize the votes, and if there's still a lot of ties still, we'll continue the voting for a little more. so, in the meantime, still feel free to vote! the more responses, the better!

UPDATE 2: THE VOTES ARE IN! you can view the votes below:

the final results of the Wii Party sort, with ties fixed.

and with that, the polls come to a close. thank you for participating! remember, this mod will be officially playable on your very own Wii or Dolphin emulator! (if using Dolphin, please download and install wit here if you haven't already. cygwin = windows.)

i'll start working on the mod right now. once it's done, i'll provide a download, along with a screenshot or two. thanks so much!

oh, and... i may do this again soon, but with Wii Sports Resort and its sports... maybe... 👀