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  • I live in Georgia, United States
  • I was born on December 19
  • My occupation is Outdoor living employee instead of school, thanks corona
  • I am a bruh
  • Bio Bureaucrat on SML Wiki, Admin on Cut the Rope Wiki and others, Content-mod on Wii Sports Wiki, and i'm a scavenger across many wikis :P
    If you'd like help, feel free to leave me a message and I'll be glad to assist!
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  • GarfieldTC

    Hey, Wikians!

    Recently, I have been talking to the other staff about deleting unnecessary categories. This includes, but is not limited to, categories that are redundant, useless, opinionated, ambiguous, or far too specific. Since then, most of the categories that were deemed as such have been deleted, and removed from the pages - although some have been adding such categories back since they were deleted.

    In this blog, I'll be giving y'all a reminder about what categories are no longer allowed on this wiki, having discussed this with the admins already. Categories about favorite colors, such as "Miis whose favorite color is Blue", is the most specific and weird category that should exist. See Special:Categories for a list of which categor…

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  • GarfieldTC


    As we know, this wiki has far too many bureaucrats. Having lots of admins is one thing, but as there are currently 27 users with bureaucrat rights, (!) (several of whom were promoted long ago by the wiki's first admins who are long gone) I'm putting this consensus down to have Fandom Staff remove bureaucrat rights from all who have been inactive the last 3+ months - however, they will still keep their admin rights, unless they've been inactive more than a year. (Most of the ones who have been gone a year are already demoted) If they somehow become active again, they can earn they ways back under the process we've all gone thru.

    That said, here is the list. While it's still too many bureaucrats leftover, ridding these who have been little ac…

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  • GarfieldTC

    Hey there, we had recently merged Canon wikis here, per an agreement, and those wikis were redirected here. Yet, we have 1 more, Mii Wiki. That wiki's only active user/admin, IAmAwesome2, asked for content to be merged, which has been done. Staffs can redirect it here as they did with the others, we'll just need y'all to write approval/disapproval in the comments below to have it redirected.

    Thanks! Tc5

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  • GarfieldTC

    Hey everyone,

    If you voted in that poll to have the small seperate Canon wikis, (Wii Party, Wii Fit, Wii Music) closed and redirected here, please confirm your approval/disapproval below. NOTE: This is not to redirect wikis about other Wii games. It's about small things related to the game.



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  • GarfieldTC


    August 12, 2019 by GarfieldTC

    Hi everyone,

    Per the demotion agreement, Mr Mario 28 has been demoted of bureaucrat rights by Kirkburn (Fandom Staff) (Shout-out to him for that) He's been blocked a few months. Thanks all!

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