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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 17 May 2016


I have been so busy with home, and school, and G+ and other stuff like that, that I haven't had time to edit stuff on the wiki. I've been pretty inactive, but with the school year about to end, I will have time. Hopefully.

So don't worry, I'm not dead.

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 10 April 2016


One thing that bothers me a little: The CPU Miis on the badge icons and the Baseball page don't look exactly like they're supposed to.

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 16 March 2016

Great, More Exams

Term 2 of my school year is about to end. (Seems like it began just yesterday.)

That being said, it means I'm about to take my exams for the term. So I probably won't be available for the next decade month

week. Yay... (T ^ T)

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 3 March 2016

Maka Wuhu is Dormant

I'm sure you all are familiar with metaphors and the like. That being said...At the time of this writing, no one was very active here, save for TurboJ Mario and the occasional anonymous contributor. Which adds a sort of hidden meaning to the phrase "Maka Wuhu is dormant".

Is everyone busy with something else?

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 25 February 2016

CPU Mii Art

As you may or may not know, I'm an artist. I've decided to start practicing a semi-realistic drawing style (I usually draw in manga style). All I used for these drawings was a #2 HB pencil. 

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