Hello! XYNinfivedoNLess here to teach you how to make a glowing CPU Mii avatar pose.

You will need the following mobile apps: PicsArt Photo Studio (free; iOS, Android, Windows RT, Kindle Fire) YouTube A background eraser app (though you can use PicsArt for that too)

1. Determine which CPU Mii you're going to use for your picture. It can be your favorite.

2. Search for Youtube videos with that Mii; Wii Party/Wii Party U videos work best. Keep in mind that GenesisEvo Gaming's WPU playthroughs only include Master Miis.

3. Look for a pose you like. A good idea would be minigame beginning cutscenes, or victory poses at the end of a minigame (just make sure the Mii you want isn't in 4th place!).

4. Take a screenshot of that pose:

  • iOS: Power+Home
  • Android: Power+home OR Power+Volume down
  • Windows RT: Power+Volume up OR Power+Start
  • Mac: ⌘+Shift+4
  • PC: PrtScn OR ⊞+PrtScn

5. Crop the screenshot to only include the Mii and save it.

(If you took the screenshot on a computer, email it to yourself or store it on a cloud. You'll need your mobile device for the next steps.)

6. Install and open your background eraser (if you haven't already) and erase the background so only the CPU Mii is in the picture.

7. Open the picture on PicsArt. Select the pencil and open your photo. Then open FX and select Invert.

8. The entire picture should be blue. Change the hue by moving the slider to to color of your choice. Then make sure Original is selected instead of Effect, and erase all over the Mii's face and the background so that the only thing that's your color is their clothes.

9. Save your edits and open Draw. Create a new layer by tapping on the symbol in the lower right corner. Move that layer behind your avatar, then select the paintbrush to change the brush. Make it the maximum size, and give it soft, blurred edges by changing the Hardness to 0.

10. Select the square in the lower left corner and if it isn't black, use the color picker to make it black. Then paint that back layer black.

11. Pick the color of your Mii's clothes and draw a circle on the back layer.

12. You're done! Now save your image to your device or to the cloud and set it as your Wikia avatar.

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