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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 14 March 2017


It's been a good amount of time, but

I finally beat the table tennis champion. That's all of them!
And I have to say, that slipper paddle sounds really satisfying.

Sunday, March 12, 2017
9:37 PM

Score: 7-5

That is all.

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 30 November 2016

Fanon Wiki?

Spiky Eared Pichu recently made a blog post on the overload of cruft in the comment sections of CPU Mii articles. I was thinking maybe we could give them their own space to write whatever they'd like, a fanon wiki maybe? hey, there's one for the Lion King.

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 7 August 2016


Great, another weird title...

I haven't been editing on the wiki—who am I kidding? I haven't been anything on the wiki—for quite a while. I've been on vacation in Sudan for at least a month (;'_')and the internet kinda sucks. But I still occasionally check the wiki while I can and read manga inbetween.(Side note: I've also been......maturing....[ouch.])

and in case you're wondering what's with the title, I've risen from the dead. A zombie.
That's so corny I can practically taste it....

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 14 June 2016

Hellooo, summer

Today's the last day of school for me. Tomorrow I won't have to wake up at early-as-hell o'clock, or worry about work and the stresses and responsibilities of being human. The only catch is, I have to return my iPad to the school—omits school property.

Hello summer.
Goodbye torture.
Goodbye iPad. :/

About to take my final final exam for this year. Bye for now.

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GVNintendoNMore GVNintendoNMore 6 June 2016


All this time on WSW and I forgot to tell you all that I'm Muslim.
Wow. What an introduction.

Why now, you ask? Well, because today marks the first day of Ramadan and I'm going to have to fast till sunset for thirty days (it gets harder and harder every year). Enjoy your food, you lucky ducks. Most, if not all, of my classmates are fasting too, and more than half the class was absent today. I'm probably going to sleep the second I get home and not wake up until the iftar[1] when I can EAT EAT EAT. (oops.)

[1]Iftar: the evening meal when the fast is broken during Ramadan.

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