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    Drawing all 211 CPUs

    September 27, 2020 by Dadpleaseno

    I felt like drawing all 211 CPUs, and here's my progress so far.

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    Before we get into the age groups, I have to talk about The Wuhu Games. So, the next chapter will be out soon, and I will try to get it out before Halloween, but that isn't a guarantee. I'll probably do it during Fall Break for my school, which is next week (I think lol)

    Alright, with that out of the way, into the age groups!

    Child/Teen (5-17): Chris, Haru, Hiromi, Megan, Michael, Shinta

    Young Adult (18-29): Abby, Ai, Akira, Alex, Anna, Asami, Chika, Cole, Eddy, Elisa, Emily, Emma, Eva, Gabi, Giovanna, Greg, Gwen, Hiromasa, James, Jessie, Kathrin, Keiko, Kentaro, Luca, Lucía, Marisa, Martin, Mia, Midori, Misaki, Miyu, Naomi, Nick, Oscar, Rachel, Rin, Saburo, Sakura, Sandra, Sarah, Shohei, Siobhán, Sota, Steph, Stéphanie, Susana, Takumi, Tatsu…

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    I got the idea to make this from MaiLightApple and CelestiaTheGreatPrincess.

    I changed my mind, I'm not including skill levels. Ignore the title.

    Also, some Miis' hair colors are different than their face images, since the originals were made on the Switch.

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    Previously, on the Wuhu Games, the boat arrives at land, and Guillermo tells them that Kwaad is posessed, and it's Haruka that posessed him.

    (Meanwhile, in an unknown place...)

    Haruka: No, no, no! They know that Kwaad's a good guy! F***! How did they escape?! I thought I got everyone! Oh well, I can just send Kwaad himself down there to take care of them.

    (Back at Wuhu)

    Martin: Well, we gotta get going. We gotta try to get rid of the Kwaadies- Oh s***.

    Kwaad: So, I was told by Haruka that you somehow survived my wrath. This time, you have no escape! HAHAHA!

    Guillermo: Oh f***.

    Jeff: RUN!

    (Kwaad lasers Jeff, Clara, and Alphonse)

    Joseph: What are you even gonna do to us?!

    Kwaad: All of your other friends are stone. But since you guys escaped... Much w…

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    Previously, on the Wuhu Games, Ren, Rin, and Nick were lasered, leaving Midori and Rainer to be the only ones in that group left. They go to the boat to find out what's in it.

    Rainer: Hey, do I see another group heading towards the boat too?

    Midori: Yeah, I think that's... Martin?

    Rainer: Yeah, with Kentaro and Luca too!

    (In the boat...)

    Jeff: Uhh... there's some people heading to where we were gonna land!

    Joseph: No worries, we should be fine.

    Alphonse: Yes, we're still gonna land here. They could be useful for helping us find her...

    (The boat lands at the beach)

    Alphonse: Greetings, people of Wuhu. I am Alphonse, and these are my associates, Jeff, Joseph, Clara, and Guillermo.

    Midori: Wait, I think I know these people! I've seen them before! They'…

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