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  • July 15, 2003 (18 years old)

Positive Relationships

  • Tatsuaki (father)
  • Na-rae (mother)
  • Takashi (grandfather)
  • Saburo (uncle)
  • Rui-Lin (uncle)
  • Daisuke (uncle)
  • Tomoko (cousin)
  • Hiromi (cousin)

Negative Relationships

  • Yuriko (sister)


  • Is now the 3rd Pro Class player in Swordplay after practice and got to wear black armor in Stage 12 replacing her uncle Daisuke
  • She now teams up with Lucia and Vincenzo in Basketball, swapped spots with Fritz
  • After 12 years, she never found a Table Tennis paddle
  • Is now "far back but acceptable" in Cycling


  • Is somehow obsessed over Monokuma from DR1 and has a onesie of said bear
  • Her favorite song is "Angel on my Shoulder" by Kaskade ft. Tamra