Faded miis (Chapter 2)

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??: This is the chapter number 2, isn't it?

Ashley: Yes, it is.

??: Oh well, it's time to revealing me. My name is Kraus, and I'm here to fade all the CPU miis from the existence!!!

Nick: This is why dad disappeared!

Kraus: Exactly! But please, use a good vocabulary. Say fade no disappear. As you can see, I played my favourite song, Faded!

Abby: (Singing) Where are you now? Atlantis. Under the sea, under the sea. Where are you now? Another dream. The monster's running wild inside of me, I'm faded.

Nick: Abby, why do you sing that? Faded is a horrible song!

Kraus: Nick, you jerk. How you dare to say this!?!? Your sister sang it perfectly and you say that!?!? You're faded.

(Nick fades away.)

Abby, Ashley, Siobhán: NICK!!!

Kraus: Now, bye! Have a nice day!

Abby: We should warn everyone in Wuhu island!

Ashley: Ok, so Abby, Siobhán warn your friends. I'll warn the adults.

Abby and Siobhán: Ok!

(10 minutes later, Abby goes to the Wuhu College, to advice her friends.)

Abby: MIYU!!! LUCÍA!!!

Miyu: Abby, today, something really bad happened to us!

Abby: It is related to one demon called Kraus that made your relatives disappear?

Lucía: Yes! Did this happened also to you?

Abby: Yes! My brother and dad were the victims!

Greg: My sister's husband, Rui, is now faded!

Lucía: Oh gosh, how are Alice and Barbara doing?

Rin: Really bad from what I heard. They were crying one whole hour on their bedroom.

Siobhán and Chika: We've news to you!

Chris (WSC), Pavel and Skip: Is about more victims of this?

Siobhán and Chika: Yes! Gwen and Miguel were also victims!

Michael: Seriously!?

(Everyone on the college talks about the victims, Kraus and blah, blah, blah. Then, Kraus appears.)


(Kraus creates a big and tall stone wall that appears around the school, where the students can't go out of the school.)

Kraus: Listen, students of all the grades of Wuhu college! You CAN'T go out of your college now! You must find the way from going away! I made a susprise for all of you! Bye!

Kathrin: Great. Now I'm in the worst place in the world with a bunch of idiots.

(It'll continue...)

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