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Skip!!!!!!! My favorite CPU!


1) Skip!!!!!! - He's just a very cute nerdy boy! Too bad he's only a Baseball teammate in Wii Sports Club. At least he's in Expert Difficulty in Wii Party U. So fun to play with!


All people in S rank are fun to play with.

2) Zi-Kai - He looks very cool, especially the hairstyle and the fact that he's an Expert CPU in Wii Party U and that he's a Pro in both Tennis and Baseball in Wii Sports Club. Too bad he's only level 1 in Boxing, like Matt.

Susie is #4.

3) Dunbar - Like Zi-Kai, he is also very cool. Another Expert CPU, however, unlike Zi-Kai he isn't a Pro in Tennis or Baseball but the opposite in Boxing.

4) Susie - Very cute in general, she's a Master CPU in Wii Party U, and is a Pro in everything in Wii Sports Club, from star 5 in Tennis and Baseball and star 10 in Boxing.

5) Barbara - Better than Wii Barbara. She's the Champion of Tennis along with her sister, Alice. Being a Master CPU fits her well, too. Glad Nintendo made her.

Much better than Chris (Wii). F### YOU, CHRIS FROM WII SPORTS! YOU ARE AN ABOMINATION!!!

6) Chris - Much better than... THAT BULLSH#T OF A MII!! Much better than Chris from Wii Sports. Too bad he's only a baseball teammate and a partner in tennis, also being a Beginner CPU.

7) Alice - She, with Barbara, is the Champion of Tennis. Too bad to see her suffer in Baseball and Boxing, plus being only in Advanced Difficulty in Wii Party U.

8) Mizuho - For many reasons, including being a max Pro in tennis and baseball and being in Expert Difficulty.

9) Polly - She's in Master Difficulty and is a Pro in everything. She's also very high-ranked, having the 6th highest Total Skill level with Bowen and Marit.

10) Maximilian - He has the highest Total Skill Level and is ranked #1 in the rankings with Xiaojian and Mark. He's also in Master Difficulty and is a Pro in everything, from star 10 in tennis and baseball, and WHY ONLY STAR 9 IN BOXING?


11) Akira - At it looks, much better than Akira (Wii). He's a Pro in everything, unlike Wii Akira being a Pro in only 3 of 7 sports he plays. Also, he looks cool and is in Expert Difficulty (unlike Wii Akira's Master Difficulty).


12) Joost - He's in Master Difficulty and is a top Pro in both Tennis and Baseball.

13) Barry - Same as Joost and he looks cool too.

14) Rie - She's the lowest-ranked All-Time Pro, which is sad, but she's still a Pro in everything and is in Master Difficulty. I ship her with Akira (Wii U).

15) Clara - For many reasons. First of all, she's a Pro in tennis and baseball and a Master CPU. Also, I had been having dreams about her being my "imaginary girlfriend". Very fun in Wii Party U as well.

16) Araceli - Is almost the same as Barbara except for the eyes. Also, she only appears as a Baseball teammate and a Tennis partner in Wii Sports Club.


Matt (Wii) is better but he is still good.

17) Marit - She's ranked #7 out of 111 in rankings and is a Pro in everything in Wii Sports Club. She's also in Expert Difficulty.

18) Matt - Matt from Wii Sports is still better, but I like this guy, he's a max Pro in tennis and baseball and is also in Expert Difficulty.

19) Olga - Like every Master CPU so far, she is fun to play with and though she is the Tennis Beginner, she is still a Boxing Pro.

20) Cheng-Han - Cool design, that's all. However he only appears as a Baseball teammate and an Advanced CPU.

21) Faustine - It really is too bad that she only appears as a Baseball teammate. However she is a Master CPU.

You're sad? Meh, I don't really care, you were just too overrated. People think you deserve to be at 0/10.

22) Pavel - Yes, this is the one. You used to be my favorite CPU, then you got overrated and now I have to bring you down, from #2 to #12 to #21 and now #22. At least you're still an Expert CPU and a Boxing Pro, do you deserve it, though?

23) Massimo - He's a Pro in everything in Wii Sports Club, too bad he's only in Advanced Difficulty and only level Star 6 in boxing (compared to a level Star 10 rank in the rest)

24) Xixi -






G (worse than an F)

111) Millie - Oh, HOW TERRIBLE CAN YOU BE!??? VERY! FIRST IS SUCH A PAIN IN WII PARTY U, then you get a PERFECT TEAM in Team Building, and then a TEAM OF FOUR, and a SUPER-SERIAL TEAM, and then a TEAM OF FOUR, and another SUPER-SERIAL TEAM! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BEAT THAT!? And in Wii Sports Club, you're only a BASEBALL TEAMMATE, BUT STILL!!!! I hit the ball, then she CATCHES IT, and OUT!! Then I throw the ball and she hits it and HOME RUN!! NO MATTER WHAT TEAM I'M GOING AGAINST, SHE'S VERY TRIGGERED! WHY DOES NINTENDO EVEN HAVE THE IDEA TO MAKE HER!? People say she's cute, SHE'S UGLY! F### YOU!!! F### YOU!!! (At least she's better than Chris)