aka Sam

Wuhu Island Resident Champion
  • I live in a house
  • My occupation is mii artisan
  • I am male

Hi! I am an aspiring artist and/or animator, and recently joined this wiki to clean up vandalism and fight Kung Pierre's sockpuppets. I also make a small comic strip, which currently only my school friends know about. I'm hoping to show it to the internet, if I can.

What I'm doing

  • Cleaning up vandalism and fanon
  • Making and editing badges
  • Fighting against sock puppets
  • Overusing CSS
  • Promoting users to adminship

Goals for this wiki

  • To stop Kung Pierre (succeeded)
  • To give every mii a badge (Succeeded)
  • To become #1

My favorite CPU Miis (WSR)

5. Chika (Cute)

4. Takumi (Sorry HowILoveIt, he looks nice, especially on Wii U HD graphics)

3. Keiko (Looks like a fun teacher)

2. Miyu (Adorbs!)

  1. Misaki (Cute, pretty, smart girl)

Least favorite CPU Miis

Remember, there's none I really dislike, but these are just the ones I like the least. This was honestly very hard to put together.


5. Takashi (Weird...)

4. Victor (My WSR rival, ugly)

3. Abe (Theo and Eva at least look good, he's ugly and OP!)

2. Sakura (Keeps taking me away from other people in baseball. She’s not even that good, my teammates just always drop the ball.)

  1. Pierre (OP, Kung Pierre, overrated, annoying in baseball)


5. Hiromi (at least Julie could pull off huge lips)

4. Na-Rae too op)

3. Xue-Ren (Ugly)

2. Dunbar (Skip is a cute kid, Dunbar was ruined by FREAKING KIDDO)

  1. Zi-Kai (He honestly looks a drug addict, Mr. Mario, Kiddo)

Favorite and Least Favorite Wii Sports

Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club:

  • Least Favorite: Golf

Wii Sports Resort:

Friend Codes and social media

Nintendo Consoles:

3DS: 4227 - 4713 - 7269

Switch: SW-0606-6111-3824

Nintendo Network ID: YoungArtist79 (You can play WSC online here)

Social Media:

Snapchat: @supersam6027

Youtube: Honeycoupe Entertainment

Instagram: @samrileyworld


Tiny Tower: 945CJ

Aliases you can call me

  • YoungArtist79
  • YoungArtist
  • YA79
  • Sam
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