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About Me

Hi! I am an aspiring artist and/or animator, and recently joined this wiki to clean up vandalism and fight Kung Pierre's sockpuppets. I also make a small comic strip, which currently only my school friends know about. I'm hoping to show it to the internet, if I can.

My Mods

I mod Wii Sports, and plan to mod Wii Party, my first mod was putting my custom CPUs in a Wii Sports mods, called "Emerald Sports". I put custom CPUs in, and adjusted skills to my liking, which are modest and balanced for the most part, except "The Brat" Maximilian, and "The Baddest B***ch", Mikayla.

You can download them here.

A gallery is seen below

What I'm doing

  • Cleaning up vandalism and fanon
  • Fighting against sockpuppets
  • Modding Wii games

Goals for this wiki

  • To stop Kung Pierre (succeeded)
  • To give every mii a badge (Succeeded)

My favorite CPU Miis (WSR)

  • 5. Chika (Cute)
  • 4. Takumi (Sorry HowILoveIt, he looks nice, especially on Wii U HD graphics)
  • 3. Misaki (Cute, pretty, smart girl)
  • 2. Miyu (Adorbs!)
  • 1. Keiko (So cute and fun looking!)

Least favorite CPU Miis

Remember, there's none I really dislike, but these are just the ones I like the least. This was honestly very hard to put together.


  • 5. Takashi (Weird...)
  • 4. Victor (My WSR rival, ugly)
  • 3. Abe (Theo and Eva at least look good, he's ugly and OP!)
  • 2. Sakura (Keeps taking me away from other people in baseball. She’s not even that good, my teammates just always drop the ball.)
  • 1. Pierre (OP, Kung Pierre, overrated, annoying in baseball)


  • 5. Hiromi (at least Julie could pull off huge lips)
  • 4. Na-Rae (too op)
  • 3. Xue-Ren (Ugly)
  • 2. Dunbar (Skip is a cute kid, Dunbar was ruined by FREAKING KIDDO)
  • 1. Zi-Kai (He honestly looks a drug addict, Mr. Mario, Kiddo)

Favorite and Least Favorite Wii Sports

Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club

Wii Sports Resort

Friend Codes

Nintendo Consoles

  • 3DS: 4227 - 4713 - 7269
  • Switch: SW-0606-6111-3824
  • Nintendo Network ID: YoungArtist79 (You can play WSC online here)

Social Media

  • DeviantArt: samdoesart4fun
  • YouTube: Honeycoupe
  • Instagram: sriley2005
  • Reddit: YoungArtist79
  • SoundCloud: SamRye79

Other Games

Tiny Tower: 945CJ


  • Wii games
  • Pokemon
  • Miis
  • Tomodachi Life
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Hanging out with friends/family
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Total Drama

  • Mean/fake people
  • 6ix9ine
  • Anti-vaxxers/Karens
  • Jake Paul
  • Logan Paul
  • Cool Cat Saves the Kids

  • Mii Survivor Contestants

    Aliases you can call me

    • YoungArtist79
    • YoungArtist
    • YA79
    • Sam