You crab

aka Nolan M.

  • I live in United States (Japan in the future)
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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"Sorry, only the pros and champions can enter this place!"

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ok first off my name represents crab rock. So don’t any of you block me for inappropriate username when my name means Crab rock!

Anyway. Hey dudes and dudettes. This is the You crab profile page, and I am your tour guide.

I am a founder of 2 Wikis. Wii Sports SUPER Fanon Wiki, and Fist for Fighting Fx3 Wiki.


Talk about vandalism, I am one of the most severe admins because I have learned nultiple times that vandals can be a pain in the butt. So if you vandalized a page and I was the one who reverted the edits, you'll find yourself permabanned!

My goals on this Wiki are

  1. Surpass Unknown Channel and become #1 on the Wiki
  2. Help make Fanon dissapear
  3. Earn all of the Platinum badges
  4. Some day become an admin (Accomplished)l
  5. Make sure the Wiki is organized and safe( Boguc didn’t make this wiki for Fanon)
  6. Earn that stupid and pointless Haru badge that everyone’s talking about
  7. Revive Matt.

Do I ship CPU Miis?

Yes of course. Miis can always be a good couple. Let me get a few out of the way.

Micheal X Kathrin

Zi-Kai X Rachel

Pierre X Juliette

Ryan X Ursula

Yoko X Misaki

Jake X Naomi

James X Jackie

What I’m doing

  • Overusing CSS
  • Working on reviving Matt’s memes
  • Writing a boxing story
  • Writing a murder story

My favorite pages

  • Boxing

  • Miyu

My favorite Photos

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