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Four Miis that I like.

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I like this Wiki a lot! Here is a list of my favorite WSR Miis:


100. Tatsuaki (He just looks so mad and terrible IMO!)


99. Shouta (Too ugly for me.)

98. Takashi (When I first saw him, I thought he was female, and I didn’t discover that he was male until after seeing his page on this Wiki for the first time.)

97. Hiromi (Her mouth is weird.)


96. Marisa (Too creepy.)

95. Daisuke (He’s so annoying on Stage 12 of Showdown!)

94. Giovanna (She just doesn’t look very interesting.)

93. Shinnosuke (His name is too long for me.)

92. Rainer (His name has the word “rain” in it, which doesn’t really make sense in my opinion.)

91. Julie (Pretty much the same as Giovanna.)


90. Hiromasa (Same reason as Marisa.)

89. Silke (She used to be my least favorite CPU Mii, but I put her up here since she hasn’t been bothering me very much. But still, she looks so weird, and she’s so annoying on Stage 2!)

88. David (I just don’t like him.)

87. Ai (Her name is too short.)

86. Jessie (Why does she look like a guy?)

85. Pierre (I like the fact that his name is also the capital of South Dakota, but that has no correlation with him.)

84. Steph (Weird face.)

83. Theo (He looks boring to me...)

82. Víctor (No VÍCTORy for him!)

81. Akira (Too angry for me.)


80. Fritz (I don’t like the fact that his name ends in z.)

79. Gabriele (He just looks weird.)

78. Jake (Why does he have no eyebrows?!)

77. Pablo (Same reason as Marisa and Hiromasa.)

76. Patrick (Same reason as Akira.)

75. Chika (Same reason as Theo.)

74. Eddy (Not very cool IMO.)

73. Barbara (Annoying...)

72. Ian (His face kinda reminds me of Donald Trump...)

71. Martin (Why is he an Expert Mii if he’s only a Pro in Cycling?!)


70. Tomoko (She’s okay, but doesn’t look very great IMO.)

69. Andy (I used to like him, but I found out that he was a Beginner Mii in Wii Party.)

68. Marco (I don’t really have much to say about him.)

67. Sota (I think this Mii needs some SODA!)

66. Alex (Why does he only wear red armor one time?)

65. Cole (I used to like him, but I moved him down here since he’s one of the weakest Miis.)

64. Ryan (I feel bad for him being a double Beginner.)

63. Mike (He’s just kinda forgettable.)

62. Ren (Why do I keep mistaking him for Rin?)

61. Oscar (He’s okay, but his skills in Wii Sports kinda suck.)

60. George (If he has a girl hairstyle, then why isn’t he a female Mii?)

59. Shinta (I don’t know what to say about him.)

58. Steve (His name is kinda boring.)

57. Maria (Her lips are too big for me to like 100%.)

56. Chris (His sad face kinda describes how he feels about being an Anti-Pro.)


55. Saburo (Why can you not face him after the Champion in WSR?)

54. Yoko (I used to like her, but she’s annoying on Stage 19.)

53. Ursula (She’s okay, but her name reminds me of the Disney villain.)

52. Stéphanie (Weird accent in her name.)

51. Hiroshi (He’s not a hero or a girl!)

50. Abe (He’s great at every sport, but his name kinda sucks.)

49. Helen (I like the fact that she’s very common in Showdown, but she looks a lot like Meg from Family Guy.)

48. Susana (She’s just kinda forgettable. She doesn’t deserve to be #1 if I can’t even remember her!)

47. Emily (I’m just neutral over her.)

46. Hayley (I actually like her, but I think her face is a bit too creepy for me to add her to the section below.)


45. Jackie (She looks cool IMO.)

44. Nelly (I think the producers should’ve made her more common in Showdown.)

43. Takumi (He looks handsome.)

42. Megan (I feel bad for her being the weakest WSR CPU Mii.)

41. Kentaro (He looks cool, but why does he always have one heart in Showdown?)

40. Sandra (She’s just too overhated for me to dislike. I also like her since her dotted eyebrows make her unique in a way.)

39. Holly (Her eyes are so pretty!)

38. Misaki (I just like her.)

37. Elisa (Great at Tennis and Boxing.)

36. Gabi (Unique hairstyle, and great at Swordplay.)

Really Like

35. James (He’s a great choice for the Cycling referee.)

34. Ashley (I like her red glasses.)

33. Emma (Pretty cute IMO.)

32. Asami (She looks nice with her unique mouth.)

31. Luca (His name sounds very similar to mine in real life.)


30. Tommy (Great choice for a Champion!)

29. Alisha (I think she’s really pretty.)

28. Sarah (Her skills in Wii Sports are fantastic for me!)

27. Gwen (She’s a great photographer!)

~. Ray (I know he’s from Wii Fit, but he’s a good Mii to have a voice actor!)

26. Lucía (I think her unique hairstyle makes her look cute.)

25. Sakura (Another unique hairstyle.)

24. Rachel (Same reason as Alisha.)

23. Mia (Same reason as Emma.)

22. Rin (Pretty and easy to make on your own Wii.)

21. Naomi (I just like her.)

Really Love

20. Anna (I actually have a sister with this name in real life.)

19. Kathrin (She looks pretty, and wears every armor color!)

18. Eduardo (He looks cool and much better than Eddy.)

17. Midori (Her name means “green” in Japanese, and that’s her favorite color, which I find funny.)

16. Keiko (Cool hairstyle, and makes her first appearance in Showdown in Stage 7!)

15. Tyrone (He looks so cool, and wears every armor color!)

14. Vincenzo (His name is cool, and he’s a great coach in Cycling!)

13. Fumiko (Her face is so cute! Too bad she’s an Anti-Pro, and the second worst in Swordplay, but at least she’s a bit better than Ryan.)

12. Miguel (I like how he guides you in Flyover.)

11. Yoshi (She shares the name of my absolute favorite Nintendo character!)


10. Eva (She looks very cool IMO, and she’s great at almost everything.)

9. Greg (Nice choice for a Return Challenge host, and looks very cool.)

8. Siobhán (So cute! I also love her Irish name!)

7. Miyu (One of the first Miis I heard of, and looks really cute.)

6. Haru (Adorable!)

5. Matt (You probably know why...)

4. Michael (He looks so cool in red, which is my favorite color!)

3. Nick (He looks so cool with his mohawk and glasses!)

2. Abby (Nice hairstyle, and a Pro at all sports in WSR!)


1. Shohei (Where do I start? First of all, he just looks extremely cool! He wears glasses that match his eye color. He’s the only CPU Mii with the oval eyes! He’s also great at Basketball and Table Tennis! I think he should’ve been a Master Mii in Wii Party in replace of Marisa or Hiromasa! My list of reasons for liking this Mii goes on!)

Now, here's a list of my favorite WSC Miis:


111. Steven


110. Skip

109. Dunbar

108. Bruce

107. Daisuke


106. Kazuhiko

105. Barry

104. David

103. Jeff

102. Ivo

101. Victor


100. Frank

99. Marius

98. Bowen

97. Bernd

96. Akira

95. Ricardo

94. Xiuping

93. Hiromi

92. Delilah


91. Alphonse

90. Rui

89. Ji-hoon

88. Xiao-Tong

87. Rui-Lin

86. Erick

85. Zi-Kai

84. Bo-Jia

83. Bernardo

82. Joseph

81. José


80. Mizuho

79. Massimo

78. Chris

77. Xixi

76. Haixiang

75. Gerald

74. Kentaro

73. Merrick

72. João

71. John

70. Dylan

69. Jesús

68. William


67. Xue-Ren

66. André

65. Adrien

64. Joost

63. Xiaojian

62. Jianjun

61. Hyun-woo

60. Hee-joon

59. Carlo

58. Se-young

57. Shu-Hui

56. Pian-Pian

55. Pedro

54. Claudia

53. Eduardo


52. Yuya

51. Ilka

50. Enrique

49. Giulia

48. Yunyun

47. Yuehua

46. Irina

45. Joana

Really Like

44. Anne

43. Donna

42. Clara

41. Cristina

40. Mi-sun

39. Mitsu

38. Maximilian

37. Sho

36. Faustine

35. Elena


34. Mark

33. Yuriko

32. Susie

31. Cheng-Han

30. Leonel

29. Leónie

28. Marie

27. Millie

26. Marit

25. Jin-ah

Really Love

24. Alice

23. Mónica

22. Rie

21. Jialan

20. Na-rae

19. Paula

18. Sophia

17. Kaori

16. Juliette


15. Olga

14. Laura

13. Pavel

12. Sara

11. Araceli

10. Matt

9. Haruka

8. Maria

7. Patricia

6. Masako

5. Barbara

4. Anna

3. Guillermo

2. Pit


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