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WuhuTourist tierlist 9-21-20

My tierlist.

Hello there and welcome to my profile!

I'm WuhuTourist. I'm just your average Midori-loving editor here who tries to add useful stuff to the wiki, clean up unnecessary junk, and sometimes propose new ideas for the wiki to discuss! The rankings section of my profile page is still under construction, so please excuse that.

I'm pretty active around here, so if you message me with a question or a comment, I'll usually get back to you within 12-16 hours (unless I'm sleeping, in which case it'll take a bit longer).

I guess I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself.

Wiki stuff

My main focus on this wiki right now is adding photos to the Swordplay Showdown pages. I've been messing around with Dolphin lately so that I can do so. I've also been doing some boundary breaking to explore the game.

Some of the bigger projects I've done here on the wiki:

  • Adding infoboxes to the swordplay showdown pages
  • Correcting the average skill levels (because somehow like 90% of them were wrong)
  • Proposing a new Total Skill Level system
  • Expanding the showdown galleries and adding higher-resolution photos (current project)

I've earned 1 of Haru's lucky gold badges and I've gotten Gerald's "Caffeinated" badge as well! (The Caffeinated one should be worth more imo, it's more difficult to get than you think.)

Creative stuff

I am making custom showdown stages! Check out the first one here, and check out the latest one here. There's also a competition for the readers, which you can learn more about here.

I have a YouTube channel called Midori from Wii Sports Resort. It looks like there's nothing there because everything's unlisted, but soon I'll make some playlists and link them here so you can see. I'm mainly planning to make showdown videos that we could possibly display on the wiki, but I might do a few 0-champion runs as well.

Wii stuff in general

I've had Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort for a while. I got Wii Party earlier this summer. I don't have a Wii U, so I've never played Wii Sports Club or Wii Party U.

In the Wii community, I am an admin on Eckleo's Discord server and I am a mod on his YouTube chat. I am familiar with Poofesure, NicroVeda, and Alaskaxp2 as well (and I like all of them).

I've beaten every champion except Matt in Boxing and Speed Slice. I beat Elisa/Sarah and Sakura first try as well! (I know my stats section says otherwise; I've been kinda lazy and haven't really updated it in a while.)


I'm keeping track of my edit streak here.

Streak: 13/100 days, attempting Maria's badge

Badges earned: Rui, Adrien, Irina, Bruce

This is just a fun little thing I came up with. Basically I'm comparing my edit count to skill level. The Miis' skill levels are from Basketball.

Edit count: 1655

Level: Post-Champion

Mii Rankings

And now onto the main part of my profile. All I ask is that you respect my opinions, and I'll respect yours, too.


1. Midori – IMO, the absolute best Mii ever!!! She immediately became my favorite when I first ran into her in Basketball. She seems to be the type of friendly, energetic person who is always smiling and nice to be around. Don't let her carefree looks deceive you, though, because she is actually a very good challenge in both Swordplay and Basketball. It does hurt me, though, to see her struggle so much in Table Tennis. Poor Midori! She deserved more than her lowly skill level of 176-180 in that sport. At least she's kinda decent in Cycling (it is nice to see her competing in the 30-Mii races with the PROs sometimes). I also wish she would've gotten to wear Black Armor – even just once. She deserved it way more than so many of the Miis who do wear it. (Though with Storm Island 7.0 coming out, I just might get to see that wish come true…)

2. Pierre – I'm gonna tell you right now, I love OP Miis. I. Love. OP. Miis. And Pierre is the definition of an OP Mii. He's incredibly fun to play against in every sport, even the ones that he's not PRO in (which sadly happen to be both of the Tennis related sports). He has a unique and fun moveset in Swordplay as well. I also love the fact that he is talented in Cycling (a lot of high-ranking Miis, such as Nelly and Tommy, are lacking in their Cycling skills). And did I mention how good of a partner he is in Wii Party? This dude deserves every bit of having the highest Total Skill Level – he's the definitiion of a well-rounded CPU.

Btw, please DON'T compare him to Kung Pierre or whoever it was. I don't want him ruined. (How does that sound like the name of a beer?)

3. Shinnosuke – To be honest, I'm actually shocked he managed to make it this high on my tierlist, seeing as he was actually close to being one of my least favorites. He was an annoyance in Swordplay when I was younger, and he gave me a bit of trouble in both Baseball and Table Tennis as well. Recently, though, I've started to like him a lot more – I love his design. And can we appreciate his ability to look good with a bowl cut? Also, I'm gonna agree with Alberto on this one: I love the fact that his team is the last one to not have any Miis on Sakura's team.

Almost Best

4. Misaki – i'm also gonna tell you right now, (for the most part) I love improvement Miis. I love those Miis that take note of their bad skills in WS and then realize their full potential in WSR. Misaki does just that. Aside from Cycling, she's an incredibly fun and challenging opponent in all WSR sports, and as an added bonus – she looks distinguished and smart. (Yep, Alberto reference.) What more could you ask for?

5. Akira – I'm telling you, I love improvement Miis. This dude is the ultimate improvement Mii. First off, I love his design. Many people don't like the red glasses, but I think it fits his chill vibe perfectly. Then we have the fact that he's the best male in Table Tennis and the last level 1300 Mii in Swordplay. Although, for being that high, he could use a bit more topspin… but I digress. Although his skill in Basketball is a bit lower, it's still quite good. But then of course Nintendo has to come and make things just a little worse for him, by putting him in FREAKING GREEN OR GOLD ARMOR FOR ALL OF SHOWDOWN! At least he got Master difficulty… he deserved every bit of that.

6. Yoshi – Though her page doesn't explicitly say so, she had a huge improvement from Wii Sports to WSR. She's quite good at Swordplay, but she's a real challenge in Basketball and Table Tennis. Her topspin is often difficult to counter, and it often takes many smash shots to win a point against her. (How does she not have any head injuries yet?) She also has Midori on her Basketball team, and that gets her a LOT of bonus points.

7. Miyu – This Mii is underrated as HECC. Although she sadly isn't great at Tennis, Swordplay, or Basketball, she is an incredibly fun opponent to play against in Baseball. She's also pretty good at Table Tennis too. And I'm so glad she got the opportunity to wear Black Armor in (and you gotta admit, she looks super good in it). What with the amount of hate or ignorance she receives, I've come to feel incredibly bad for her. Thank you, HowILoveIt, for opening my eyes to the tragic plight of this Mii.

And by the way… can we please STOP comparing her to Dᴏra?

8. Asami – She's a very skilled, challenging, and fast topspin opponent in Table Tennis. Sadly, she doesn't show much skill in the other sports, but at least she got to be a boss. Also, she's great to work with in Wii Party. Actually knows what she's doing, unlike some people…

9. Yoko – I can't really pinpoint the exact reason why, but I really like her. Might be the design. Might be the fact that she is also mostly OP. The role of boss fits her so well. I also like the fact that she is the only female boss to block while destabilized. (Seriously though, that should've been a thing since Stage 17. Even gold armors know how to block while destabilized.)

10. Eva – Again, another ridiculously OP Mii that I adore. Not only does she look smug as heck (which I love), she is so incredibly talented in almost every sport and a great contributor to Tommy's Basketball team. (She deserved to be a champion more than he did, I daresay.) One time I even saw her in 1st place in a Cycling race. The girl's got talent. Sadly, though, they had to make her like Midori and give her a trash skill level in Table Tennis. It would've been cool to have her be PRO in every sport…


11. Helen – This lady gets WAAAAY too much hate. People say she looks "entitled", "snobby", or "Karen", but I don't find that to be the case at all. (Didn't I remind you that for the most part, I love OP Miis?) She's a fun opponent in almost every sport. For how good she is, she should've gotten a higher ranking in Wii Party. She also plays with Steph in Tennis, which gives her a bit of a bonus.

12. Steph – Literally the exact same thing I said about Helen. She is so ridiculously overhated, it's sad to see the tens of hundreds of negative comments on her talk page. Like, at least in my experience, there's been literally NOTHING that has frustrated me about her. Tennis? She was a super skilled opponent, but not to the point where it was irritating. (I should also mention that since she plays with Helen, she gets a little tierlist boost.) Anyway, a lot of people seem to hate her because of Baseball, and I just don't see why. Even before I knew the good strats for that sport, I never had trouble with her or any of the other level 600s-800s people. It was only right before PRO Class that I started to struggle. Moving onto WSR, honestly – I actually thought she wasn't that bad of a boss. There are worse people, you know *cough* Shinta *cough* Fritz *cough*. And I like the fact that she's a PRO in Cycling. I don't think she deserved Master, but I believe she should get a lot more credit than most people give her.

13. Lucía – If I was still trying to beat Lucía in Table Tennis at the time of writing this, I would've had her in at least Despise, no question. But now that I've beaten her many times, I've come to realize she's actually a very fun opponent in Table Tennis. She's incredibly skilled and has some very good techniques that I've copied and used. WAAAAAY overhated, too. People say what she does isn't human. It's called being smart and playing smart. She's just a fun challenge, that's all.

14. Keiko – My gosh, I love Keiko. She just gives off that friendly, talkative vibe that everyonoe wants to be around. She's very fun in Baseball, and she was also my first PRO Class match in Tennis, along with Andy. Sadly, her skills drop in WSR (going all the way down to the Vice Beginner in Table Tennis), but she is a good opponent in Wii Party. One other thing that also makes me like her is that a user on this wiki with the same name constantly gets harassed by quite a few users, so I feel bad for her.

15. Julie – This Mii is incredibly overhated. (Also kinda underrated.) People hate her just because of her lips (which I don't even find that bad, tbh). She's actually a surprisingly fun opponent in most sports as well… almost PRO in Baseball and fun in Swordplay. (Showdown as well; she seems to get Red Armor a lot.) She's good at Cycling, too. But my favorite sport to face her in is Table Tennis – she's a very fun opponent and has a somewhat unique hybrid moveset. She was also one of my opponents when I first tried to get to Lucía. (But seriously, Nintendo… Beginner?!)

16. George – He just seems like a chill, laidback guy who you could talk to for hours on end without ever getting bored. Seems to have a very friendly, trusting personality too. I wish he was better at sports. Fortunately, he got to wear Black Armor in Stage 20 (which was a minor nuisance for me since he actually knows how to block right away), but nowhere near as annoying as Matt. At least he got Master difficulty in Wii Party, too.

17. Hiromasa – Boy, do I love that grin. People say he's creepy, but I just feel like he's a chill, friendly guy who wants to chat. He was a good challenge in Table Tennis when I was climbing the ladder for the first time, and he looks incredible as a boss. But the main reason I love him so much is Basketball. Right after I finally beat Rainer (whom I struggled on for so long, and whom you will probably read about a bit later), I got to go against him, Giovanna and Eduardo. I'd never seen any of those Miis before (keep in mind that at that time, I didn't play much Wii), so I was excited to finally have a different opponent. I can't say it was too difficult of a match, but he put up a fair challenge while also being nice and helping me win without too much hassle. That's why I have a lot of good memories of him.

18. Elisa – I like her design. She seems like a chill and laidback Mii. Also, she's the Tennis champion!!! She does overshadow Sarah a bit, but she's a very good trainer. When I'm playing her, tho, she did seem to make quite a few rookie moves, which is partly why she isn't higher. Honestly, she was easier than Eva and Tyrone. It's sad that her skills drop quite a bit in WSR… at least her Basketball teammates are good. Also, she's fun in Wii Party, and unlike a lot of the other Advanced Miis *cough* Michael *cough*, she isn't a cheater.

19. Siobhán – I absolutely love her design. One of the most underrated Miis, too, and… OP as hecc. She's literally ranked #16 and gets Standard. Smh. Either way, tho, she's great in Table Tennis… she's a hybrid Mii in Table Tennis, using both backspin and topspin. Meow!

20. Luca – I love his design, and I feel bad for him since he didn't get the chance to be a PRO in any sport. At least he's pretty good at most of 'em. He also had sympathy on me after I struggled so hard on Víctor in Boxing. Either way, he deserved more. He seems like a hockey person…


21. Ian – In addition to being a super fun Boss, his stage is also incredibly fun to play. It gives some of my (and obviously Alberto's) favorite Miis a chance to wear Black Armor, which they never received before. Also, he uses a shoe in Table Tennis, which I find kinda cool. One of the most underrated Miis imo.

22. Chika – Once again, another incredibly underrated Mii. Despite being an anti-PRO, she's ranked #43 by average skill, and in addition to being the highest anti-PRO, she's also in the top half of Miis. Quite impressive. She also uses a shoe, which I find cool.

And please… can we STOP comparing her to a bird?!

23. Abby – It's not because of Poofesure. She's the only Mii to be a PRO in all 4 sports in WSR, and that is quite impressive. Not even Nelly or Abe have done that.

24. Ai – Again, another underrated Mii. Also super OP, which I love. Extremely challenging in pretty much every sport, and she wears both variants of Purple Armor Thin, which I find pretty cool. Artificial Intelligence is the future!

25. Silke – Wow… look at them lips! She's actually quite good at most sports, though, and I like her unique aggressive moveset in Stage 2. I dunno about her Basketball teammates tho…

26. Sarah – I love her design. She's just a chill, laidback girl who wants to have fun, but she also has a competitive side. She looks great as a boss, too (unlike someone *cough* Shinta *cough*). It's a shame her skills dropped so much in WSR.

27. Haru – I'm gonna quote HILI on this one – is it even possible to not like her?. She clearly deserved more than Beginner. Her Basketball team is legendary too… she has Misaki and Abe.

28. Rin – Simple, fun opponent, and I like the design. Not much else to say. Difficult in Swordplay. Fun in Wii Party.

29. Abe – The second-best Mii showing amazing skills, and he gets Standard. Thanks, Nintendo. At least he gets to wear Black Armor. He's such a fun and challenging opponent, I can't bear to see him that sad. he seems so depressed…

30. Stéphanie – She deserves every bit of that Master Mii title. Her "worst" sport (if you can even call it that) is level 800, and she's just an incredibly fun Mii all around. Ranked #19 and super OP.

31. Shouta – He gets so much hate because of his lips. So many people just judge him by that, rather than his skills. He's extremely fun in Baseball and Swordplay, and his Basketball team is kinda good too. He also looks great in Black Armor. (Good choice, Ian.)

32. Eddy – Honestly, I love his design. He's a worthy opponent in Swordplay, and I agree with Alberto, he looks so good in Purple Armor Thin. It's a shame he isn't better at other sports (excluding Cycling)… oh well. At least he got Master.

33. Marisa – Gets WAY too much hate because of her looks… and Poofesure. It honestly would've been cool to have her as the Return Challenge host. She's a fun Boss, too, and her stage tho… it's pretty clear she wants you to struggle a little. One of the less rigged Master Miis, too. The only thing I don't like are her Basketball teammates.

34. Matt – I used to think he was super overrated and got way too much praise, and I absolutely depsised him for that. Now, however, I have come to feel quite bad for him due to all the hate he gets on this Wiki. His design is cool, and you have to admit – being a Champion of 2 sports, not to mention Swordplay has 2 other categories, is quite an impressive feat. I also like the fact that Nintendo snuck in a little extra bit of backstory about him. Absolute legend.

35. Mia – This was the most forgettable Mii for me for a while; I didn't know she existed until Cycling. She's actually somewhat decent at most sports (excluding Basketball), and she's quite fun in Table Tennis.

36. Sandra – I used to dislike Sandra because of her design and her skills, but Table Tennis made me like her. A lot. She uses a skillful light backspin as well as quick, fast topspin, making her a great challenge in that sport. She should've been PRO there. At least she got Expert difficulty.

37. Nick – This guy is WAY better than Sakura in every way. His design is great, and he's super fun in Wii Sports. He should've been the Baseball Champion. Sadly, his skills plummet in WSR, just like Elisa, Sarah, and Saburo…

38. Greg – This is a super underrated Mii right here. His high Table Tennis skill got him ranked #41, and he is incredibly fun in that sport. He's a hybrid Mii as well, using both topspin and backspin. Return Challenge tho… that's a completely different story. Like bruh, do you have a thing for harming yourself? Get out of the way, and lemme get my dang stamp! Also… his Basketball teammates are trash.


39. Jackie – Somewhat forgettable, but she's a fun challenge in Baseball and Swordplay. I was stuck on her for a while tho, which is why she's not higher.

40. Gabriele – I completely agree with HILI again, he seems to have a fierce/violent personality, which suits him perfectly as the boss of Stage 10. It's a shame he's only PRO at Basketball. Overall quite underrated.

41. Holly – Often forgotten, but a good challenge nonetheless in Table Tennis.

42. Kentaro – He's actually super fun to play in many sports, and got Expert in Wii Party. But noooo, Nintendo has to nerf him in Showdown and make him wear only Green/Gold Armor just like Akira. Could use a little shave tho.

43. Shohei – I used to despise him for being annoying as well as on the perfect route in Table Tennis, but I've come to like him more and more lately.

44. Gwen – Skydiving photographer!! She's super underrated as well, and a good challenge in Swordplay. I'm also glad she got to wear every color of armor… it makes up a little for her terrible other sports.

45. Miguel – One of the most helpful people on Wuhu Island. Without him, none of us would be able to get on the island, much less tour all the sites that Wuhu has to offer.

46. Nelly – Once again, a Mii that is OP as hecc. She's such a fun opponent in every sport. Definitely don't let her looks deceive you – she will catch you off guard and clap you.

47. Giovanna – She gets kinda a lot of hate for her design, but I personally don't mind. I wish she was a PRO in Swordplay.

48. Alisha – This lady is better than Anna in every way. While Anna looks like a spoiled BRAT',' Alisha looks chill and laidback. She should've been the Cycling champion… Anna already has too much, while poor Alisha has been given almost nothing from Nintendo. At least she got a unique boss moveset.

49. Tommy – I used to despise him because of Basketball, but I've come to realize how fun he actually is there. Plus, he deserved WAY more than Beginner.

50. Víctor – He gave me quite a bit of trouble in Swordplay and Baseball, but he's one of the best Miis overall and great to play against. I like his design, too. Once again, another OP Mii that I love.

51. Ren – A teeny bit overrated, but still fun! He was quite fun in Boxing and Table Tennis.

NOTE: The rest of this profile page is still under construction. Please excuse the messiness of the Least Favorite Miis section. In the meantime, you could take a look at how I rank the showdown stages and the sports.

Slightly Like

52. Saburo

53. Tatsuaki

54. Ryan

55. Jessie

56. Theo

57. Rachel

58. Vincenzo

59. Barbara

60. Susana

61. Takashi


62. Chris

63. Ursula

64. Emma

65. James

66. Ashley

67. Andy

68. Hiroshi

69. David

70. Pablo

71. Marco

Used to hate you, but now… meh.

72. Kathrin

73. Alex

74. Hiromi

75. Oscar

76. Naomi

Slightly Dislike

77. Martin

78. Mike

79. Megan

80. Sota

81. Fritz


82. Jake

83. Cole

84. Tomoko

85. Patrick

86. Gabi


87. Emily

88. Fumiko

89. Eduardo

Nope, still haven't forgiven you.

90. Hayley

91. Anna

92. Rainer

93. Daisuke


94. Steve

95. Shinta

96. Michael


97. Tyrone

98. Sakura

99. Maria


100. Takumi

Please ignore this next part, I'm just keeping it for reference until I finish writing descriptions for the rankings section.

Takumi – This guy is an annoyance in almost everything. Either that, or he's absolutely pathetic. Baseball? Super annoying, whether an outfielder for Sakura, a pitcher, or a baseman. Swordplay Showdown? Did not deserve black armor in stage 19. I used to struggle on that stage so much with him. In tennis, the guy ruined so many good points by sliding across the court and returning shots that even Sarah and Elisa couldn't get. You don't deserve master difficulty. You don't deserve to be a PRO at anything! You should be an anti-PRO and a beginner! Luca, Naomi, Ryan, or even Chris would have been better off with your skills. So stop looking at me like that and GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!

Maria – You were incredibly annoying in baseball until I learned a good strategy, and even then you were a nuisance. Worse than Sakura, I daresay. So unpredictable. And now why do you get black armor twice in showdown? Why not Midori? She's 240 skill points better than you! So spoiled, PRO in almost everything! At least you're garbage at cycling and in Wii Party. UGH!

Sakura – Oh, Sakura. What can I say about you? 'I hate you'. Off-plate splitter, curveball, splitter, off-plate screwball, 100-mile-per-hour fastball, off plate curveball, splitter, I hate you. Your pitching ISN'T EVEN GOOD! IN FACT, IT'S GARBAGE! Nick and Miyu are better than this woman in literally every way possible. Absolute annoyance in baseball, thank goodness I found this one article about how to get her to throw more "!". Also, Wii Party. She is the luckiest Mii ever in Wii Party. Stone statue in nearly all BGI games. 10 coins on just about every Odd Job. God-tier RNG in Spin-Off, Swap Meet, and even some of the minigames too. You've been carried by LUCK your whole life! You haven't done anything at all, you're literal GARBAGE!  She also was a living nuisance when I was trying to get photos of Stage 16, what with her twirly purple armor thin moves and stuff like that. Frick you.

Tyrone – This guy does not deserve black armor once. Yet, he wears it, not once, not twice, but THREE FREAKING TIMES!!! You could have given it to Midori, Akira, Pierre, maybe even Chika – just once! But NOOOOOO!!! You just want to hog it all for yourself! You're not even a PRO at swordplay! You're annoying in tennis and shouldn't be on Eva's basketball team. Be a little more generous, dude, or GO AWAY! Again, like Sakura, he was a nuisance when I was trying to get photos of Stage 16. It would help if you stopped waving the sword all over the place. Even the green armors are more coherent than you.

Shinta – Ewww. Just ewww. You are a nightmare in Speed Slice, used to be incredibly annoying in duel, and your showdown stage is simply PATHETIC! You don't deserve to be a boss, you don't deserve expert difficulty, you don't deserve to be good at anything. I hate you!!

Steve – Either annoying (baseball, stage 15, backspin in table tennis) or pathetic (swordplay, boxing). I just… do not have good memories of this guy. GET OFF OF YOSHI'S TEAM!

Daisuke – First of all, he looks creepy as heck. I also was stuck on him forever in swordplay duel. He also was incredibly annoying in black armor in showdown when I was younger. Whenever I did make it past Theo in Cliffs Reverse, this guy would usually ruin the run.

Hayley – She used to be an annoyance in stage 17 of swordplay showdown. You do not know how many times I had to restart that stage because of her. The first freaking enemy, too! The fact that you play with Daisuke and Takumi does not help your status either.

Rainer – He used to be a nightmare for me in basketball. I spent weeks on end trying to beat him without success. Also, his backspin is annoying in table tennis. Don't look at me that way, you know what you've done to me!

Note that these skill levels are horribly outdated. I've been too lazy to update them recently lol.

Wii Sports

Tennis: 1463 [PRO], Elisa and Sarah defeated (first try!)

Baseball: 1217 [PRO], current opponent: champion Sakura

Boxing: 445, current opponent: usually either James or Daisuke

Wii Sports Resort


Duel: 2500 [SUPERSTAR], Matt defeated

Speed Slice: 1112 [PRO], current opponent: Marco (1121-1125)

Showdown: 2500 [SUPERSTAR], all stages cleared untouched


3-Point Contest: 1024 [PRO], record: 23 pts.

Pickup Game: 2500 [SUPERSTAR], Tommy's team defeated

Table Tennis

Match: 2500 [SUPERSTAR], Lucía defeated

Return Challenge: 1006 [PRO], record: 160 pts.


Road Race: 2175 [SUPERSTAR], first place on: all races

Wii Party

Note: The difficulty listed is the highest one I have already beaten, unless noted otherwise. Also, (real) indicates that I was actually playing with CPU Midori, while (console) is the opposite.

Party Games

Board Game Island: Master

Globe Trot: Advanced

Swap Meet: Master

Spin-Off: Master

Bingo: Master

Pair Games

Friend Connection: 100 pts. w/Midori (console)

Balance Boat Double-Up: Expert

1st, 20 balanced on all difficulties w/Midori (console)

Balance Boat Time Attack: Attempting beginner

Match-Up: Master


Battle: Master

Solo: Expert

Solo Beginner: 1st, 90 pts.

Solo Intermediate: 1st, 130 pts.

Solo Expert: 1st, 484 pts.


Marching Orders: 1st, 5086 pts.

Garden Gridlock: Stage 29 clear

Clover Hunt: Stage 11 clear

Shifty Gifts: 1st, 2:46.4

Tippy Traverse: 6th, Stage 4 clear w/Midori (console)

Banana Blockade: Stage 2 clear w/Midori (console)

About Face: N/A

Free Play

Jumbo Jump: 1st, 447 yd.

Rope Sling: 1st, 169 yd.

Basket Bonanza: 3rd, 38 pts. w/Midori (real)

Sheep Crossing: 1st, 21 pts. w/Midori (console)

Cosmic Capers: 1st, 0:22.1

Spring Time: 1st, 0:22.5

Flycycle Team: 1st, 778 yd. w/Midori (real)

Jump Rope Jam: 1st, 63 jumps w/Midori (console)


Ranking every WS/WSR Champion!!!

Note: These rankings aren't entirely based off of my tierlist. Instead, it also factors in how fun the champion is to play against, and how I feel about them in their niche. That's why some of these are out of order.

(I haven't gotten to Matt in Speed Slice or Boxing yet, so that's why those aren't here.)

  1. Lucía
  2. Elisa + Sarah
  3. Matt (Duel)
  4. Anna
  5. Tommy
  6. Sakura

Ranking every WS/WSR Vice Champion

Why not?

(I haven't gotten to Anna in Speed Slice or Elisa in Boxing yet, so that's why those aren't here.)

  1. Yoshi
  2. Eva
  3. Nick
  4. Anna
  5. Maria + Tatsuaki (mainly because of Maria)
  6. Fritz

Showdown Stages

Note: These are NOT based on the boss choice, but rather how the stage plays and how fun it is. That explains how Matt got the first spot and Hiromasa the last, despite Hiromasa being much higher on my tier list.

  1. Volcano R
  2. Castle R
  3. Mountain R
  4. Waterfall R
  5. Beach R
  6. Cliffs R
  7. Ruins R
  8. Volcano
  9. Castle
  10. Lighthouse R
  11. Cliffs
  12. Mountain
  13. Waterfall
  14. Ruins
  15. Forest R
  16. Beach
  17. Bridge R
  18. Lighthouse
  19. Bridge
  20. Forest


  1. Swordplay
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Tennis
  4. Baseball
  5. Basketball
  6. Cycling
  7. Air Sports
  8. Bowling
  9. Frisbee
  10. Wakeboarding
  11. Power Cruising
  12. Archery
  13. Boxing
  14. Canoeing
  15. Golf
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