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Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
This user has an intermediate level of English.


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Title Winter7073
Gender Male
Favorite Color Vanilla-Yellow
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Level Boxing: 3124 (WR)

Table Tennis: 2500 (WR)

Tennis: 2397

CPU Rank {{{cpu rank}}}

My Skills and Records

Wii Sports

Boxing: 3124 (PRO) (WR)

Golf: 1500+ (PRO)

Tennis: 2397 (PRO)

Baseball: 1154 (PRO)

Bowling: 1250 (PRO)

Training (Wii Sports)


Hitting Home runs: 10 home runs (1626m)

Swing Control: 63 points

Batting Practice: 28 hits


Picking Up Spares: ??? Stages

Power Throws: ??? points

Spin Control: 20 stages (Misses: 0)


Putting: 10 points

Hitting the Green: 21.6 m

Target Practice: 900 points


Returning Balls: 54 points

Timing Your Swing: around 30 points

Target Practice: 33 points


Working the Bag: 47 points

Dodging: 82 points

Throwing Punches: ??? points

Wii Sports Resort

Skydiving: 1000+ (PRO)

Cycling: 1780 (PRO)

Archery: 2100+ (SUPER STAR) Record: Beginner: 120 Pts. (WR) | Intermediate: 115 Pts. | Expert: 109 Pts.

Speed Slice: 700

Swordplay: 397 (I don't play Swordplay)

Golf: 1300+ (PRO)

Canoeing: 836 Record: 213.96 m

Table Tennis: 2500 (SUPERSTAR) (World Record)

Return Challenge: ??? Record: 441 Pts.

Basketball: 1100+ (PRO)

Bowling: 1900 (PRO) (100 Pin Bowling)

Island Flyover: All 80 iPoints found | Stamps: 5

Wii Party

My CPU Skills: Beginner, Standard, Advanced, Expert, Master

Wii Sports Club

Tennis: Level ★2

Baseball: Level 1

Golf: Level 1

Boxing: Level ★4

Bowling: Level 1

Skill Shaper (Wii Sports Club)

Duck Dash: around 120 m

Wii Fit Plus

Ski Jumping: 404 m (WR)

Tightrope Tension: 27 seconds

Snowball Fight: Beginnner: 42 Pts. | Advanced: 61 Pts. | Expert: around 42 Pts.

Rhythm Kung Fu: Beginner: 680 Pts. | Advanced: 810 Pts.

Obstacle Course: Beginner: 611 Pts. (WR) | Advanced: 650 Pts. (654 Pts. World Record)

Bird's Eye Bullseye: around 190

Wii Fit U

Ski Jumping: Beginner: around 370 m | Advanced: around 640 m

Rhythm Kung Fu: Beginner: around 610 Pts. | Advanced: 810 Pts. | Extra: 1390 Pts.

Ultimate Obstacle Course: Beginner: 708 Pts. | Advanced: 1022 Pts.

Trampoline Target: 1101.1 m

Wii Party U

My CPU Skills: Beginner, Standard, Advanced, Expert, Master

Close Knit: 836 cm (WR)

Safe Landings: 0.00 seconds (WR)

Super Snow Sliders: 73 m

Cliff Riders: 100 m (WR)

Ice Spinners: 49 (WR)

Mii Vaulters: 204 m (WR)

Twisted Flight: 60 m