Hi. Welcome to my userpage. I love Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. :)

My Favorite Pages

Favorite Sports

Tennis, Swordplay Duel (and Showdown), Basketball, Frisbee, Archery, Bowling, Boxing, Table Tennis, Cycling, and Air Sports.

Sports I'm neutral with

Power Cruising, and Wakeboarding.

Sports I hate

Baseball (WS and WSC), Golf (every WS series), Canoeing, and Swordplay Speed Slice.

Favorite Locations

Sugarsand Beach, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Bowling Alley, Swordplay Colosseum, and Private Island.

Miis that I love (Wii)

Haru, Misaki, Lucía, Miyu, Fumiko, Abby, Midori, Pierre, Tyrone, Elisa, Marisa, Mike, Greg, Mia, Rachel, Rin, Jessie, Gwen, Kathrin, and Nelly.

Miis that I hate (Wii)

Matt (Because of the memes), Sandra, Hiroshi, Sakura, Julie, Fritz, Hiromasa, Takashi, George, and Pablo.

Miis that I love (Wii U)

Na-rae, Polly, Matt, Chris, Olga, Cheng-Han, Jin-ah, Ji-hoon, Skip, Susie, Pavel, Ilka, and Zi-Kai.

Miis that I hate (Wii U)

Anna, Hiromi, Carlo, and Haruka.

Haru Badge Collection

  1. 90,000th edit (I got Haru's Badge (Lucky) for the first time!)
  2. 91,000th edit

Favorite and Least Favorite WP/WPU Minigames


  • Flag Fracas and Footrace
  • Bumper Crops
  • Roll to the Goal
  • Back Attack
  • Quicker Chipper
  • Flap Hurdles
  • Jumping Target
  • Mii Vaulters
  • Close Knit
  • Robot Factory

Least Favorite:

  • Lucky Launch
  • Risky Railway/Railroad
  • Face Flip
  • Follow Your Face
  • Rodent Rundown
  • Pump Cart Panic
  • Cage Chomp
  • Spin Cycle/Match Mii
  • Saucer Snap
  • Clover Hunt

Rating the Miis that not appeared in Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort/Wii Party (from least favorite to favorite)

  • 11. John
  • 10. Naz
  • 9. Ross
  • 8. Don
  • 7. Donna
  • 6. Cory
  • 5. Mia
  • 4. Suzanne
  • 3. Ray
  • 2. Marsha
  • 1. Naoko
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