aka Daniel Bittencourt

Deported from Wuhu Island
  • I live in Macaé
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am a boy
  • Bio Hello, I'm Daniel
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HNI 0018
Title Daniel
Gender Male
Favorite Color Yellow
Level Tennis: Level 7

Baseball: Level 7

Boxing: Level 1

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Hello, My name is Daniel!

In Brazillian: Olá, Meu nome é Daniel!

My Skill Levels


Wii Sports: 300 (Rin and Emma)

Wii Sports Club: Level 7 (Irina, Kaori, Hyun-woo)


Wii Sports: 2500 (Faced at Sakura)

Wii Sports Club: Level 7 (Irina, Kaori, Hyun-woo)


Wii Sports: I don't play Boxing

Wii Sports Club: Level 1 (Matt, Zi-Kai, Joana)


990 (Chika)


2500 (Faced at Tommy)

Table Tennis

89 (Steph)


75th out of 98 (Ai)

CPU Miis Ranknings


Worst (100)

100th - Jake (No-eyebrow man!)

Despise (99-90)

99th - Anna

98th - Takashi (Jesus freakin' christ!)

97th - Sarah (Those lips !)

96th - Matt

95th - Hiroshi (Those lips !)

94th - Cole (NOOB)

93rd - Chris (Abysmal but Ugly face)

92nd - Elisa

91st - Mike (Abysmal but annoying!)

90th - Abby (One-point girl!)

Abysmal (89-71)

89th - Rachel (for the reasons, she has the beauty hairstyle, but her face turns me off!)

88th - Sandra (It looks like she plucked her eyebrows too much...)

87th - Sota (Those lips ! )

86th - Akira

85th/84th - Gabi/Gabriele (Gabi is an alien and Gabriele is a Jesus freakin' christ!)

83rd - Alisha (Annoying)

82nd/81st - Silke/Marco (Boring)

80th - Haru (She should play boxing but Boring)

79th to 71st - Tatsuaki, Tommy, Jessie, Barbara, Andy, Ashley (not to confuse as a WarioWare character...), Pablo, Asami (she has her style!), Hiromasa

Ok (70-60)

70th - Julie (Cool but those lips !)

69th - Jackie (Cool but Boring)

68th - Tomoko (Cool but her face turns me off!)

67th - Eduardo

66th - Nick (Cool but boring)

65th - Oscar

64th - Miguel (PR0 at cycling)

63rd/62nd - Shinta (Cool but Boring), Maria


(i will fix it later...)

Wii U

Despise (i can't choose the worst)

Léonie, Haruka, Sara, Joana, Elena, William, Steven, Xue-Ren, Rui, João



HNI 0005
Title {{{title}}}
Gender Male
Favorite Color Cyan
Level Tennis: Level 3

Baseball: Level 3

Boxing: Level ★10

Estonia is My CPU Mii.

Wii Sports Club

Estonia isn't very good at Tennis and Baseball in Grade 3, he is one of the best players in boxing, in a Grade ★10.

Wii Party U

He is a Expert Mii.


  • His Japanese name is the same.

CPU Miis That i Hate


Cole, Chris, Naomi - NOOB

Takashi - He is the only Wii Mii to have gray hair

Matt (WS) - I think they made memes...

Marco - Looks like Combo Panda...

William, Anna - Look like a Potato...

Julie - That Lips which is Ugly to me

Worst Mii of all time!


  • Boring to play with her
  • her hair color!
  • All those wrinkles!
  • Gross and old!

(I will fix it later, too...)

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