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Hello there!

Hey, I no longer use this Wiki (read more here). I'm leaving this userpage intact though for archival reasons or something idk. Ciao.

K nvm I edited it so not very archival anymore.

Hi, I'm Miles. I'm a sad nerd who pretends I still like Miis but really could not care less.

Irrelevant Facts

  • I have previously owned/still own today every 1st gen Wii Series game except Wii Chess.
  • I don't have a Wii U, and I have never played on one.
    • I may buy one in the near future.
      • That never happened.
  • I have a DSi, Wii, 2DS XL and Switch.
  • I can draw at a level of mediocrity and have a DeviantArt. It uses the same username as this account so feel free to go find it but just know I hardly post art there anymore and when I do it's not always Mii fanart.
    • I also have tumblr and twitter and if you manage to find those good for you and sorry that happened.
  • Tutori is the best Mii.
  • If you remember me using a different name to Miles no you don't.