aka Klay C.

  • I was born on July 26
  • I am Male

Aluhu! Welcome to my profile! You can see my mii on the right playing table tennis. My favorite color is pink BY FAR, even though my mii's favorite color is red. I have one sibling, a sister named Marisa. (the Mii does not look like her at all) I will just state a few facts about myself: I love Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Party. I'm not as big a fan in the Wii U games, but still a fan.

For the past few months on the Wiki, I was usually only on Discussion, but I am currently trying to be more of a helper and edit. In my first 3 months, I only had 44 edits in the Wiki with 4 badges, and I want to have a bigger role in the community.

Facts About Me

Here are some random facts about me!

  • Wii Sports Resort was released in North America on July 26th! That was my birthday: Well not the exact date, the year is different of course.
  • I love sports in general! As I was born near Toronto, I love watching the NBA, but I also love the NFL and other international leagues - my favorites are ATP and WTA - if you don't know, they are both tennis, just one is men's and the other is women's.
    • My favorite NBA team is the Toronto Raptors (of course) and my favorite NFL team is the Seattle Seahawks (for reasons unknown).
  • My favorite mii in all of the games is Ray! His name rhymes with mine, he looks a bit like me, his favorite color is purple, (purple is one of my favorites, too) and he is a 10x better boxing coach than Matt who only yells out random grunts - no disrespect to Matt, but yes, a little disrespect to Matt. Even though there is not much that anybody knows about this guy, he is still my favorite mii. We just, connect so much, and even though I love Fritz so much, me and Ray are just... yes.

Favorite Sports (Wii Sports/WSR)

Here is a list of my favorite sports from Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort in order!


1. Table Tennis - Match

2. Baseball

3. Basketball - Pickup Game

4. Tennis

5. Cycling - VS

6. Swordplay - Duel

7. Swordplay - Showdown

8. Cycling - Road Race


9. Bowling - 100 Pin Game

10. Bowling - Standard Game

11. Table Tennis - Return Challenge

12. Air Sports - Island Flyover

13. Wakeboarding

14. Swordplay - Speed Slice


15. Golf

16. Archery

17. Basketball - 3 Point Contest

18. Bowling - Spin Control

19. Frisbee - Frisbee Dog


20. Air Sports - Dogfight

21. Boxing

22. Frisbee - Golf

23. Canoeing - VS

24. Air Sports - Skydiving

25. Power Cruising - VS

26. Power Cruising - Slalom Course

27. Canoeing - Speed Challenge

Wii CPU Miis - Worst to Best

Here is a list of the 100 Miis from Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort in order of my preferences from worst to best!


100. Shohei (This guy... ruined much of my childhood in Table Tennis - he countered my style completely - and I will never forgive him. Every time I fought him, I lost. Literally, that chart on-screen after you play a game, it always kept going up, and then at Shohei it would drop, drop some more, and then when I get better and reach him again, boom. Drop, drop, drop. It took me SO long... SO SO SO long... to beat this dude. When I finally did, I cursed at him, and yeah. By the way, I made a Lucía mii, and my goal was to beat everyone 6-0. And of course, at 1350, I reach Shohei. Hahahaha. I improved at Table Tennis so much, that I could beat him easily. But it was hard to beat him 6-0. And it was like it all over again. As a young boy. But I was still happy that I was wrecking him. I finally, finally, finally, beat him 6-0, and was so happy. Next up, Lucía.)

99. Holly (Ah, Holly. EXTREMELY annoying in Wii Party, everything. She always attacked ONLY me in minigames and was so annoying and lucky. Every minigame. The other miis, Ryan and Kathrin, they were awesome. Holly, nah. She had her own rules. Literally, she was either last place or first. When she got last, the next game, first place. It was dumb. Luck was always with her. That match game? She beat it so quickly. That firework game? Oh wow, she won again! It was like we were playing Spot the Sneak with her being the sneak, but it wasn't)


98. Miyu (She walked every time she was at bat in Baseball, and she always makes the dumbest shots when paired up with me in Tennis. She catches EVERY single ball when I play Sakura, it's annoying. She looks young, she looks cute, she looks cool, but the way she plays is just, sad)

97. Patrick (you know why - HORRIBLY annoying in Swordplay, especially Duel)

96. Maria (annoying in every SINGLE sport - not much else to say)

95. David (his Tennis partner, Pierre, actually is nice with the ball, but this dude, smacks every ball at 100 miles per hour; in Baseball, him and Miyu are like partners catching the ball, jumping 10 feet above the ground like a kangaroo)


94. Helen (annoying in Table Tennis, hitting the balls with so much backspin that I can't even return the ball without it not going straight back to me, and in Baseball, when I was so close to achieving a 5-1 deficit comeback against Sakura, this girl runs all the way back and somehow catches the ball)

93. Nick (in Baseball, this guy hits every shot, single, double, home run, you name it, and this is when the ball is literally a splitter)

92. Oscar (I was stuck on this guy in Swordplay, he annoyed me so much. To make it even worse, I had to look at his dumb face, and I was always so happy when I whacked him off)

91. Gabi (so close to Matt, so close... but this girl pops up with her weird face in Swordplay... not much else to say)

90. Sandra (I remember fighting her in Showdown, around the end of one of the levels, just for her to block every shot I make, and when I go in defense mode, it feels like a staring contest, with her just moving her sword in circles)

89. Michael (every single sport, I have to see this guy's dumb face pop up and annoy me)

88. Hayley (She reminds me of some nerfed up Maria, and especially in Table Tennis, when I just start to get on a roll, I have to get stuck with her hitting the ball around without me even getting a chance to hit a good shot with actual topspin. And in Swordplay, all this girl does is whack whack whack. If I change my defensive stance, she IMMEDIATELY counters in less than a second and keeps on attacking)


87. Jessie (Baseball, yup. As a newbie, she will ALWAYS get to your head no matter what; when you think you're going to get a home run, she ruins it for you and catches it, staring at you with those eyes..)

86. Silke (she is never really that hard, just so boring, and her eyebrows and lips make it even worse)

85. Chika (she's boring and the pig nose makes it worse, plus no matter how hard I try, she always cries in Cry Babies)

84. Mia (uninteresting, boring in WSR, annoying in Wii Party, a perfect combination!)

83. Ai (spin, spin, spin... WHAT ELSE CAN SHE DO IN TABLE TENNIS???)

82. Shouta (easy in every sport, boring in Wii Party, the haircut is a no from me, and yeah!)

81. Alisha (She is not good, boring, and I'm happy she did not steal Cycling Vice-Champion from Fritz. Plus teammates with Holly in Basketball is a little sad)


80. Ashley (she ruined it for me in Baseball, I couldn't do anything, and she was the first person I lost to)

79. Midori (those eyes... that grin...)

78. Susana (she reminds me of Eva, but the bad version of her, and of course Shohei is on her Basketball team)

77. Tomoko (her stats are similar to Fritz, not that great at anything except Cycling, but... she just seem bland, and to make it even worse, she is teamed up with Sandra in Basketball)

76. Abby (I was never fond of her, especially since she is Jessie's sister in the Baseball outfield. While other people think she's cute, I don't at all, and to me, she looks like an immature 8-year-old)

75. George (I'm sorry George, you always confuse me with David, but I put you here mainly because YOU DO NOT DESERVE MASTER AT ALL!!!)

74. Julie (nice and short: nothing much special about you, except the lips..)

73. Steph (annoying Showdown boss with "obese" armor, and is teamed up with Julie and Miyu in Basketball..)

72. Chris (bland and bad, looks scared for some reason)

71. Kentaro (Annoying in everything, his face makes me want to say, "DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK, KENTARO." He has a nice team in Basketball with Cole and my man, Eddy, but I'm just going to.. pass on this one)

70. Jackie (I COULD NOT BEAT HER IN BASEBALL!!! I just couldn't... I had to instead keep restarting and beat Emily to move on)

Slightly Dislike

69. Asami (did not deserve Master nor Showdown Boss at all...)

68. Emily (her teams are nice in Basketball and Baseball, but she was annoying in Delivery Duel)

67. Keiko (bland, boring, uninteresting - whatever word to describe her - but put a little higher only due to being teammates with Kathrin in both Baseball and Basketball)

66. Mike (I saw more potential in him, but Nintendo disagreed, so yeah. It's kinda sad how he's alone in the ocean, but I just don't like him since... I don't know)

65. Naomi (pretty boring, not much else, but it does make me sad when I see her all the way at the back in Cycling; well, she's still ahead of that "unknown" mii but whatever)

64. Shinnosuke (not much about him, even though I find him often, but I guess I just don't like him because of those eyebrows)

63. Rin (one of the blandest miis in my opinion, nothing else to say; I guess her teammates aren't bad, yeah I guess)


62. Jake (there is something up with him... he plays with Marisa, there's that.. he doesn't have any eyebrows.. hmm... Jake is quite the odd one)

61. Rainer (he seems a little sad, fun to play in Table Tennis, I really don't know with this guy)

60. Sota (a little annoying in Swordplay and Table Tennis, but I like him enough)

59. Giovanna (she reminds me of Chika with the nose, isn't really hard in any sport, she is teamed with Keiko and Hiromasa in Basketball, so she's okay)

58. Hiromi (she seems like a different mii with the eyes and mouth, but deserved black armor for sure)

57. Megan (wasted potential in Basketball and Cycling, and she's just boring)

56. Siobhán (she seems odd and is a little hard overall)

55. Fumiko (boring...)

54. Elisa (okay for being a Tennis Champion, a pretty good beginner for Baseball, Vice-Champ in Boxing, I personally think they put her in too many roles in the original)

53. Marco (I think the developers made Marco pretty well, but I am not fond of his sporting abilities at all)

52. Anna (a little bit like the Elisa of WSR, but maybe a little underrated)

51. Hiroshi (he seems smart, fun to play with, just not my type)


50. Abe (I like him a lot, he is fun, but the mouth is just a BIT too low..)

49. Stéphanie (nice in purple armor, a decent challenge for new Pros in Table Tennis)

48. Matt (the memes aren't bad, he is representing Wii Sports, but overrated; he is still fun to play with in almost every sport)

47. Nelly (she's challenging in Table Tennis, and looks kind, but I think they made her better than she should've been)

46. Sarah (fun in Tennis, just not as a partner, and I think it's good that they nerfed her skills in Wii Sports Resort)

45. Lucía (if you're good at Table Tennis, she is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY fun to play with, but if you're not, then you're screwed; she is also pretty fun in Basketball at an amateur level - teammates with Fritz is nice)

44. Tatsuaki (He's really fun to play against in Tennis as he's the Vice-Champion, and in every other sport, he's not bad. His Basketball team is okay, though)

43. Vincenzo (not a bad Cycling coach, he gives some helpful tips if you're a newbie; other than that, he's just a little boring but still nice to play against)

42. Yoko (did not deserve Master or Vice Final Boss at all, but I like her for looking more unique and fun to play against)

41. Ursula (despite being an amateur at Table Tennis, she is still a good challenge for newbies, and also fun in other sports, too)

40. Víctor (a decent mii in both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, I think he got what he deserved with Master in Wii Party)

39. Cole (the easiest beginner in my opinion, I think he deserves more love; his cut isn't bad, and the glasses look fine on him)

38. Miguel (as one of the first people I ever saw in Wii Sports Resort, and for being the Basketball beginner, I think Miguel is a pretty good mii; I wish, though, that he was at least a Pro or almost-pro at Table Tennis)

37. Ren (he seems like a pretty nice person, and is actually pretty fun to play with in Table Tennis)

36. Eduardo (he's fun to play with, seems cool, and deserves to be pro in at least one sport)


35. Rachel (she is really fun to play with and is a good boxer; her partner, David, in Tennis ruins the game for me)

34. Andy (he seems pretty cool and nice, and in Boxing, he is really fun to play against; I believe he deserves to be an Expert mii, not a Beginner at all)

33. Pablo (love the design, name, fun to play with in anything, just great for a CPU)

32. Hiromasa (a great mii, am happy he has Master, and pretty fun to play against in Table Tennis)

31. Shinta (a great boss, fun to play against, HE DESERVES MASTER AND PRO IN TABLE TENNIS!!!)

30. Barbara (great boss, amazing Basketball team, great design and good challenge as a Table Tennis Anti-Champion)

29. Akira (he seems sad, deserves a WAY better Basketball team, and I am extremely proud that he got a major improvement in Wii Sports Resort from Wii Sports, and am proud that Nintendo put him as a Master mii in Wii Party)

28. Saburo (give him at least one Vice-Champion in any sport, and DON'T MAKE HIM A BEGINNER MII!!! What's up, Nintendo?"

27. Misaki (amazing improvement from Wii Sports, amazing team in Basketball, the only thing that would be even better is being an Expert in Wii Party)

26. Ryan (he looks like a sad man that's been through a lot, and Nintendo puts him as a beginner TWICE; I mean, give the guy some love)

25. Luca (He seems pretty cool, and I expected an improvement coming into Wii Sports Resort - not too much. I then thought he would AT LEAST be put at Advanced in Wii Party. Nope)

24. Haru (she is fun to play with, and I wish she was WAY better in Tennis; she has nice teams in both Tennis and Basketball)

23. Greg (love him, he looks like a good Mii, I love playing Return Challenge, but I wish he was at least the 3rd-best Mii in Table Tennis; plus, he isn't even that hard)

22. Gabriele (he looks unique, looks great in black armor, and well deserved of being a boss; fun to play with in every sport, but if only he was better in Table Tennis)

21. Ian (this man is amazing, the hotel slipper he uses in Table Tennis is incredible, and along with that, he is really fun to play with)

20. Takumi (he looks nice and simple, and is fun in every sport ESPECIALLY Baseball; well deserved of being a Master mii)

19. Emma (designed well, EXTREMELY fun in basketball with a nice team, and I'm not sure if she deserves Master, but I fully support it!)

18. Daisuke (looks great, even better in Black armor, and really fun in many sports including Tennis and Swordplay... definitely Swordplay)

17. Eva (she if fun and challenging in EVERY single sport - except Table Tennis - and is rarely annoying in much)

16. Martin (he looks pretty cool, great Tennis partners, and deserves more than being a Pro in Cycling; I am happy Nintendo made up for it with making him an Expert mii)


15. Takashi (EXTREMELY fun in Swordplay and Table Tennis, unique design, and looks amazing in Black Armor - if only he was an Expert)

14. Tyrone (his design is pretty good, fun to play with in many sports, and he has amazing teams in Tennis and Basketball)

13. Pierre (nice hair, nice mole - good design in general - name fits nicely, really fun in every single sport, but David and Shohei are horrible teammates...)

Almost Best

12. Sakura (Ah, Baseball. Sakura, awesome. Her infielders, uhh... not as much. Her outfielders, yes, they are awesome. This girl, she is probably the mii who I have the most fun with when playing against. Even more fun than Lucía, who is incredibly fun in Table Tennis. She is a really cool mii, loves pink (of course), has both good teammates AND bad teammates, which make it when facing her, E X T R E M E L Y fun, and the amount of challenge she gives is the perfect amount)

11. Gwen (One of the first miis I saw in Wii Sports Resort, smiles kindly before you jump out of the plane, Gwen, I will definitely remember you for that cutscene. Also, I will remember her for being the first red armor mii in Showdown, cause... they kinda fat. And, I will also remember her for being the best photographer ever, and it is literally so kind that if you don't catch anyone in Skydiving, she will come and take the picture with you. And Nintendo puts her as a Beginner mii. THE WORST CPU SKILL TO GIVE THIS GIRL, BEGINNER. Even if she was given Expert, I would still be arguing that she should be Master. Sigh...)

10. Tommy (I love Basketball, and playing Tommy's Basketball team, especially at night, is really fun. His team is pretty good with Eva and Tyrone, even though JAMES deserves to be on that team. He loves pink, looks good in Black armor and is one of Fritz's and Marisa's awesome defenders. He is also pretty fun in Swordplay and Table Tennis in general. Nintendo? Eh, Beginner in Wii Party, why not. DEFINITE, FOR SURE, at least give this dude Advanced. But does this guy really deserve Beginner? No, case closed.. wait no.. nevermind)

9. Kathrin (She is a really good looking mii, personally. She is pretty good and isn't like Holly at all in Wii Party. She is fun to play in most sports, but in Tennis and Table Tennis, she is one of my favorite miis to play against. She deserves better Tennis teammates, though, and for sure, AT LEAST Expert. Plus she is one of the female miis that actually play Boxing, so that's cool)

8. Theo (He is EXTREMELY fun in every single sport, especially in Basketball - as he has the legendary, Steve, and the overrated, Abby. He has a nice baseball team, especially with the great, Kathrin. The forehead is a masterpiece, an amazing work of art, and the lips make it even look better. The purple is awesome, too, and in Black Armor, he looks legitimately amazing. He has the best total skill level, and I think he is a little too hated for his looks.)


7. Steve (He has a nice baseball team, good design, and an amazing hotel slipper paddle. Plus, when I played him at max level in Table Tennis, he hit EVERY ball at like 100 MPH - he deserves Advanced in Wii Party, not Standard, really. And he used to be my favorite mii when I was little by far, until.... some stuff happened. But yeah, Steve is great. He is also skilled in Cycling, and his team in Basketball, is DEFINITELY my most FAVORITE team. Theo and Yoshi? That's plain awesome, and he is also pretty good at it)

6. Alex (He looks really sad, loves pink, yeah. This guy is really fun in every sport, great Anti-Champion to test your Boxing skills, and also gives pretty good challenges in Swordplay and Basketball, with Emma and Nelly as a pretty good team. Great tennis duo with Martin, but Fumiko, not so much. Nice baseball team with Yoshi, too. Great design, the Wii Music artwork for him fits so well. He reminds me of Bob Marley. Pretty much EVERYTHING about this guy is good, with SO SO much potential. And Nintendo... decides to put him as a BEGINNER. Nothing else to say...)

5. Eddy (If you read the Q/A about Fritz, then you should know that me and him dominated in the Minigames. Even though we played so well though, me and Eddy were just, TOO good (me and Eddy were partnered now in Balance Boat, mind you, so it's slightly different from Fritz's). We wrecked every single game mode first try, it was so easy for us. I'd say for a FACT that we were better partners in Balance Boat than me and Fritz were in Minigames. And in Board Game Island, he was awesome and really fun to play with, and didn't mess with me really. Anyways, to Wii Sports Resort. Eddy has a, bad basketball team, and is decent at Table Tennis, but he is pretty fun in Swordplay. It's always cool to see him in Cycling since he's at that point where you like, slow down and stay with the miis. But yeah, Eddy is awesome, great design, and is definitely one of my top tier miis on the Wii, so wuhu for Eddy!)

4. Marisa (A lot people say she looks ugly and weird. To me, she looks u n i q u e. And she has the name of my sister, too. But yeah. She is an EXTREMELY fun boss in Showdown, and in my opinion, probably the most fun out of all of the bosses. She has nice tactics and techniques, and I love staring off and fighting her one-on-one. Especially the beach makes it cool, and, even both Tommy and James defend her. And the black armor looks so nice. She looks like a Ninja, and the way how you can only see a quarter of her mouth looks really cool. She is also really fun at Table Tennis, and DEFINITELY FOR SURE deserved Master. I only wish she was a little better at Basketball (she is pretty good, not going to lie) as she seems like someone who would be better at Basketball. But, then again, she is a really fun boss and got Master, so yeah)


3. Yoshi (Ah, Yoshi. Nice name, I love the design and color scheme, it's all awesome. In Tennis, her team with Haru is sweet, but Nick ruins it for her. In Baseball, she gives a decent challenge for newbies, but I love her team, including JAMES and MARTIN. Pure beasts. Sadly, this girl don't play Boxing, but if she did, I see her being a 400-500. But like James, Yoshi sprang right back up in Wii Sports Resort. Not as much, though, but still, BY A LOT. In Swordplay, she is a challenge, and can easily compete for that anti-champion spot. It's fun going against her, and in Showdown, I love seeing her in red armor. In Basketball, she is pretty challenging and has a nice team with the legend, STEVE and, Midori... But yeah, forget about her. Yoshi's also on Steve's team with Theo, too, and that team is legendary for a FACT. And my favorite, Table Tennis, she is extremely challenging as the Vice-Champion. She rolls over the ground everywhere if you make her move, plus she STILL hits the balls pretty hard with topspin. I love playing her, plus she coached Lucía from Cole's skill level to what she is now, a blood-thirsting beast who easily even beat Yoshi. Wii Party giving her Standard was not cool, c'mon, at LEAST give her Expert, like James)

2. James (This guy, he is awesome. At least. His design is SPLENDID, perfectly fits who James is, and is just amazing. A hard worker. Serious. Resilient. The improvement he made, from Wii Sports, was just incredible. From being an amateur that could only reach 600 at MAX, to THE BEST OVERALL MII IN ALL OF WII SPORTS RESORT. Just crazy, incredible. Add that pink, and this guy is just, INSANE. And add the actual SKILL he has to it. In Swordplay, when this guy hit you, he hit you HARD. And the thing was, if you were about to knock him off the edge, he would just completely just come straight back up and beat you up back to center. In Basketball, this guy was actually TOUGH, took me MANY tries to beat. Hardest mii in Basketball for me, even. Tommy couldn't top this guy. Even with that extra stat boost, James's style was just untouchable in any way. In Table Tennis, he was fun to play with, and he always kept the point going on. Sliding, lunging, doing whatever to hit that ball, it was amazing. And Cycling referee, too? He must be real good to take on that role. So he starts off trash in Wii Sports, COMPLETELY rebounds in Wii Sports Resort, but the thing is, Nintendo sticks him as a Beginner in Wii Party. Huh? C'mon, at least, Expert. This guy is AMAZING. This top 3 was so tight, and if there was one little thing to add on to James, and there are still many things that I haven't mentioned, then James could take on that #1 spot)

1. Fritz (Oy. Read the Q/A question about Fritz to learn about him.)

Questions and Answers

Q: Why do you love Fritz? THAT DUDE SUCKS!!!

A: Well, the first time I ever saw him was in Table Tennis. He looked kind of sad, and I really didn't care too much. Well when I played him, he made legitimately horrible mistakes and was just trash. I kind of felt bad for him. But yes, I'm pretty sure I forgot about him completely in like 2 hours. The next time I saw him was in Basketball. By then, I knew that Lucía was the Table Tennis Champion and was pretty hard to beat. And of course, I knew that Matt was the Boxing and Swordplay Champion. Well, I saw Fritz there, amateur level, and I was like, "Oh yeah! That Table Tennis dude that sucks!" Well, then I saw the people standing next to him. I started to like him more, as both Lucía and Matt are pretty cool people. I played him in Basketball, probably wondering if he would beat me. G A R B A G E. He was horrible! I don't remember that much from then, but this boy was trash! Lucía and Matt were probably forced to be with this trash dude because hopefully they would balance it out, 2 champions and 1 horribly garbage person. By then, I started to like Fritz more and more, mostly feeling for him. Okay, most people hate Fritz because they really start caring about him when they see him in Cycling and Showdown. Well, I think I didn't play Showdown much then, and I am pretty sure that I didn't even see him in Cycling. In Swordplay Duel when I saw him, he was, I guess, an amateur. He made dumb moves, and my style of play just made him feel stupid. I mean, he wasn't horrible, but definitely wasn't a 700 at all. All of this kind of made me like him more and more. Then came Cycling, well when I finally noticed him. In Road Race, I was in about 3rd or 4th place. In first place was Fritz. I started to gain momentum over the others, and the only person near me was, yes, Fritz, who was ahead of me. I was probably surprised to see him, as by then, if I did a TierMaker, he would probably be in like, I don't know, Love, or something like that. Well, I couldn't catch up for a bit, 3rd and 4th place (I actually do have a decent memory, but it's sometimes blank like now, so I'm guessing that it was Anna and Alisha, I don't know) were just a little behind me, and I kind of started getting tired. Fritz was actually, pretty good. Well, this is where he blew it: On the mountain or something, he just drove off the edge. Just out of randomness, he was probably like, "WOW, LOOK A BUTTERFLY! I WILL JUST DRIVE OFF DOWN TO HEARTBREAK PEAK JUST TO SEE IT BETTER!" I would've probably thought, "is this a joke.." Well, I'm certain I won the race, and the amount of sympathy I felt for this guy was sky high. I don't know, my favorite mii then was probably Steve - don't judge - but I started to like Fritz more and more. Well, when I finally reached Stage 18 on Showdown, I didn't know he was the boss - until I reached the end, and there were a bunch of Purple armors near him. I saw his face, and I could clearly see those sad eyebrows. I kind of got more excited to reach him. I believe there was only one more Purple armor left, who was either Tommy or Megan, I don't remember, but while trying to hit them, I kept hitting Fritz, too, but I don't think I realized that. When I finally beat that person, (yes, Tommy or Megan) Fritz was like at one single heart. We were probably in a "stare-off" for 2 seconds when I just whacked him randomly in the head and he fell off. He was probably the easiest boss I faced in Reverse. The thing that made me even feel more sad, was that when it said "YOU WIN", I saw him flying back up with the parachute, wiggling around frantically. At that moment, he became my favorite mii, and, to be honest, I thought that he would be one of the more loved miis by, people who played Wii Sports Resort. Well, when I found out (many years later) he was more hated, I was confused. People said that he was annoying in Cycling, annoying in Showdown, annoying in Wii Party, annoying in everything. For me, he was boring, but he was so boring to the point that I liked him a lot, and just, felt bad for him. And, uh, about Steve, yes, I still like him a lot, but he kinda fell down a bit... Sorry Steve... Ok, back to the Fritz story. In Wii Party minigames, I was playing 2 player with a CPU, and I got Fritz, so of course I was really happy. All I hoped is that he wouldn't be dumb or stupid, like in Wii Sports Resort, where he clearly was. Probably the dumbest in the game for sure, for me. So of course, this was the first time where, I wanted the CPU Fritz to win, since, of course, in Wii Sports Resort, I wanted me to win... hope that makes sense. Well, he was actually really good, did everything right, and we beat most minigames. I am pretty certain we went on a pretty good winning record during the minigames. I was definitely happy, and yeah. So, Fritz has always been a decent player since. In Table Tennis, he plays trash, but not as trash as I first saw him. In Basketball, he also plays trash, but yeah, not as bad as before. And in Swordplay, though, he kind of has the same skill as before. When I do Stage 18 now, he is definitely harder than the first time, but it's fun, and in Cycling, he doesn't bother me much, but doesn't make dumb mistakes. So yeah, that should answer that question.

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