aka Ally

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is high schooler
  • I am girl

Hello, my name is Ally, I love all the wii games, Wii sports/resort and Wii sports Club, i never play wii u party before, im not into wii party games but that's just me.

My Favorite to least favorite Sports from wii sports resort.

  • #1 Swordplay showdown/duel, I always enjoyed hitting the miis over and over again its by far my favorite, also the stages are amazing. my favorite stage is stage 19, I love the challenge.
  • #2 Air sports, for me personally I LOVE this view of the island its SO beautiful, I wish there was no timer so i can explore Wuhu island more.
  • #3 Table Tennis, I just loved this game its played very smoothly, my favorite thing to do is smash the ball into there face its so fun. Also in my opinion Lucia is the easiest champion to beat, I beat her 6 to 2 in one try.
  • #4 Bowling 10 pin and 100 pin, this game was my FAVORITE when I played wii sports so nice and relaxing, one time I got a Perfect game one wii sports and wii sports resort bowling.
  • #5 basketball, I like this sport, but I RAGE a lot on this sport the most, I am pretty good at it but never beat tommy before, my sister has and I dont even know how.
  • #6 Frisbee dog/golf, pretty fun to play could get boring, but back in 2014, me and my sister play this when we get home from school oh my she is the best at this sport, THE MUSIC AT THE END OF FRISBEE GOLF IS JUST HEAVENLY. I could just listen to the music all day if I wanted to.
  • #7 wake boarding this sport is cool and all but its a little stressful trying to land it perfect.
  • #8 cycling, i never really got into it but i like the view of where all the stages are at.
  • #9 Golf, BORING, but LOVE the music at the end, so BEAUTIFUL.
  • #10 Archery, I dont like this one its not a good sport IMO, but the only thing that keeps it not the 2nd worse is the easter eggs.
  • #11 Canoeing, i love the ducks, but Absolutely BORING AS HECK!!!
  • Power cruising, this is a real sport? i thought this was water rafting lol JUST NO NO NO I hate this game to my inner core, with a passion.

My top 20 favorite miis with some ties in between from wii sports resort.

#20 Keiko) Keiko is one of the cutest and nerdiest girls in the series, i love her design very much. Expert difficulty was perfect for her, i had no trouble with her, but she was the first person to beat me in board game island which im not mad at all.

#19 Pierre) Pierre is top ten is because he is almost like a girl version of me in terms of skill, IRL I am very good at basketball and baseball, and im okay in tennis, also i love his design a LOT.

#18 Midori) Midori has the best Smile in the whole series, same as keiko, but was close of beating me in board game island the 2nd time i tried to beat expert difficulty. SO CUTE!!

#17 Akira) Im SO happy that his improvement in wii sports resort was very good, he deserves to be happy, i loved that he got master difficulty, i always play with him along with Yoko and Emma.

#16 Jackie) what a AWESOME mii, i imagine herself with Eduardo and with her BEST of friends Eva and Sarah at a resort having an awesome time, I love her Presence a lot.

#15 Martin) I love this FUNNY guy, he is like a rich and popular comedian, i agree with everything dadpleaseno says about him, he should have been a pro at something like baseball or basketball he would be an amazing basketball player like him Yoshi and Steve PERFECT, right?

#14 Ai) This mii is really cool looking i just love the way she looks its so diva looking IMO. her skills are amazing as well, one time in swordplay she was one of the few the let me hit her if the makes sense, like it wasn't hard to beat her. Also her best friend is Hayley,

#13 Sota) If he gotten master he would be my top 3, this man is incredible in everything he does, like skill wise he is the 11th best i think in the ranks which Im glad he is almost in top ten, his design is one of my favorites its like a boy diva i love it A LOT, Ai and sota twins guessing 20 minutes apart.

#12 So there is a tie for this one Eva/Hayley, I just couldn't decide which is better, my reasons for top 6, will start with Hayley then Eva. Hayley is in my top six is because she used to be my all time favorite when i was a kid playing Wii sports i just loved her presence there and here design. HER DESIGN IS MY 2nd favorite of the girl miis. Eva, EVA was one of those girls where is just knew i loved her A LOT. She was my good luck charm in both boxing and tennis, i just can't live with out them. I love her design SOOOOO MUCH, goth vibes

#11 There is also a tie Nick/Tyrone, same with the Eva and Hayley, I just couldn't decide which is better. I will start with tyrone, Tyrone same with Eva but a boy charm in baseball he was being VERY nice to me in baseball he through awesome pitches and led me to victory i got 4 points, he got 1 point, Ryan got a home run which im not mad about. NICK same with Hayley, but Nicks design was my 3rd favorite design.

#10 Yoko) Yoko looks like a replica of me but with lighter skin tone and a bigger nose, also im SO happy she is a master mii it fits her perfectly. i always play with her in wii party.

#9 Theo) This Mii is my one of the greatest miis of all time, If he was a master mii and number one in the rankings he would be my 3rd favorite. something about him is just amazing. AMAZING SKILLS, and his INCREDIBLE PRESENCE.

#8 Susana) Susana was my FAVORITE mii in wii sports resort when i played it the first time i saw her in swordplay showdown on stage 4 at the beginning and i just ADORE her design a lot im probably the only person that thinks her design is the best, but IMO its the best.

#7 Cole) Cole is literally a replica of my father but with brown hair also , Im not even joking there like identical twins, also Cole was treated horrible by his skills, table tennis, basketball and swordplay, i mean give this guy a break he has been through a lot and i wish he was a pro at least one sport, i feel like he would be a pro at basketball like his teammates would be Oscar and Emma. Im so happy that he got advanced.

#6 Helen) Im Probably the only person that puts helen in my top 5 favorite girls, and again a replica of my mother but with no glasses and Gabi's mouth, that's not the only thing i love her, another thing is her skills are incredible, almost all the sports that she plays in she is pro it kinda sucks that she got intermediate. I LOVE HER MORE WHEN PEOPLE START DISLIKING HER.

Im too lazy to write all of them So here are THE REST of my top 5 favorite wii sports/resort miis

NUMBER 5 DAISUKE ( I Don't care what people think I love him deeply and that's all it matters, also i think Daisuke is related to Ren somehow like his uncle.

NUMBER 4 GWEN ( Everything about her is just magnificent, she is always on my side no matter what) also extremely underrated

NUMBER 3 GIOVANNA ( same thing with Daisuke and Gwen also she is married to Daisuke on my Tomodachi life.

NUMBER 2 REN ( Best Boy EVER, Everything he does is positive, he ALWAYS helps me in tennis and he is never hard on me, he is always so nice to me all the time like in table tennis He suppose to be very hard to beat but he messed up a lot and basically let me win. If anyone is an eckleo fan he said in one or two of his videos the same thing with chris ( his favorite mii) but not the table tennis stuff, he said Chris is very helpful and always nice to me whenever I'm up against him or have to face him in some sport. and I feel the exact same way with Ren.

NUMBER 1 HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same thing with Ren and she is so CUTE!!!!! I just don't see how people dont see how cute and pretty she is. SHE IS FREAKING ADORABLE ( goodness I never say that would 'freaking' ). Also




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