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My Top 6 favorite miis from Wii and Wii U

My 3 least favorite miis from Wii and Wii U

Top 10 Favorite Wii Miis




Gwen: GWEN IS THE MOST MEMORABLE MII EVER!!!! She lets you skydive down to Wuhu island and takes very nice pictures of you while you go down to Wuhu. Love that she is the first Red armor, a Pro in swordplay and she looks really good in Black Armor. She also Looks really cute too! In table tennis, how is she 160?? She should have been level 300 or 350 from how she plays in Table tennis. Gwen x Miguel forever!


Giovanna: Overhated. She has a very nostalgic feeling, whenever I see her or play against her. She has and will always be one of my favorite miis.

Emma: Hated honestly, rather Underrated. She looks Smoking HOT! her favorite color (blue) complements her pretty look even more. The dirty Blonde hair and dark skin combo is VERY RARE irl. So that just shows how amazing she is. I also See Emma and Stephanie Sisters. Emma being the older one.




Top 10 Favorite Wii U Miis











Give all the credit to @bshao because I 100% stan by this

Poof fans (again, some of them) call this dude a god. Ok, yes, I get it. He's Champion in 2 sports, cool. He's the only person to be a Champion in both Wii Sports and WSR and is the only 2x champion in the Wii Sports series along with the other Matt in WSC, cool, but can you think of one more reason besides maybe him being a Master Mii that he is a god? First of all, do you know how bad he is outside of being Master Mii and being a Champ in 2 sports? Here's a perspective: Take out Matt from the sports he's Champion at (boxing and all Swordplay modes). He loses 3097.5 skill points. His new skill point total is 3205.5 (90th out of 100 by Total Skill Level). This also makes him a non-pro. Oh wait, I'm not just gonna do that. Lets give Matt beginner in Wii Party. This will lose him 1200 skill points. New total skill level: 2005.5 (98th out of 100). Can you explain how laughably bad that is?? That would be the worst total skill level for a CPU that debuted in Wii Sports. What do you call him now? A loser or a champion still? If you said he's still a champion regardless of how bad he is outside of his champion sports and him being a Master Mii, or that you think that was too harsh to Matt, then here's a fact that DOESN'T include throwing away some of Matt's skill level: For every sport Matt participates in that he ISN'T champion at, RYAN (an anti-pro) is better than him outside of Table Tennis. You guys call that god-like skill for Matt?? Now, if any of you Matt fanboys wanna make 1 more excuse as to why you call Matt a god besides Meme or Poof influence, you can message me on my Message Wall and tell me.

Favorites to Least favorite Sports In Wii sports Resort

Best Sports

    1. 1 Swordplay Showdown/Duel/ Speed slice, I always enjoyed hitting the miis over and over again its by far my favorite, also the stages are Brillant. I love the challenges. I don't why Its so satisfying hitting miis.
  • #1 Air sports, for me personally I LOVE this view of the island its SO beautiful, I wish there was a mode where there is no timer so I can explore Wuhu island more.
  • #3 Table Tennis, I just loved this game its played very smoothly, my favorite thing to do is smash the ball into there face its so fun. Also for me Lucia is the easiest champion to beat, I beat her 6 to 3 on my second try.

Very Fun Sports

  • #4 Bowling 10 pin and 100 pin, this game was my FAVORITE when I played Wii sports so nice and relaxing, one time I got a Perfect game one wii sports and wii sports resort bowling.
  • #5 Frisbee dog/golf, pretty fun to play, such a cool idea to let a dog catch a frisbee, THE MUSIC AT THE END OF FRISBEE GOLF IS JUST HEAVENLY. I could just listen to the music all day if I wanted to.
  • #6 Basketball, I like this sport, but I RAGE a lot on this sport the most, I am pretty good at it but never beat tommy before, my sister has and I don't even know how. ( Edit: I FINALLY beat Tommy)
  • #7 Cycling, I LOVE the layouts of the stages, It seems so free and Beautiful. Fabulous Music too. One thing I don't like is Alisha not being the champion because when I was little I always thought Alisha was the champion because I Constantly see her in first. Not Anna (the champ) not Fritz the vice champ) Always Alisha. Doesn't make sense.

Cool sports

  • #8 Wakeboarding, This sport is cool and all, but its a little stressful trying to land perfectly every time, but satisfying when I do.
  • #9 Golf, BORING, but LOVE the music at the end, so BEAUTIFUL.
  • #10 Archery, I like the concept of the game but I'm just not good at the game the Easter eggs, Its a really cool feature.


  • #11 Canoeing, I love the ducks, but Absolutely BORING AS HECK!!!


  • #12 Power cruising, I HATE this Sport SO MUCH, I thought it was Some kind of water rafting or water skiing but Nope its Power cruising.