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Hello Guys, I'm Allison! I am obsessed with the Wii sports series and love the miis in the games as well.

My Top 10 favorite miis

My least favorite miis from Wii and Wii U

Favorites to Least favorite Sports In Wii Sports Resort

Best Sports

  • 1 Swordplay Showdown/Duel/ Speed slice, I always enjoyed hitting the miis over and over again it's by far my favorite, also the stages are Brillant. I love the challenges.
  • #1 Air sports, I LOVE this view of the island its SO beautiful, I wish there was a mode where there is no timer so I can explore Wuhu island more.
  • #3 Table Tennis, I just loved this game its played very smoothly, my favorite thing to do is smash the ball into their face its so fun. Also for me, Lucia is the easiest champion to beat, I beat her 6 to 3 on my second try.

Very Fun Sports

  • #4 Bowling 10 pin and 100 pins, this game was my FAVORITE when I played Wii sports so nice and relaxing, one time I got a Perfect game one Wii sports and Wii sports resort bowling.
  • #5 Frisbee dog/golf, is pretty fun to play, such a cool idea to let a dog catch a frisbee, THE MUSIC AT THE END OF FRISBEE GOLF IS JUST HEAVENLY. I could just listen to the music all day if I wanted to.
  • #6 Basketball, I love this sport, but I RAGE a lot on this sport the most. TOMMY IS THE MOST ANNOYING PIECE OF GARBAGE EVER.
  • #7 Cycling, I LOVE the layouts of the stages, It seems so free and Beautiful. Fabulous Music too. One thing I don't like is Alisha not being the champion because when I was little I always thought Alisha was the champion because I Constantly see her first. Not Anna (the champ) not Fritz the vice champ) Always Alisha. Doesn't make sense.

Cool sports

  • #8 Wakeboarding, This sport is cool and all, but it's a little stressful trying to land perfectly every time, but satisfying when I do.
  • #9 Golf is cool but a little boring, I LOVE the music at the end.
  • #10 Archery, I like the concept of the game, but I'm just not good at the game. The Easter eggs are a really cool feature.


  • #11 Canoeing, I love the ducks, but Absolutely BORING AS HECK!!!


  • #12 Power cruising, I HATE this Sport SO MUCH, I thought it was Some kind of water skiing but Nope it's Power cruising.