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Hi! My name is Chara, but I'm known on the internet as Papyrusans (or Papy for short). I'm very shy, introverted and emotional and I try my best to be nice and give love to everyone. Everyone deserves love 💖 I love cute things, animals (especially cats), video games and everyone in the world!

My top 10 favourite Wii Miis

10. Ryan. My favourite advanced Mii! I feel bad for him because he's the starter of both fighting sports (boxing and swordplay) which kinda makes him seem like a punching bag. He deserves a lot more love 💙

9. Abby. She's looks cute, cheerful and very lovable! Also looks like my favourite Mii's (who I will mention later) sister 💙 I also love how she goes from being one of the worst Miis in Wii Sports to being one of the best Miis in Wii Sports Resort

8. Tommy. He honestly seems like a nice and chill guy to me and the fact that his favourite colour is pink really reflects his personality. I think he's fit for a basketball champion too. It was quite hard for me to beat him in basketball but I still love him regardless 💖

7. Sakura. She looks like a kind and optimistic person. It's also fitting how her favourite colour is pink and her name means cherry blossom in Japanese. She can be quite hard to beat in baseball sometimes, but I'm not really a good baseball player so that's not really saying much. I mostly have to get lucky to beat her xd. I also love how she has my favourite Mii and another one of my favourites (both will be mentioned later) on her team 💖

6. Midori. My favourite expert Mii! She looks so adorable and sweet! I also love how her name means her favourite colour (green) in Japanese. I would hug her if she was real 💚

5. Matt. He's the champion of both fighting sports (boxing and swordplay), which basically makes him a god at fighting. I know people will disagree and say that he isn't a god, but keep in mind that a god can mean different things. He may suck at tennis and baseball, but he sure does have a knack for fighting. He looks very fit to be a fighter too. I'm forever a Matt supporter 🧡

4. Lucía. My favourite master Mii! Beating her in table tennis was honestly one of the hardest deeds I've ever achieved in a video game. But she does hold a significant part of my Wii journey which I'm thankful and I also appreciate her dedication to table tennis. Her design is also pretty cute 🧡

3. Miyu. My favourite beginner Mii! She was one of the first Miis I had encountered and I have loved her ever since 💜 She looks really cute and sweet! And as a trans girl, she is one of my transition goals meaning that she is one of the characters that I would like to look like irl :3. As a bonus, I love that she plays on Sakura and my favourite Mii's team :3. And sorry if this is getting annoying, but I remember when I was little, I thought she looked like Dora the explorer (and I honestly still kinda do xd). That should be a compliment though, right?

2. Siobhán. She looks like a really adorable cat, which is my favourite animal! I just love everything about her <3. I would love to be friends with her and hug her if she was real 💖

1. NICK!!!!!! My all-time favourite Mii! He looks like a really cute and smart nerdy boy! I love absolutely everything about him! He's also one of my crushes 🥰 (yes, I have multiple). I absolutely and endlessly love him to bits 💚💚

My top 12 favourite Wii U Miis (I decided to do 12 instead of 10 since there were just some I couldn't resist adding to the list)

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