aka Nickolas

  • I live in America
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is a student
  • I am Male

Hi guys! Welcome to my profile! I like Wii Sports, Wii Party, Tomodachi Life, Miitopia, and other Nintendo stuff!


My handsome Mii!


All about me!

  • The name’s Mrluigiguy67 (or Mrluigiguy or Nickolas.)
  • Favorite color is sky blue. (Reminds me of the nice weather and happiness. It really puts me at ease)
  • Positive relationship: Rie (My crush. Don’t judge me please!), Matt (WSR) (Best Champion), Sakura, Abby (Also my crush, Don’t judge!), Haru, Pavel

    The best Wii Sports Miis! :)

  • Negative relationship: Steph (annoying and unfair), Fritz, Emily, Deliah, Matt (WSC), Takumi, Cory
  • I actually like watching Poofesure’s videos (because of his hilarious raging), but sometimes he can take things WAY too far which pisses me off sometimes.
  • Fun fact: You can’t make my Mii on the Wii, only the systems after the Wii. (That’s why I play as Mario, Pikachu, or Waluigi as miis in my Wii games)
  • In my Mii Makers, I usually have at least my own Mii, Miis of official characters from Nintendo, Undertale, Pokémon, Sonic the hedgehog, etc. Miis of real people like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Miyamoto, etc. CPU Remakes, and very cool Miis representing a dinosaur, snake, whale, Two Faced, walrus, etc.
  • I love playing Tomodachi Life, it‘s funny, cute, random, and romantic! My island name is “Dream Island“.
  • I do want to mention that I have a deviantart account here:

CPU Miis I ship:

I do ship CPU Miis, some of them are from my Tomodachi Life.

  • Me x Rie (People ship themselves with their crush sometimes, right? RIGHT?! I date her in my Tomodachi Life!)
  • Me x Abby (I could imagine Abby trying to find a boy hoping to bring some sunshine from her depression (Because of Tatsuaki) then bumping into me and making her the happiest person on Wuhu Island)
  • Eva x Tyrone (Basketball teammates, plus both love the color black)
  • Miyu x Nick (2 of the 10 of my favorite Wii Sports Miis, are excellent in Baseball, and are in Sakura’s team, they seems like an OTP for life!)
  • Stéphanie x Theo (I honestly don’t know why)
  • Masako x William (I could see them as Rie’s parents)
  • Emily x Takumi
  • Pablo x Steph (2 of my main enemies)
  • Akira (Wii) x Misaki
  • Matt (Wii) x Lucía (Friend Connection, DUH! And they have so much in common!)
  • Enrique x Sara (I imagine them on a beach when they’re madly in love.)
  • Abe x Ashley (I could see them as Abby, Nick, and Siobhán‘s parents, also in my headcanon, she met Abe on Tinder after breaking up with Mike.)
  • Pavel x Susie (Miitopia opening)
  • Sakura x Pierre (I really don’t know why, I just think they make a great couple.)
  • Shouta x Julie (I could imagine them kissing with their HUGE lips, lol!)
  • Gwen x Miguel
  • Cole x Megan (The 2 weakest WSR CPUs)
  • Skip x Polly (Childhood couples are very wholesome)
  • Alisha x Rainer (Kinda like a Rich Couple.)
  • Irina x Adrien (I could see them as Pavel’s parents)
  • Hayley x David (Wii) (I could see them as Haru’s parents.)
  • Ryan x Fumiko (Both are anti-pros and are advanced Miis)
  • Matt (Wii) x Elisa (Tomodachi Life couple)
  • Barbara (Wii U) x Rui (Sorry Poof x Barbara fans, but that ship was doomed to start)
  • Kentaro (Wii) x Silke (One of Poofesure’s Tomodachi Life couples that I actually support a lot! They have a lot in common in Wii Sports and Wii Party!)
  • Hiromasa x Marisa (HA HA! I ship them because both look scary! Coincidently, they are both master Miis and are bosses.)
  • Frank x Léonie (Old married couple)
  • Rin x Greg (In my headcanon, she has a massive crush on him, which was obvious to everyone, but Greg likes Rin)
  • Keiko x Merrick (Merrick deserves to date someone who looks cute!)
  • Víctor x Emma (Friend Connection, plus Minefa5’s main enemies.)
  • Bo-Jia x Yoko (I could see them as Miyu’s parents. Thanks to my friend HowILoveIt.)
  • Akira (Wii U) x Mizuho (Because of the Japanese Streetpass promotional video. Akira claims to be a soon-to-be-father, and Mizuho claims that she’s been recently proposed to.) (Also, a lot of people ship Rie and Akira, but I only see them as friends, know.)
  • Jessie x James (Meowth! That’s right!)
  • David (Wii U) x Shu-Hui (Might as well pair the 2 ugliest Wii Sports Club Miis)
  • Guillermo x Donna (Wii Music) (Guillermo looks like Duncan from TDI, and Donna from Wii Music looks like Courtney from TDI. I’m kind of a Duncney shipper, so why not?)
  • Naoko x Ross (Wii Music couple)
  • Chris (Wii U) x Yunyun (Another cute childhood couple)

My top 10 favorite miis (Both Wii Sports and Club)


My opinions on all the Wii Miis. Respect my opinion please?

Even though I don’t own a Wii U, I still like some of the WSC Miis.

My Wii Sports Miis rankings. Respect my opinion please.

Wii Sports

  1. Matt (Wii) I never thought he would be a meme when I was a child. He is a really memorable Mii and I like his name too.)
  2. Abby (She looks so cute, wouldn’t you say? She’s also a really memorable Mii.)
  3. Sakura (I really liked Baseball and she has a good design, she also plays with most of my favorites, and I love how well skilled she is.)
  4. Haru (She looks so cute! Also, she is easy to recreate! I also got her lucky badge for making the 126,000th edit! Luck is cool sometimes!)
  5. Nick (Another well designed mii, I also like that he’s the vice-champion of baseball, and he shares my name!)
  6. Miyu (Thanks HowILoveIt for letting me feel sympathy for her, no seriously, she deserved a lot better, being a one-time Pro in Baseball and getting beginner difficulty is sad for this cute little girl.)
  7. Pierre (For some reason, I like some of the OP Miis, don’t know why, but I love him because he is well designed, and his name is of a French origin.)
  8. Rin (Very easy to recreate, looks cute, and is good in sports)
  9. Rachel (She looks beautiful and pretty! She didn’t deserve what Kiddo did to her! Poor Rachel!)
  10. David (Wii) (He looks like a total softie, that face says “kindness” to me. Plus, he’s Pro in 2 sports I love.)

Honorable mentions: Lucía, Keiko, Akira (Wii), Eddy, Abe, Ashley, Ai, Elisa, Siobhán

Wii Sports Club:

  1. Rie (I first heard from other users that she looks cute, one day I took a look at her, and I fell in love, I have to say that I agree to anyone who says that she looks cute, because she is! She is my crush ever since!) (Sorry about this, I just have to get it off my chest, I just love her SO MUCH!!!) (Btw, her skills in Wii Sports Club and Wii Party are very good!)
  2. Pavel (He looks interesting and well designed, the color yellow fits him well)
  3. Alice (Another cute looking female mii, I also like how she’s a sister to Barbara and how good she is in Tennis)
  4. Barbara (Same as Alice, but the reason why Alice is higher than her on my list is because of those big eyes, but she’s great!)
  5. Enrique (Another baseball champion, he looks really well designed, and the blonde hair fits him surprisingly well! I kinda feel bad that he’s a beginner Mii.)
  6. Mizuho (The smug looking girl, I love her!)
  7. Sara (She looks rather dashing and beautiful)
  8. Araceli (Another cute looking Mii!)
  9. Akira (WSC) (I really like his hairdo)
  10. Susie (She’s very cute and small!)

Honorable mentions: Mizuho, Faustine, Yunyun, Rui, Anne, Dylan, Chris (WSC), Clara

My top least favorite Miis (Wii Sports and Club)

Wii Sports:

  1. Steph (Dear god, she looks ugly! Her face is so small! She’s fat! And she’s just lucky in things she doesn’t deserve to be in, like being a master Mii and a boss in Showdown, I hate her so much! This is the reason why I don’t want to face her in Wii Party)
  2. Pablo (There are 3 words that describes him, ANNOYING, UNFAIR, AND LUCKY!!!! He is so annoying in Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party! He looks so stupid with his far apart eyes and HE IS NEVER FUN IN WII PARTY!!!!! HE WON BOARD GAME ISLAND IN 1 LUCKY MOVE AND IT WAS SO UNFAIR!!!!!!)
  3. Fritz (It may be wrong to say this on this wiki, but he looks like a pedophile, I just don’t trust that guy at all, also HowILoveIt said that he doesn’t deserve to be cycling Vice-champion, and I agree with him! Alisha or Martin are better choices than him! Also, he is never fun in Wii Party. YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM PAVEL AND HARU YOU PEDO!)
  4. Takumi (I don’t care if you guys think he looks like a nice person, its probably what’s on the inside of him that I hate, he’s annoying in Baseball, even in the outfield! Plus, Stage 19 in Swordplay Showdown, like why do you get to be the first enemy here while wearing Black Armor?! HowILoveIt says that he looks like a manipulative millionaire. and he is right! YOU STAY AWAY FROM ABBY YOU JERK! MATT IS WAY BETTER THAN YOU!)
  5. Emily (This woman is a nightmare in Baseball, Table Tennis, and Wii Party! She wouldn’t let me past her in Table Tennis, and she beat me TWICE in Wii Party and I was SO CLOSE TO BEATING ADVANCED IN BOARD GAME ISLAND!!! I hate her so much, plus she looks weird.)
  6. Jake (No eyebrows and small eyes are a terrible combination on this Mii, plus he was tough in Boxing, and he ruined Chika’s chance of being a Pro in a sport, which was Swordplay.)
  7. Shinta (He looks so stupid, he looks like he’s zoning out of reality, and he’s makes a terrible Showdown boss.)
  8. Maria (Wii) (She was a nightmare to beat in Tennis and Baseball, she is OP and unfair and she loves to catch my baseballs while I was trying to beat Sakura! I am so happy that she got Standard Difficulty!)
  9. Sandra (That face is so scary and hideous on her!!! Like, I don’t think any human looks like that! and what’s with the dotted eyebrows?!?!)
  10. Patrick (I don’t like how he’s OP in almost every sport! He’s so annoying! But a lot more Miis are more annoying than him.)

Dishonorable mentions: Barbara (Wii), Gabi, Julie, Hiromasa, Daisuke (Wii)

Wii Sports Club:

  1. Deliah (Jesus Christ! She reminds me of Steph, she’s fat and has a terrible face! If she exists in real life, I’m running!)
  2. Matt (WSC) (I don’t like how he shares a name with the boxing champ in Wii Sports, he’s the beginner in boxing which would make Wii Sports Matt look bad.)
  3. David (WSC) (I’m sorry guys, but Wii Sports David is better, this one looks ugly and has fat lips. and I see that a lot of people agree with me. He does not deserve to be Pro Class Beginner in Boxing! Rie and Clara are WAY better than you!)
  4. Shu-Hui (First of all, what kind of name is that? Second, she looks ugly, reminds me of Nicki Minaj, and I HATE Nicki Minaj! Nuff said.)
  5. Maximilian (Umm, what gender is Maximilian? Because his looks kinda confuses me. I think he’s a gay and spoiled boy. I also hate how he’s number 2 in the rankings, which makes no sense, since he’s Star 9 in boxing, while Mark and Xiaojian are better than him! He is worse than Na-rae!)
  6. Yuehua (She is so UGLY!!! The eyes don’t fit her well, her lips and hair make her look like a penguin!)

Dishonorable mentions: Na-rae, Hiromi (WSC), Zi-Kai, José, Donna (WSC), Hee-joon, Pit

Top favorite sports to least favorite sports.

  1. Baseball (I don’t get why it gets so much hate, it’s actually really fun and has some challenge into it.)
  2. Boxing (I like fighting games like Smash Bros. This game is very fun and you can beat the s**t out of your opponents!)
  3. Swordplay (I had so many childhood memories of this game. I would play Swordplay Showdown at least everyday. I love it!)
  4. Basketball (Shooting some hoops! Stealing the ball! Slamming some dunks! Umm, I made that last part up...)
  5. Bowling (I really like this sport, I remember when my family used to have bets on this game to see who wins. Plus, my dad managed to make a perfect game once. Dunno how)
  6. Table Tennis (It’s pretty fun, but my ball usually falls off the table, which annoys me a lot!)
  7. Tennis (It’s very fun, but the motion controls on this game is kinda wonky...)
  8. Archery (I have a good eye on targets sometimes, also, I love how there hidden targets in stages.)
  9. Wakeboarding (I like how you can get amazing scores in this game)
  10. Air Sports (I only like island flyover because you can fly around the island, collect I points, and pop balloons.)
  11. Cycling (It’s fun, but I hate how you can run out of breath easily)
  12. Golf (I only like the Wii Sports version of golf, the resort version is bad.)
  13. Frisbee (It’s kind of boring, it just had a lot of potential)
  14. Power Crusing (Never got into it)
  15. Canoeing (Okay seriously, how the f*** is that a sport?!)

Wii Music Miis ranking: From favorite to least favorite.

  1. Naoko (She looks very cute! Reminds me of Miyu. Very underrated!)
  2. Naz (He looks like he could be a brother of Sakura. He looks really cheerful)
  3. Marsha (I like how she resembles Lucía, she looks very nice and cute.)
  4. Donna (She’s a well designed Mii, she reminds me of Courtney from Total Drama.)
  5. Ross (Looks like Saburo’s little son, he looks quite like him, except he’s young)
  6. John (Basically Ryan with a trim at a hair salon)
  7. Mia (Kinda forgettable and weird looking)
  8. Don (I don’t like how he resembles Michael.)
  9. Suzanne (Same reason as Michael, but she resembles Kathrin)
  10. Cory (I used to like him because how he resembles Nick, but a user named “Cory from wii music” really made me DESPISE him. That user posts injured Miis for no reason, he also posts people’s artwork on random articles and doesn’t usually give credit, but the worst case is...........the Lewd art of Lucía and Abby he posted on Lucía’s page.....dear god.......I almost had to remove my eyeballs. I cannot show you what it looks like. He also tried to get me and Dadpleaseno banned, but luckily that was avoided. That’s why he’s my most hated Wii Music Mii ever since.)

Some questions you might ask me

  • Q: What are your favorite Miis?

A: The cutest cutie Rie, the best champion Matt, and the blonde haired gal I love so much Abby!

  • Q: What are your least favorite Miis?

A: Steph, Pablo, Deliah, Matt (WSC), and Fritz

  • Q: Why do you hate Steph?

A: Everything about her is stupid! She has a face so small that I’m gonna need a magnifying glass to see it! She was an annoying Showdown boss and doesn’t deserve to be a boss! She was an annoyance in Baseball, she’s a Master Mii in Wii Party too which makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!! I wish Nintendo didn’t do the 1-5 pattern on the Miis difficulties. She is also really fat, which is a minus. I hate her so damn much!

  • Q: What did Pablo do to become your 2nd least favorite Mii of Wii Sports? It used to be Fritz.

A: First of all, I never liked Pablo to begin with, I thought he was annoying and ugly looking. But then I didn’t know what I was in for when I was facing him in Board Game Island... he kept going for 1vs3 mini games and somehow wins in most of them, despite my best attempts, he keeps getting first or second in most of the other Minigames, and worse of all, in one move he rolled a 17 which leads him the final challenge, he avoided the spike ball trap just by pure luck, and finally he managed to get a 6 in the final challenge.......ALL IN ONE F**KING MOVE!!!!! IT WAS SO UNFAIR, SO LUCKY, SO F**KING RIGGED!!!!!! *sigh* I need to calm down here... so yeah, that makes him my least favorite male Wii Sports Mii of all time! I cannot believe Abby plays Basketball with this turd on the run!

  • Q: What do you think of Poofesure?

A: I really love his videos about Wii Sports, because of his hilarious raging and bad luck in Wii Party. I actually subscribed to him. But I hate his Tomodachi Life videos because the way he makes it sounds like an adult game....never thought I say that. Besides, he never changed my opinions on every Mii he sees.

I also watch NicroVeda, it’s similar to Poofesure, but he’s actually kinda calmer and not so sex-drivin than him.

  • Q: Who do you love more? Rie, Matt, Abby, or Sakura?

A: I love them all equally!

  • Q: Who do you hate more? Steph, Pablo, Deliah, or Fritz?

A: I hate Steph and Delilah equally

  • Q: Why is Sakura your #3 most favorite Mii?

A: Unlike anyone who cannot think of a strategy to beat her, I actually had a lot of fun playing against her in Baseball. Plus, she mostly plays with Miis I love, those being Nick, Miyu, David (Wii), Pierre, Rachel, Ashley, Rin, and Greg. She’s actually a really fun challenge in Wii Party, unlike Pablo, Emily, Takumi, and Daisuke.... I’d love to see her in Black Armor in Swordplay Showdown.

  • Q: What happened to Cory? You used to like him.

A: A corrupt user named “Cory from wii music”, he was absolutely terrible to this wiki! He would randomly post random pictures of injured and bloodied Miis in random pages. (Like Víctor, Asami, Keiko, Ai, and Nelly for example) He also posted my friend’s artworks for no reason and have no credit whatsoever! The final straw was the Lucía lewd art he posted on Lucía‘s page! (I almost thought of removing my eyes out with a knife!) He also annoyed my friend Dadpleaseno so much on his social media accounts! He also tried to ban me and Dadpleaseno on IAmAwesome2’s page for “bullying”, we we’re just calling his actions out! I hope when he gets unbanned, he’ll learn his lesson! That’s why I hate Cory and why he’s my least favorite Wii Music Mii!

  • Q: Is there a Mii that you love that others despise?

A: That would be the Table Tennis lovers Lucía and Akira (Wii), I love them because of their massive improvement in WSR and Wii Party! Plus, Lucia looks cute and Akira looks cool! And Lucia looks awesome in Black Armor!

  • Q: Is there a Mii that you hate that others love?

A: Shinta and Takumi! Shinta gets loved a lot because of being a Pro in sports and because of his stupid face! Takumi also gets a lot of love because he looks “so handsome!” Swoon all you want ladies, but Takumi is a no-good jerk in Baseball, Showdown Stage 19, and Wii Party!

  • Q: Why do you love Rie so much?

A: She looks cute, and you cannot deny that! I also love how well balanced her skills are and how she’s a Pro in every sport in WSC, she’s even a Pro class beginner in 2 sports! She’s a way better Pro Class Beginner than that ugly faced David (WSC). My Mii also dates her in Tomodachi Life, and that’s what I’ve always tried to do. She even looks like she’s in my age group.

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