Hello! I am Miitopia Guy! I like everything Nintendo. I'm pretty active and add images occasionally.

My favorite pages

Favorite Miis

10. Vincezo (My childhood hero)

9. Nick (Nice Design and is the best male mii in baseball, which is my favorite sport.)

8. Takashi (I also feel bad for him because he his hated by many. He also has a unique design with the mouth and the eyes.)

7. Elisa (One of the BEST champions and looks pretty serious-looking)

6. Lucia (Looks very cute and a tough but fun challenge in table tennis.)

5. James (Always makes me think of team rocket.)

4. Shohei (Also a good challenge in some sports and looks cool.)

3. Miyu (Loved by many, very sports-girl design, and i really don't see why she is a Tennis beginner)

2. Ren (Also has a good design and really doesn't deserve to be Ranked #50 but thank goodness he is in black armor)

  1. ABBY!! Because she has the perfect name for her design, and I feel bad for her since Professure's "relationship" with her. Also, I hated Professure for making that Tomodachi Life song about their "relationship." Why isn't she a black armor!?!

Honorable Mentions: Ashley, Daisuke, Matt, Tomoko, Fumiko, Keiko, George, Gabriele, Rin, Siobhan, Tyrone, Takumi, Steve, Sarah, Stephanie

Least Favorite Miis.

10. Steph (I literally need a microscope to see her face, not to mention that she always catches that ball in Baseball.)

9.Hiroshi (When I was a starter in Swordplay, I played him. Every single time a managed to block his shot, he kept guarding. Not to mention that freaky expression.)

8. Greg (This dude's smirk always makes me mad in Return Challenge when I miss a ball. I agree with HowILoveIt, he should hit it normally.)

7. Martin (This dude looks like a psycho, he plays with Lucia in Tennis, which makes me believe that he abused her)

6. Sandra (Every time I see her face, it gives me nightmares.)

5. Rainer (This guy annoys the HECK out of me in Table Tennis. That shy expression won't change my opinion on you.)

4. Nelly (My opinion has changed on her. She is a pro in almost every sport. What makes me more mad is when she beats me, I question my skills because I just got beaten to the pulp by a 70-year-old.)

3. Eduardo (HowILoveIt is right, he does look like a mexican pedo and he is also kinda annoying as a black armor.)

2. Pablo (This dude keeps flinging himself towards me in stage 17 and always ends up taking my hearts.)

1.ANDY!!! OH YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD!! I was playing against Takashi's team when I was like 8, he kept running straight in for the dunk each time I tried to steal it! I thought he was shaming me for being so bad. Up to this day, I smack him with all my might when I see him in Showdown.

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