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Deported from Wuhu Island
  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is School Student
  • I am Male
Mark's Mii Cropped

My FABULOUS Mii, credit to Nolan (the user named, "You crab")!

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"Sorry, only the pros and champions can enter this place!"

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Funnily enough, I became a fan by watching Wii Sports Club boxing! Rie caught my eye...

Mii's that catch my eyes (for good OR bad) due to unique looks:

Takashi: I like to call him "Fish-face" (not out of malice)

Gabriele: After Unknown Channel compared him to an "alien(ugly face!)" I started affectionately (NOT ROMANTICALLY, affection is just a positive feeling for any type of growing relationship, friend or lover etc., the former in this case) calling him "The Martian". I like to see him as having a muscular build, but the way the muscles are shaped make his body look... alien.

Barbara (Wii Sports Resort): She'd make a good harlequin.

Bowen: Looks like a mix between an elderly gang boss and an 80s groovy disco man, more of the latter.

Rainer: Cool pompadour and he reminds me of a shark.

Midori: Naive school girl (cute).

Siobhán: Swirly-Girl (she's eccentric and aloof; not a reference to the American toilet prank), you come up with the inventions!

Hyun-woo: If I stated what I think he looks like, I could offend many...

João: Former Brazilian football player turned fat?

I'll emit something right now... Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor Megan. So poorly skilled and so much potential wasted. If her skill was converted to money, she'd be the polar opposite of Musa I of Mali. But at least she looks like a good cook who bakes amazing cookies.

Saburo: A Yakuza gang leader?

24 Oct: got the Bruce badge. Late Nov./Early Dec. 2019 (can't remember exact date): Got Maria's.

P.S. To see the original image of my Mii, which has another version made with different instructions, go here.

My favourite sports

  • Cycling (nice race, plus totally friendly version of many person battle royale)
  • Basketball (fan of basketball, plus this feels intense as it should IMO)
  • Baseball (WS, so many details and yet explained so clearly, this IS the sport for a semi-nerd like me!)

Let me tell you, I have few to no interest in sports where you don't encounter CPU Miis in significant role (Island Flyover does have Miguel, which sort of subtracts that from this list and frisbee has a good dog). (FROM AN EDIT ON OCTOBER 6TH 2019: Hmm... from sheer observation of the possible excitement, I declare that I like Archery, Bowling and Power Cruising more.) So Golf, Canoeing & Wakeboarding have varying degrees of my minimal appreciation. I'll make an exception for dogfighting, seems to be a tad more intriguing. The main reason I like these types of sports less are because it just feels so lonely in a bright and pretty much utopian place, which wouldn't mix in this situation. I'm not asking for it to be fixed, I just... don't like it.

3 Cutest Miis

  • Rank 3: Siobhán
  • Rank 2: Abby (Wow, a lot more people like her than I thought) (Scratch that, she now has a lot of haters. Oh, well that's mildly annoying! But! I know what to do with haters! I dab on dem haters! 😋
  • Rank 1: Rie

Abby and Rie would be considered pretty by normal people but I find them endearing...

In my dictionary...Cuteness DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL Favourite...

Least to Most favourite Miis.

Here's my least to most favourite Miis. I'M TRYING TO BE LESS BASED ON LOOKS (edit: 23/11/2019. With my ranking finished, I will admit my true intentions; those were to balance looks with other factors i.e. don't judge a person just by their face. Credit to HowILoveIt for his comments that changed my mind).  I haven't played Wii Sports and I forever will be unable to because those systems are no longer in my reach/in production, so my judgement is limited. It definitely could change if I had access to a Wii. All this is from observation.

If you have any questions on my rankings, be it for my hypocrisy, asking for explanation, clarification, expansion etc. put it on the message wall I titled "Wii Sports Resort Mii Ranking Queries". I will do my best to answer it.

WS/R Miis(Worst-Best)                                         Reasons
Cole                                                                            YOU. Don't give me that smug look, you freakin' noob. Since you and your choice to be proud suck SO BADLY, I've put you from slightly dislike ('cos I like your hair) to FULL Dislike, you sport moron.


Hayley What really screws my feelings for you is that you're effectively a noticeably boring version of James, half-n-half in skill and pretty good generally. Plus, you're really forgettable in general. I really don't know how to characterise you.
Julie Darn, you're uninteresting. Also, it seems like she has too much makeup on her (the lips' size isn't the problem). The only thing keeping you from tying with Hayley is how chuffed I am at your cycling/table tennis rank.

Goodness, you got PAMPERED! I'm really annoyed that only because you're a VETERAN (Wii Sports was debut) Pro, you got to be high in parties. In addition, your fivehead (thanks Poofesure) is so large that it's really irritating me. You're 50% sport/party-pampered, 49% unfair and 1% cool. Memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Ursula Ew! You look not daydreaming in an adorkable manner but rather planning something malicious against your best friends (HEADCANON: ONE IS HOLLY). Though I like how you remind me of an aquatic animal and you're an alright sport.
Fumiko She's extremely forgettable and does very bad; this highlights how trash she really is. But I'll tell you she's not nearly as forgettable as, say, Hayley or Julie, that's for sure.
Barbara (Sorry Celes... wait, shouldn't I NOT apologise for my opinion if I want to be cool?) Moreover, I think you're pretty bland in sport and appearance, girl, but you aren't fat, just all muscle. Tiny bit cool but not as much as your (close) sister Anna...  At least you're a good swordplay boss.

She's grown a tiny bit on me...


Pretty uninteresting, pretty pretty in a way too but at the same time...

Moreover, I really don't think she should be a master Mii (just a bit down) and her skill set is just unappealing to me.

Eduardo I'll know you as THE "faux-criminal who's been cleared of his false charges but still chose to be bad". HowILoveIt has engraved the idea of him being a pedo in my head. That's right - get out, you overly-smug nearly anti-pro! He's narrowly avoiding breaking the law but he is breaking moral law. But I'll give him credit for choosing to don black armour (but he shouldn't have been the last lanky) and for doing nice in cycling.
Eva Moving onto "Slightly dislike" we have this woman; a version of Theo I hold in higher regard, eh? Well dumbell-girl, it's people like you that I'd want to avoid because 1. You'd be too good to beat and have fun with and 2. Jock(-ette)s like that are never good for socialising in my books. WS/WP- related stuff now, you're too pampered just like him. You are cooler, I'll give you that.
Víctor Definitely not the most appealing Mii to be around. It's got NOTHING to do with how attractive I find his face/facial features (his pompadour is the coolest and makes up for it. All that's on his face is neutral). But I feel he got pampered too...
Kentaro Kentaro really needs to get in the centre of the picture if he's going to be cool to me. He's smart and he got Big Smoke's coolness (Thanks Minefa5) but he's so mediocre otherwise, unless it's table tennis (and tennis related-games are my weak spot).
Tomoko Now THIS Mii is unremarkable. Her saving grace is her appearance in Bridge Reverse and Cycling rank but LOOK at her rank elsewhere! Excuse my French... Elle est très nulle! And for a Mii like her, that's no good. She looks like she has potential but she also looks like she wasted it (and a bit too relaxed about her skill).
Keiko She's happy... She's an innocent young girl... And something... UGH! Something about her irritates me. Has to be that she's undeserving of her WP rank IMO. 'Cos... she's only there for either being average and sorta beautiful, or that her prettiness is the stereotyped type. A good Standard Mii with glasses or a Mii with more subtle prettiness (subtle = my view) could take her spot.
Takumi He looks like a nice guy but man, is he nasty. Menacing in the correct sports for someone like him, plus his hair is fine, but his play is fiendish to me. Plus, something within either his sports skill or party skill, or both those related, irks me. A dreadful lot. He has the nice guy charm but he's really causing an itch nowadays. He's becoming more horrible by the day because I dislike the growing smug I see on his face and his play looks more unfair than before.
Anna What a very rude scowl! To the people reading this, watch out for her! She's going to play hard and mean! And her prickly face aggravates you in an annoying way! But she's, like, much more cooler than everyone before too. She holds a lot of good titles and I like her a bit for it.
Sandra "Slightly Dislike"-"Neutral" border crossed! Back to the point... Eeeek. Anti-Pro: Creepy Edition! I bet you're Theo's mother, eh. Your grades are too... average, too. Megan or Ryan would've benefited from your Expert Spot as well. Notice viewers, despite the many complaints, they're all lighter because she's NEUTRAL. Her unique appearance, although it could use a slight change, makes her postively memorable. Plus, she plays it funky in table tennis.
George I really disliked him at first but ever since HowILoveIt painted a more humble background for him (a happy farmer), I've lightly mellowed out on him. I haven't completely exonerated him because he's a worse-skilled copy of Eduardo, "Master" is TOO high for me and he seems a bit malevolent but he's growing on me, 0.01% by 0.01%.

With a bit more balancing, he could be more fun to play with. He appears kinder than before too.

Rin Doll woman giving me middling heebie-jeebies! But your varied skill level is respectable and you are epic in Swordplay, be it dueling, slicing or wearing black armour.
Steph To be blunt? It's chiefly your face. Also, you have proven to be an annoyance in the sports you're a Pro in and where you wield a sword among lots of others. You're still not too freaky and I think Master suits you a lot.
Daisuke Daisuke is an exceedingly dull man. Just your Japanese average guy with glasses. However, his attempts to be more than just a nerd (through his pro skills) are truly admirable. 
Tyrone Yet another super-jock turned super-partygoer simply because he's a veteran. All 3 of you look like you could savagely pick on someone AND get away with it. On the other hand, you're a tiny bit more balanced, a bit more fun to play with and you have even cooler looks, what with that flat-top and fitting big-boy build (looks like small fat but is actually muscle).
Maria You're great Maria. You just need to get your face out there more and really push your skill, then people will notice you more.
Helen I bet that she's a real pain, especially in Tennis-related sports and Baseball. But I adore her more humble appearance compared to other veteran Pros and a humble party rank fits her. Some of the others just need it.
Marco He won the LOTTERY getting a Wii Party ranking. The little reasons I dislike him are 1. He got lucky in WP and 2. He can't get good unless its swordplay and I hate how that sport and basketball hold the most what are perceived to be in Wii Party "Dumb muscle" (low ranking). It especially applies to him somehow. But his jolliness despite his weight and low skill and his passion even when trying to be an intimidating showdown boss (Thanks HowILoveIt for the former) ---- I just don't wanna take it away from him completely. I'd like to see him Pro in at least one more sport. Every one-time needs it but especially him.
Mike He got that hip appearance going for him and a voguish title too. I'd love to play him in his Pro sports. However, he is not as exciting as the soon coming Michael...
Marisa What a face! And thanks to HowILoveIt's quirky opinion on judging Miis by their looks, I LOVE HER (I'm talking about Marisa now). But not as high as the capitals suggest, after all, I'll only know her (seriously, at first impressions, I forgot her name) otherwise as a showdown boss on a thrilling, absolutely chilling level.
Michael QUAD M! Had to, soz. Looks like your tepid best friend type of guy. He IS boring in his non-pro sports and utterly sharp in his pro sports. I like his cool demeanor and his competitive attitude in his best sports... Still, I'd exchange his rank, plus the undeserving Cole's, for a beginner black male's, because 1. New or non-iconic/veteran-pro black males get too much poop in WP and 2. Michael seems like a correct candidate for that rank.
Shinnosuke Mr. Long Name here looks way too smug for an average, uninteresting man like him, and his early exit in showdown doesn't help either. He got the smarts going for him though and his bowl cut is fitting.
Giovanna My Italian girl here is unique and plays her sports coolly, especially as a purple-armored swordswoman, but I am irked by how she, too, looks like she wasted her potential in sports. Obviously not as much as Tomoko did.
Emily Ah, I've grown a very small soft spot for this lady because although I'd be scared to face her in baseball and she really has nothing too special going for her, I appreciate her OK performance, pity her lack of standing out and she's more likeable to be around.

Yes, I see a lot of beauty in her now, and it's both physically and in personality/skill.

Susana I imagine her as Irish. She's no nonsense and is strong-arm in basketball, just didn't develop enough after one passing her rank and in showdown either... She'd've done cool to be stronger there!
Yoko She appears as mature as an angel and as calm and inspiring as a dove. She definitely knows what she's doing in sports and swordplay. Definitely meant to be one of the iconic Miis but she wasn't so much one to me... 'cause of how too obvious she's going to turn out as a player?

Like Miis Reasons
Haru Hi sweetie! This girl's the beginning of the LIKE rank, so negatives are heavily minimised here and later. I love her innocent nature and basketball and her go great together. Her appearances in tougher armours are great too but her she only got so far in memorability.
Fritz He's become really cool in comparison to my old views on him. Shown to try hard and prove himself aggressive and as ruthless as he can be. His games look fun to play and despite him looking too ruthless 'n dangerous for my own good, the one place I'm fine with him higher than 3rd in command, cycling, makes him shine like gold. SUPA CYCLA! I want to fix his S.Showdown boss fight too... too easy and the fight looks "annoying".
Silke I'll remember you mostly for the big lips but that's okay because you're coming in (becoming cool) on me now! Your carefully chosen skills stick to me and you create a great first impression in the lighthouse area in showdown! Despite you coming near last when I think of Miis, you do pretty good. You come off as a haughty but observant woman.
Shouta Big lips again? Ah well, they aren't as disgusting as Unknown Channel finds them... This Mii works for poop in tennis, which is the disgusting part for me 'cos he don't look so bayad, he makes up for it in being rather smart elsewhere. He truly has that look of a smart man, a semi-effective leader. My fav armour for him is red or black.
Naomi Yuck, a sucker. But something, some big thing in either appearance or skill or miscellaneous emergences gives her a charm... Plus the idea that she's Kathrin's sister... And 3, 2, 1 TRIPLE BIG LIPS (Had to, it's becoming charming for Miis, maybe humans too, as long as it's natural)
Shinta This good boy got spirit in him. He has got the right players on his team too, keeping the swordplay ideal supreme. The only trouble is his levels remind me of Eva and I don't want to be reminded of OP dumbell-girl. He dropped in ranking 'cos he really is losing his distinction.
Hiromi This Mii, I applied "Don't judge a book by its cover" to, appearance-wise, by a considerable amount. And it paid off! She won't hold back in swordplay and that's remarkable to me. But I wish she had it better in sports and became more present as an audience member/skydiver; that's how she'll stick to me. 
Ian Tough dude puts up a big air but can't do the alphabet when it comes to swordplay normal modes and table tennis. He's awesome as a black knight, I can say that, and he's persistent in races. His nationality is IRISH to me.
Megan Originally "Anti-Pro: Cavewoman Edition", she was going to be near down low for an atrocious show, but thanks to once again HowILoveIt's special way of viewing the Miis, I've come to prize her and her humble smile and she'll either look mediocre when you first face her or awesome when you meet her after the champ. I'd try her cookies (DynamoDerp11's idea) and my fav armour for her is purple.
Pablo Ooooooh, a supposedly nasty Spaniard, eh? I imagine him as the fattest person on the island (IAmAwesome2, you let this happen ;-).). And yet a glorious force comes from him as he performs in the sports, especially whenever he plays with a brainiac, a young lady, a strong-arm Irish, and/or a not-so-angry videogame nerd. Or when he's the party king. I can see it in him, gradually becoming a nicer person... 
Ryan It's the unfortunate lowlife who got the short end of the stick. He's kicked down enough, I'm telling you. Only reason he's not so high is because of how painful someone like him has to be anti-pro and how force-fed it is to us... His design is nice to me and he's got spark as a ref and in baseball, his top sport.

Now I feel worse for him; he's a tad higher.

Ai An all around good and likeable player. She's semi-balanced and sharp. Lovely name.
Eddy The better leader! He's not so intelligent but he's more streetwise than Shouta. His design's cool but his ranks are even more disgusting than Shouta's. Still, he makes me think of the leader who puts up an aloof facade but under that is kind and tries to protect and guide everyone the best he can.
Matt BIG BOY HERE is not such a big boy anymore... Various users have helped me see the negatives in him and he fades into the background more and more as a normal guy only known as champion twice. But I give my respect to him for training you with no sugar coating and with good efficiency and being a great swordplayer. Ever since HowILoveIt posted his blog highlighting Matt's fake boxing strategy, that's become dubious... But for now it's fine.
Misaki Very smart, very formal, very improved in the resort and a closet-load of armours. I like a sportswoman like that. I want to say she has a big flaw but it's hard finding those flaws now... I really respect a lot of the Miis and "forgettable" and "uninteresting" is becoming invalid now (which is why she's neither nor similar).
Midori Bubbly schoolgirl! She's adorable and a force to be reckoned with. However, why is Miyu not in your place in parties? I think Miyu deserves it better than you...
Alex Cool West-Indian man! Gold and red are his best armors and I like his additional prominence in Resort. But I dislike his low Pro rank (I suspect given just cos' he looks more like a lowlife) and his bad treatment by Nintendo getting him beginner! WHAT is not cool about males wearing pink at parties, Nintendo!?
Nick Adorkable boy...Such a nerd, that's why he's good at baseball (stereotypically, that's the sport nerds love the most). WHAT did Nintendo do to you? You've been thrown around hither and thither, culminating with a very short straw drawn; Standard (still not as short as Abby's)! You're Miyu's male edition, aren't you?

Anyways, I hope you don't smoke; it's easy to think you do ever since one particular artist portrayed you doing such.

Jake Epic Jake! Tough guy! I will admit, you having no eyebrows and seeming... eccentric, to say the least, under your glasses is creepy but you are a real guardian! Say, been fathering Greg well? P.S. I love when boxers duck their heads when throwing a punch (Easily noticeable with jabs) but you especially!
Ashley She's become a bit too much an intimidating woman to me but what a pleasing, powerful twist otherwise! The fifth best player in basketball seems elegant and middle-aged. Red glasses give her a homey look too. Her intimidation comes in a unique way but I don't think it means she, of all people, should be standard.

Excuse my gratuitous French...Après elle, l'adoré.

Adore Miis Reasons
Elisa What a lovable lady. Despite not matching Alice nor Barbara's skills in the slightest, she and Sarah clearly try their best in Tennis. Plus, this girl scores high in boxing! Her cool and level-headed personality got her very far in the original WS and there she was balanced with baseball well. However, she fell apart in Resort. Even her tennis sis was Pro once and does better. Still a lovable lady.
Abe Soon enough, you will hopefully come to adore this powerful, depressed (thank you once again HowILoveIt) man. OF COURSE I know he can't be Pro at it all (he might rank low in baseball or boxing, I imagine) but he's just. So. Awesome. And pitiable. Black armour is a perfect fit. TO IMPROVE: get out there more (like Maria)

It's like my eyes are continuously opened by HowILoveIt. I NEED TO TAKE MORE OWNERSHIP OF MY OPINIONS. THEY'RE MINE, NOT SHARED. BUT dodging due credit would be dishonesty...I guess I should give it.

Now that the fact that Alisha's high up in cycling is drilled into my head, I've come to sympathise with her for everything else (but not parties)...

Yoshi Old lady REALLY makes me think of the dinosaur in an adorable way. Also she REALLY wants you to know how good she is at table tennis and basketball, which is why she won't take a break. A respectable ego. But in table t., she has to be fought with before Lucía otherwise the impact isn't there.
Shohei Little nerd, come here ! :3 I imagine him as a future games developer with intense games up his sleeves. But once again, you have to find a way to see people like him MORE.
Takashi Fish-Face, you're really unique and I'm Lovin' It.
Stéphanie Her hair's gold! And her heart is gold too (just look at those skills and that cute, cordial face). And her most common armour is gold as well! Black and purple are included in the package of best armours for her.
Oscar Wut? I find nothing wrong with him. Just a once-nobody who tried to push himself in WSR and it salvaged him from the DEAD LOW. Advanced fits him.
Lucía HEADCANON: She's from the Caribbean. REALLY HYPER AND SUPER ECCENTRIC. And smol and inviting (interesting) too. Red and Purple are the best armours for her.
Luca MAH BOI, why. Did. You. Waste. Your. Potential? He would've made a great table tennis/boxing/baseball/swordplay Pro. I'm not so angry at him because he looks a bit more honest than Giovanna and Tomoko (hopefully one of the few times I'll ever have to compare Miis). Still quite the terrible one, yet charming. Strangely, it's the lowest ranking armours (green, gold) that make him look handsome.


So beautiful it's a curse... to lots of girls! He could start a decent or Pro baseball team full of girls but himself. Unlike most views of beauty, I think HE got it 80% from grooming. And isn't he great in purple armour? TO IMPROVE: Don't let yourself get smacked by table tennis balls (not for beauty reasons. What I mean by what's outside the brackets is... Move more, you lovable dingus!)

Rachel Props for letting it all out in boxing and appearing as the whippy (elastic) jock-ette sister of Jessie. NO PROPS FOR LAZY JOCK(ette)S like you! Once again another source of wasted potential despite looking intimidating and awesome. Not Pro enough, is what I'm saying. Since you are awesome, I'm putting you higher than other wasted potentials. RED+BLACK armour FTW.
Ren Ultimate Inventor, anyone? Smol and growing nicer by the day, this boy developed and is working on the vehicles of Twisted Flight. He's got the skills to back himself up (except, understandably, in tennis) and the ability to look cool in green and black armour (opposites attract - no, opposites are attractive).
Kathrin The calmer, more elegant sister of Naomi. Balanced throughout and trying well. HEADCANON: They're South-African twins.
Chris I... pity (that's going to become invalid too unless I use it sparingly) this fat smart boy. At least table tennis, basketball and S.Showdown, Volcano Reverse, knocked some sense into this guy.
Sakura A skilled small woman (<5'5" maybe?) through and through. According to the numbers. But her "Balls" in baseball are too generous in amount and she needs to get it together a bit more in fielding. Looks amazing in every armor she can wear.
Gabi Tries to be smug but it hits a wall with her exceptionally low grading. Except in swordplay, where she slightly wakes you up from Cole's horror show in showdown and if that doesn't, her duelling/slicing will. Expert, I think, is neat for her.
Rainer Rainer is so awesome! And the twist was done pretty well; he shows up looking all manly and as if a brawler but he just wants to play a mean game of table tennis, while remaining well elsewhere.
Chika She only got spanked in the party because she's the best WS/R anti-pro on average. And what a hard spanking! She'd fit the black armour, any day.
Tatsuaki A mean face and he means it, every ounce of effort he pours into sports, I mean. If he had more heart in one more sport, he'd be up there 👇(I mean far up). And why did you 'n Abby (yup, no women's bias for friendship connection) slash each other's throats? Don't worry, she's equally part of the blame too.

And... Quadruple Black!

Gwen Once of the nicest, friendliest, most amiable faces on the island, even trying to help you face your camera-shyness! And what a beating she'll provide in swordplay too!
Miguel Just like Gwen; a humble, helpful, nice person on the island, even proffering his aviation skills in air sports! His pro status as a racer was nice. TO IMPROVE: The nasty show in showdown.

BTW, you and Gwen are made and destined for one another! "Gwiguel" forever!

Almost Best Miis                                                                                                                                                                                           Reasons                                                                                                            

We're almost at the best! "Almost Best" squad HERE I COME!

She looks the part for her skills and has an appearance that holds a controlled pride. And it's so winsome!

Sarah She looks super tough and super tomboyish and it seals the deal amazingly! Day by day, I grow more comfortable with the fact she's nerfed in Resort because she already gave it her all in the original and the case isn't so bad as Elisa's.
Martin Very honest man despite having shades of a rough biker (which got him into Cycling 10th, my favourite thing about him!). He chose his armours a bit too modestly, the only sour bit of the sweet here. Expert fits him though and he traverses the biking course as slick as a gecko!
Hiromasa... It's cuckoo boy! He will screw with your head, both from design and strong points. And it's endearing albeit in a slightly creepy way.
..And Asami

Sucks to your Asami-HAR HAR, just kidding!

If there's one thing keeping Hiromasa's head from screwing all the way off, it's you! Both of you are rather comfortable and make nice showdown bosses. You both have likable skill sets too.

I guess...

IT'S A TIE! (semi-tie)


Humble bro does not know his own strength! He shows off in his play, flexes his table tennis slipper and leaves you in the dust; all while looking subconscious and wearing the most amazing sunglasses (I love his eyes still).

And putting up a jolly good show in either purple armour!?

Passed! Respect+

David This guy I love to call "Judge Bailey". With such woolly, appropriate-length hair, he is definitely a man of the law. You picked the wrong house? FOOL, he sees you guilty on the spot! The skill levels are worthy of praise and he definitely has a diverse group of people to play with in multiplayer sports, backing up the social skills he needs as a cop. In the end, though for parties? I'd move him down so when I move pink males up it won't look like too many dark-skinned males are skilled at parties.
Nelly "Please, take it easy on a poor old lady, won't you?" I SWEAR she'd say this before handing you a proper a-... butt-kicking in sports! The classic old lady and the spirit of a contemporary, you don't want to be wet behind the ears or you'd make good exercise... and that only! All armours for a rare fencer? Count me in!
Saburo This guy's a LION! The face of a thug, the manliness of the Yakuza, all he promises in sports is PAIN. He snaps you good and snaps you well! And for living up to his appearance nearly all the time whilst remaining a respectable opponent, you get to be around the top!
Vincenzo He may have flubbed up at swordplay and WP but I still love him because he helped many a Cycling player out to infinity! He looks and does awesome as a table tennis player and he works it hard in purple thin armour and black armour!
Mia That ponytail's awesome (I'm gaining esteem for George's too), she has a crazy personality that livens the island and I really like her semi-balanced skill sets, mostly for basketball, table tennis and cycling (That racer spirit's deep within). She's splendid as a purple-wearing (either armour) swordswoman and as the final green swordswoman. Maybe... beauty bias (from taking care of herself)?
Siobhán You're so wonderfully unique, Irish Swirly-Girl! I hope the viewers know that that's not the toilet prank. Come here cutie ❤️️ (platonic). THIS is a righteous "prodigy little kid", not Xiaojian. Siob is skilled quite carefully while being effective and super energetic! What a phenomenal performance! Siob has the perk of being truly nice in all armours.


This is the BEST-performing pink Mii. Not even Tommy nor Patrick could beat him at tennis nor swordplay I bet (and he has to be holding back in basketball, the only reason he doesn't top Tommy). 3 prodigious privileges. 1. Amazing improvement in Resort, 2. Looking like a shy, adorkable gentleman and 3. Looking wonderful in all armours.
Jessie I dunno, I imagine her as competing with her sister Rachel for best sportswoman. What can I say? Jessie's more humble, more pushing herself in Resort and she has terrific taste for basketball. She beats the Pink(wo)man. P.S. I imagine her as a great cook.
Hiroshi Oh sad man. Why has Nintendo gotta beat ya up? You don't deserve the crud everyone gives you. Being <= about 500 is a bad way to go, you clearly look ready for better in those sports! Your pompadour's cool, your shades grand and you're a killer in the reversed volcano and baseball!
Sota My little prefect! I associate him with Kiyotaka Ishimaru (I don't endorse Danganronpa though) and he booms out his persona in stellar fashion! He is clearly in control of the game when the ball's in his court! How does he do it!? Bold simplicity!
Akira You are a legend. Your improvement was superb, especially as the best male table t. player. Those shades are as great on you as they are on Martin too. And you got into MASTER! You should hold your head up high. You're one of the best.

Living Legends Miis                                                          Reasons


She's got an energetic face! She radiates vivacity, even if she doesn't do it good! And she improves greatly! I love her appearances in gold and purple armour too! When you face her after the champ, she knows how to move with indefatigable effort! I got the idea of her energy from a deviantart pic featuring her and Ursula knitting together (hence why they're "BF"s), with her knitting like "Close Knit". But I see it in her now! And it's awesomely, amazingly alluring!

Tommy WHAT AN IRIE BOY! :-D. I like to think he's the only nice guy on his basketball team and just wants to play a zealous game with a zealous one! He's skilled, handsome (POMPADOUR!), gregarious and CAN be construed as balanced if we imagine his WS skills (i.e. lower skill marks). He's amazeballs in every colour of armour! Trust me, my opinion WOULD change if I actually faced him, mainly in basketball, but like I said, this part is "LEAST INFLUENCED BY OTHER USERS/SOURCES!", so for now, I SO ADORE HIM. 

Y'know Abby, before, your profile here was one coming from an immature platonic tsundere. I didn't want to admit I loved you platonically because most people just find you neutral and/or overrated and I wanted to blend in, not treat you like an overrated pop star and be seen as a puerile fanboy. But... I've decided... I do love you so much (still plat. plus under control this time). No more facades. (Stop making her a thot Poofesure. That's what she's not. -_-;)

Despite you slashing Tatsuaki's throat in Friendship Connection and sucking at tennis, there is still so much to adore about you.

From your astounding amelioration in the resort to your frisky face when its happy (almost any emotion really) to your high-note ending with awesome armor in your final showdown level to the people you play sports with showing your swell taste (friendship-wise) to how clearly social you really are rather than how Wii Party puts you & you doing anything for your bruvver Nick to be higher than your current ranking. Your bewitching, adorable, sweet, pure looks are a bonus too.

Winsome noble young lady... great darling. I have a life in the real world and it can't be with an A.I.. Your flaws are clear too. But I and my revering opinion are ready to stand by your side this time. I truly hold you dear . (≧◡≦) ♡


Formidable Frenchman! Rudely reclusive yet self-effacing, this gentleman has visible flaws that add to his character rather than subtract. His awesomeness is not OP but a challenge, as well. He's smart in baseball, brutal in boxing, duplicitous in basketball, unyielding in stance and force in swordplay et trop vite au cyclisme (c'est génial). He's immersed in the French culture and spirit and he's so lovable for it. No way is he going below Advanced if I could change WP rankings.



This guy, despite looking like a poor man living on the shore, has to be the smartest pink-lover who currently resides in Wuhu Island. He may be grumpy but he knows the truth, and is deadly close to solving the pink-male Wii Party crisis. 

Now for sports. He's got the adroitness in most sports (though he does seem to be the type of guy dropping in basketball skill) and, like Tommy, can be seen as balanced in Wii Sports sports. I imagine him as a baseball fan; therefore, a pro in baseball. Any armour, even those he refuses to wear, could fit him. For a change in WP rankings, he'd go to expert, that's irrefutable. JUST AWESOMENESS UNCREDITED. WHY!?

Miyu Moe! HOWILOVEIT!!!?!!!??? She. Deservedbetterdeservedbetterdeservedbetterdeservedbetter. She's good at baseball but that's all (not counting her epic appearance in black armour). Little girl hasn't got enough attention nor TLC. Help her out, for crying out loud, her eyes are tired! If nobody else will, I WILL! Why she's mercied and not Cole? HUMILITY HAS BEEN BY MY SIDE SINCE DAY ONE! ٩(◕‿◕)۶ (o^ ^o)ノ

He's muscular, he's big and he's complacent. He's a good man! If anyone could become a protagonist's (friendly, maybe?) rival, it's this guy. To be truthful, I don't see him as wasted potential like Giovanna and Tomoko simply because he looks crazy and I love it so much. By rival I mean take one large step in improvement and face the protagonist at higher levels. He makes me think of a boxer from an obscure game "Frank Bruno's Boxing" called 'Antipodean Andy'; that dude's tough and so Andy could join the top ranks in boxing if he was like him (see Amstrad or ZX spectrum to see what Antipodean Andy looks the best like). I really appreciate his step-up in the second half of showdown and purple/red looks good on him, anyday.

So what does my opinion of him stem from in a summary? Looks "Chaotic good", has potential still and is awesome in his high points.


Everyone, you may have noticed how so many of my highest-ranking Miis are Beginner or Standard in Wii Party. I have 9 of them in a row in "Almost best". Why, you may ask? They're all sterling players otherwise. The majority of them, they have diverse looks (not counting certain things like the pink-male crisis or the glasses crisis in standard) that are really lovable, they have meritorious skill levels (whether balanced, impressive, or not wasted potential), their personalities really shine through, and back to the second point, a lot of them are only low-ranking because their CLEARLY HIGH, SUPERHERO SKILLS AREN'T "VETERAN", WHY NINTENDO WHY!? THESE CHARACTERS ARE CLEARLY FIT FOR SOMETHING BETTER, YET YOU PUT THE MAJORITY OF THEM LOW! MIX'EM UP, E.G. BOTH UNMEMORABLE AND LEGENDARY SPORTSPEOPLE TOGETHER IN MASTER, YOU FEEL ME!? (‡▼益▼)


Gabriele, Gabriele, Gabriele. You are such a sublime, lovely man. An enigma. A lovely enigma. This Italian born in Mexico is clearly the alien of the resort, yet despite his estrangement in most mainstream sports, he is glows in cycling, basketball AND swordplay showdown. The volcano fits him more than Matt. His looks are a gift, not a curse. His epic, mystic ways defy all bounds. My respect for him has grown to the top. You deserve the best, mio amico, mi amigo.  \(^ヮ^)/ It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for.

I don't hate any miis, the lowest belt is "dislike" of TheShinyLucarioMaster's tier list. Credit to him. Credit to all the users and all the sources who influenced my views. Credit to Nintendo. :D.

If I ever make a ranking for WSC Miis, it will prolly be on a blog post so this page doesn't lag too much.

Yup. It's going to be on a blog post. It'll come soon. EDIT, 19/12/2019: M'kay, maybe not so soon. But better late than never, eh? It'll come before January of 2020 ends.

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