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Hello, username

Welcome to my profile! (^o^)/

Hello there, I used to be called "Flow," but not any more, because it was getting irritating, so I now go by Tasha, MaiLightApple, or just Ilka.

Facts for no reason lel

  • So, first off, Ilka is NOT a cheater.
  • Hey, did I forget to mention my sick obsession with Patricia and Shu-Hui? (Plus, Ilka, I kin her AAAAAA-)
  • Lucia is better than Wii Daisuke, and Jake.
  • My friend is obsessed with Lalala and Lololo from Kirby, for some reason.
  • Matt's not a god, he's a False God. (Batman vs Superman, anyone?)
  • Olga might become my next favourite, since Patty already overthrew Rachel-
  • Nvm, she already did.
  • Why am I depressed sometimes?
  • I feel positive instead of angry when playing against Miis, idk why. (Except when it comes to Martin, Xixi, or Dylan... Literally, screw them)

Questions one may ask:

Q. Who are your most favourite miis?

A. Shinnosuke, Ilka, and Chika.

Honourable mentions: Claudia, Olga, Keiko, Patricia, Hiromi (WSR), Shu-Hui, Hiroshi, Elena, Jianjun, Hiromasa, Se-young, Takashi, Jessie, Enrique, Miyu, Sophia, Marit, Kathrin, Faustine, Fumiko, Helen, and Julie.

Q. Who are your least favourite miis?

A. Matt (Wii), Barbara, and Sakura...

Terrible mentions: Xixi, Jake, Bruce, David (WS), Hiromi (WSC), Hayley, Alice, Daisuke (Wii), Mi-sun, Eduardo (WSR), Marie, and Ricardo, Takumi, Abby, Elisa, Dylan, Ji-hoon, and Matt (WS)

Q. Any miis you think that are underrated?

A. Olga, Shinnosuke, Xiaojian, Marit, Joost, Delilah, Ilka, Shu-Hui, Sophia, Jessie, Takashi, Rui-Lin, Miyu, Hiroshi, Kathrin, Helen, Gwen, Julie, Marisa, Pierre, Rainer, Sarah, Stéphanie, Xue-Ren, Léonie, Pavel, Naomi, Na-Rae, Steph, Tomoko, Barbara (WSR), Lucía, Nelly, and Hiromi (WSR)

Q. Any miis you think are overrated?

A. Matt (WS), Anna (WS), Eduardo (WSR), Barbara (WSC), Abby, Rin, Rachel, Cheng-Han, Marie, Sakura, Alice, David (WS), Takumi, Zi-Kai, Anne (Like), Midori, Xixi, and Se-young (Like)

Q. Do you have any ships?

A. *flushed* I-I do....

Ilka x Shinnosuke (Two of the best miis, I guess)

Xiaojian x Olga (They seem perfect for each other, idk why)

Joana x Ivo (Elderly couples are wholesome, ya know)

Barbara (WSC) x Xixi (You know why....)

SiMO x Hiromasa (Big teeth ppl, everyone!)

Xue-Ren x Xiuping (I imagine them as Shinnosuke, Keiko, Xiao-Tong, Sho, and Xiaojian's parents)

Anna (WSC) x Carlo (I also imagine them as Anne, Pedro, Maria (WSC), Sophia, and Marit's parents)

Holly x Gabriele (Looks like a rich couple)

Chika x Greg (I think Nickolas for this one lol)

Eduardo (WSR) x Marie (Entitled couple) (Help I ship her with Cole too idek anymore now)

Ross x Na-Rae (I should also thank Kodi for this one too :3)

Enrique x Cristina (Latino couple ;) also, I imagine them as Sara's parents too)

Q. Who do you love more? Shinnosuke or Ilka?

A. Both, because they're actually me HEHEHEHEHE-

Q. Who do you hate more? Sakura or Barbara?

A. Sakura is just obnoxious in Wii Party, while Barb is just... tedious in in Baseball, but of course Wii Party U... so idk, I don't have any patience for them what so ever.

Q. Will any other Miis overthrow Shinnosuke or Ilka as your all-time favourites?

A. Not too sure, I mean, Anne was my all-time fave for WSC, but then changed to Patricia, and now Ilka, so who knows? And for Shinno? I don't think so *wink wink*

Q. Will any other Miis overthrow Sakura or Barbara as your least favourites?

A. They have taken over Jake, Bruce, and Xixi's, but it'll probably stay, because, like I said, I don't have any patience for either of them.

Q. Do you take requests, since you draw?

A. No, but very rarely.

Q. What are your goals for 2021?

A. Tbh idk, make this year better than the last I guess?

Q. What was your first contribution?

A. Dunno, but I'm pretty sure my first comment was on Pedro's page; hint, it was about a Peppa Pig joke.

Q. Who are your most favourite and least favourite Youtubers?

A. Xavier Fernandez, NicroVeda, and Poof, I don't have a least fave.

Least Fave to Most Fave (Wii)


100. Matt - Too freaking overpowered, even pathetically annoying in Baseball too, catching WAYYYY too many balls like the runt he is. And also, Wii Party was a freaking roller coaster ride too... and I THOUGHT Haru would be close to being my least fave... MATT'S JUST RUINED HIS CHANCES NOT TO!

99. Sakura - Oh, Sakura... can you just stop being an annoyance? Actually, stop being in the game. You're too lucky, and WAYYYYY too much when it comes to freaking Wii Party... Like, stop being so annoying in Basketball too! I can't take it anymore! And the amount of love you get? IT'S TOO MUCH! You just made me absolutely hate you... great for freaking you! AND THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU CAUSED ALL THIS FREAKING PAIN TO ME, SAKURA! GREAT FOR YOU!

98. Jake (FORMER LEAST FAV) - THE BIGGEST RUNT ON TABLE TENNIS, TOO CREEPY FOR ME WITHOUT THOSE EYEBROWS, TOO! You're even so annoying in Tennis, too! If only you wouldn't knock it off in freaking... TABLE TENNIS! LIKE DAISUKE! SCREW YOU, JAKE!

Detest (Wii)

97. David - Quit being a brick wall in Basketball, and a lucky rat in Wii Party, please and thank you.

96. Yoshi - If it weren't for Basketball, then I would've liked you, but nope, nope my friend.

95. Hayley (FORMER LEAST FAV) - She can be the biggest troll in Waterfall Reverse, and she isn't fun at ALL in Boxing, not even Wii Party!

94. Michael - Freaking baby face over here being the most tedious thing in Swap Meet AND Globe Trot, like, THIS KID MUST ALSO HAVE THE FREAKING BRAINS IN MINIGAMES, LIKE, STOP BEING SO FREAKING LUCKY, MICHAEL!

93. Anna - Absolutely annoying, and tedious in Wii Party, and yet, even if you're a Basketball beginner, you have ALL the brains to block! And don't get me even started with FREAKING TABLE TENNIS! YOU WERE JUST LIKE JAKE AND DAISUKE! GREAT FOR YOU, ANNA! YOU ARE SUCH A BRAT!

92. Midori - Ok.... HOW LUCKY CAN THIS GIRL EVEN GET? HER BRAIN MUST HAVE 1000IQ TO WIN LUCKY LAUNCH EVERY SINGLE TIME! And on that note... used to like you, but Wii Party and Basketball decided that I absolutely hate you now... go, freaking, figure, Midori...

91. Eduardo - I will never be able to trust a face with that... that smug arrogant look.... to make it worse in Wii Party.

90. Takumi - Yea... nope, what a menace in Wii Party, I hope the bomb Alisha gave you explodes in your hand aswell.

89. Abby - Managed to be COMPLETELY ruined by the fact she cheats in Wii Party, and... THROWS ME BACK NON-STOP! WOW! THANKS ABBY!

88. Luca - If it weren't for Wii Party, maybe I would've liked you... but nope! Almost as big as a huge annoyance, almost up to par with Anna too! And if it WEREN'T for Baseball either...

87. Shinta - I hate your guts, and I hate how tedious and lucky you are in Wii Party, one of the worst bosses too.

86. Kentaro - Can you not have a freaking magnet in your baseball glove for once, please? And can you stop being a total nuisance in Wii Party?

85. Elisa - Not interesting at all, and literally wastes my time in Baseball, yea, you heard me, Ms.IHitTheBallOut.

Loathe (Wii)

84. Rachel - Ruined, and also... Wii Party AND Baseball...

83. Tommy - What's with your chin, dude? Also, out of your Basketball teammates, you're honestly the most annoying one... (Sorry, Minty!)

Greatly Despise (Wii)

82. Fritz - Used to like him because he was underrated, but now I'm starting to understand why he's underrated... Because he's a freaking jerk in Wii Party and in Cliff Reverse.

81. Martin - I was gonna give him a chance to actually be liked, but nope, Wii Party made him blew it, so I despise him so much now.

Despise (Wii)

80. Theo - With a huge fore head, you're outrageous in Table Tennis T_T

79. Daisuke - He was tedious in Table Tennis before, but then Wii Party made me move him up, since he didn't screw me as much.

78. Emily - Harmless??? Harmless MY BIG NOSE! SHE ABSOLUTELY HAS IT OUT FOR ME IN STRATEGY STEPS! Ok! Now I know why Emily gets so much hate!

Hate (Wii)

77. Shohei - I used to like him, but Wii Party ruined that for me uhhh.

76. Ashley - She isn't fun in Basketball, and she screws me up too much in Strategy Steps, lemme just say that.

75. Haru - She annoyed me in Baseball and Tennis before, but now, she's getting less annoying in Wii Party??? I don't know what to think anymore


73. James - Psychic in Basketball, and also annoying in Baseball.

72. Ren - You love being annoying in Baseball, don't ya?

71. Emma - I hated her once because of Boxing AND her mean look, and I loved her once too, and now I hate her again, because of freaking Basketball....

Dislike (Wii)

70. Mike - He kept catching the ball in Baseball, I used to hate him so much for it, but then his design is honestly making me hate him less now.

69. Maria - I honestly don't know anymore, I'm getting used to her look now, and she isn't very bad in Wii Party nowadays.

68. Alex - Wii Party made me forgive him.

67. Oscar - Used to like you a little... but Basketball made me dislike ya.

66. Ai - I once loved her, but then hated her because of Swordplay, and now I've losing my hatred for her slowly, because she rly didn't do much ever since that game.

Slightly Dislike (Wii)

65. Cole - Eh... don't rly like how cool you look tbh...

64. Megan - You're just a loser in Wii Party, landing on every single 1v3 spot.

63. Rin - If only you weren't so lucky... u.u

Neutral (Wii)

62. Nelly - I honestly want to like her, but can you stop being a lucky menace for awhile? Thank you.

61. Gabi - She did awful in Swap Meet, and it made me feel pretty bad for her.

60. Misaki - You were annoying in Swap Meet, I guess, but not as annoying as Michael

Slightly Like (Wii)

59. Mia - She pushed me off a cliff in Cycling, dunno how to feel about it now :/

58. Steve - Basketball kinda ruined him for me...

57. Tyrone - Could've liked him more, if he gave up two more of his Black Armour in Swordplay Showdown... SMH.

Like (Wii)

56. Pablo - He was honestly a piece of cake in Basketball, except for his one teammate... Abby... But he can get annoying in Wii Party, not all the time tho, actually, he can get screwed at some points aswell.

55. Ian

54. George - He's fun in Wii Party, except I can't like him or move him up enough, since he looks like a little someone I have problems with...

53. Patrick - Used to dislike him, but Wii Party may actually give me a chance to like him now.

52. Rainer - You're cool man, but can you stop being a total nuisance in Wii Party? You have a good design, and you're actually a challenge in Basketball, but srsly, stop being lucky.

51. Sota

Adore (Wii)

50. Siobhán

49. Tatsuaki - I honestly feel so bad for him that he had to be paired with the freckled demon, and he makes a good challenge in Wii Party.

48. Ursula

47. Holly

46. Miguel

45. Andy

44. Jackie

43. Greg - I used to like him a lot, until Swap Meet made me lose love for him, so eh.

42. Gabriele

41. Barbara - Goofy look, and I like it :)

40. Asami - She's so smawllll! >O<

Mildly Adore (Wii)

39. Nick

38. Abe

37. Eva

36. Naomi - She looks like Rihanna, I dunno why. Tho, she's honestly pretty fascinating.

35. Marco

34. Saburo - I have to blame Wii Party for giving Saburo beginner, just because he's not a pro in Wii Sports Resort.... his cool design would fit in expert too.

33. Sandra - Happy crazy, dunno what else to say.

32. Akira - Don't be like Kentaro, Luca, or Matt in baseball....

31. Shouta

30. Silke - My girl look like Lady Gaga over here, and she's also one of those Miis who aren't annoying to me in Baseball either.

29. Eddy

28. Lucía - A big challenge in Table Tennis, and I can honestly take any challenge, If I try to work hard on it more...

27. Ryan - Man, you deserve better.

26. Steph - Another underrated Mii who didn't do much to make me suffer, thank you, Steph, I love your goofy look aswell.

25. Víctor

24. Tomoko - She was getting on my nerves in Table Tennis, so I hated her for it, and now she grew on me, and she looks fit for Bridge Reverse too.

23. Vincenzo

Adore to No End (Wii)

22. Sarah - Most underrated Tennis Champion.... you deserve better, Sarah... :(

21. Susana

20. Pierre - Fancy pants up in this game, I absolutely love his design so much-

19. Yoko

18. Giovanna - I find her cute, and I think I disliked her before, idk why, but those eyes she has made me have more interest for her.

17. Gwen

16. Marisa - Angri girl, don't upset the smol angri girl.

15. Stéphanie - Better than Emma, tbh. I know she looks goofy, but that gives me a lotta charm, like Takashi!

14. Alisha - For a girl who isn't pro in much, I'm glad she got Master.

Cannot live without (Wii)

13. Helen - Ok... she's not entitled, like, I know ya'll say "Ohhhhhh! She looks like the girl from Family Guy!!" Well, I don't even see it as much...

12. Julie - Big lips? I love em! All though... she doesn't deserve to be paired with Jake in Tennis... unlike him, she's such an angel.

11 Fumiko - I get some kind of joy from this gurl, I thought she was Spanish at first, tbh...

10. Miyu - I can't believe they paired ya with the orange lovin' monster... You deserve better than this. In fact you deserve Master more than he does.

9. Hiromasa

8. Kathrin - Imma admit it, she does kinda look like a cupcake- ALTHOUGH, she can be pretty tricky in Wii Party, but I honestly feel bad for her because she looks like Michael.

7. Hiroshi - Okay... this man has 0 skill in Tennis, yet he actually helps me out? (Unlike Abby or Chris WS)

6. Hiromi - Chubby cheeks! >:3 she deserves more love tbh.

5. Takashi - He's honestly a fun challenge, but seriously, nobody even likes this dude, and they hate him JUST because of his looks, and nothing else, that's it. The amount of hate this man gets is already up the roof.

4. Jessie - People call her a magnet, and why not Matt WS, Kentaro WS, and serveral others? She also made me feel bad for her because she wasn't doing too good in Wii Party either.

3. Keiko - Happy girl, reminds me of Shinno. Well, very lovely hair too, and I actually find her quite fun in Basketball too.

2. Chika - Angry girl >:v How could they not give her pro in a single sport? She deserves at least pro once instead of Jake... ugh....

1. Shinnosuke - Oh... this man, who gets HEAVILY tortured in Wii Party, even when he tries, he's helpful in Tennis, and his design... I... there's just something about it I like- 0.0 And just to go further with it, I honestly think he fits well with the bowl cut he has there, and he's honestly really fun in Baseball aswell!

Most Fave to Least Fave (Wii U)

Cannot live without (Wii U)

1. Ilka - She has completely surpassed Anne, because she was ruined, but now Ilka somehow made me love her even more, Advanced is not enough btw, she needs Master, because she honestly does good in Wii Party, and she's a good challenge in Boxing, and she has such a quite lovable design aswell.

2. Claudia - She looks like a cute kitty, and... she British! She seems like a wise woman though, but that is something I can actually take, a wise British cat lady... lol, didn't think I'd say those words.

3. Olga - Most ppl compare her to Miyu, but I honestly don't see it. She's awfully underrated, like Kentaro (Umm... except he made me hate him...) and yeah, she doesn't get too much attention either, the amount of hate she gets is almost up to par with Takashi too.

4. Patricia - Short queen. Short queen. Also, she plays with Ilka >:3

5. Shu-Hui - I honestly can't hate her in Baseball, cus I already love her too much, sorry ;u;

6. Elena - She reminds me of my auntie ; - ;

7. Jianjun

8. Se-young - She looks like a K-pop artist, so why not???

9. Enrique - This dude did not deserve Beginner, just for being a Baseball champion. He and Sakura should switch difficulties tbh.

10. Sophia

11. Marit - She looks like a little plushie that I would cuddle for days.

12. Faustine - She may not be liked because of Baseball, but I honestly think she's very cute, and Wii Party U makes up for it too.

Adore to No End (Wii U)

13. Donna - She cute, and I feel like almost nobody likes her, which is sad.

14. Xiaojian - This kid reminds me of Shinno, like, could even be his little bro, like who knows?

15. Xiao-Tong - Just look at this happi precious gurl.

16. Léonie

17. Joseph - Ah yes, Nintendo Dev, you're one of a kind, Joseph.

18. John - He was doing bad in Tennis once, which made me feel bad for him, so I decided to move him up.

19. Giulia - Poor girl was doing bad in Wii Party U, so I decided to mive her up.

20. Pavel - He was kinda ruined before, and I've been trying to avoid hating him because of that. On the side note, he's carefree in Tennis.

21. Bo-Jia - Kinda reminds me of Miyu, and I like Miyu.

22. Joost - S-s-s-smug boi..... He was so nice to me in Mario Kart 8 too.

23. Xue-Ren - Her goofy look made me like him more, and I don't know why.

24. Mizuho - Looks good in yellow, and can be a challenge.

25. Millie

26. Mark - He wasn't too bad in Mario Kart 8, infact, I was wondering... "what the heck was he even doing in Yoshi Valley DS???"

27. Jialan

28. Laura - There's just one detail that I like about her, and I don't know what it is.

29. Maria

Mildy Adore (Wii U)

30. Chris - Better and cuter than the OG, tbh.

31. Haruka - Doesn't look like Haru whatsoever, underrated too.

32. Pian-Pian - I honestly like her very much, but I must ask... why is she listed as "Young" and not "Child"?

33. Juliette - She looks like Léonie's daughter a bit, and they're both French, so...

34. Victor - He's so overhated that he honestly deserves better.

35. André

36. Massimo

37. Anne (FORMER FAV) - Yes, yadda yadda, ruined... Still cool tho.

38. Rui-Lin

39. Delilah

40. Clara

41. Cristina

42. Na-rae (FORMER LEAST FAV) - Oh... how I hated you just because of nothing... I only hated you because someone assumed you were grade 10* in Boxing, but you don't play Boxing anyways! So I seem to like you more now.

43. Bowen

44. Sara - If it wasn't for Wii Party, then I would've liked you more, but other than that, you're good.

45. Yunyun

46. Paula - Modified/Better version of Sakura, nuff said.

47. Yuriko

48. Pedro - He looks like Marit, and I like Marit, underrated aswell, so I gotta give him some respect.

49. Yuya

Adore (Wii U)

50. Masako

51. Xiuping - Interesting, she's alright.

52. Joana - If it wasn't for Wii Party U, then I prolly would've like her more

53. Bernardo

54. Frank - Smug pop 😎

55. Araceli - Better than the Smash Sisters, don't @ me.

56. Dunbar - He looks cute, actually, he doesn't really deserve the hate either.

57. Ivo - Looks like a happy grandpa.

58. Rie - She's pretty adorable, pretty challenging in Tennis tho.

59. Barry - I mean, his design is good, but if he didn't hog enough apples or prisms, then I would've liked him more.

60. Polly

61. Anna - I don't really get bothered by her in Baseball too much, so yeah, I'd rather have dry lips over baby lips too.

62. Matt - (You're powerful and intimidating in everything else, yet you're a beginner in Boxing, fairly underrated tho, but go figure.) With how much I've been losing my patience with Wii Matt, I'll have to confess... I've been fixating over Wii U Matt in private...

63. Jin-ah

Like (Wii U)

64. Susie - Tennis made me like her again, actually.

65. Marius

66. Irina - I almost hated her, because of Baseball, but for now, she's cool.

67. Hee-joon - He's somewhat intriguing, pretty underrated too.

68. Leonel - I was fixating over him because of a little someone :>

69. William - I like his design too much, so I couldn't hesitate to move him up.

70. Adrien - He can get itsy in Baseball, but other than that, I respect him.

71. Merrick - Fun, I guess... but you look like Erick, and I hate him, and I kinda feel bad for ya because of that

Slightly Like (Wii U)

72. José - Same with William, his design doesn't bother me as much anymore.

73. Carlo - Eh, the Carlo meme doesn't get to me anymore...

Neutral (Wii U)

74. Steven - The dude hasn't gotten on my nerves for awhile, so...

75. Kentaro - Lemme just say something, I know he's hated alot and all, but he isn't fun in Wii Sports Club Baseball, ALTHOUGH, he atleast has a soft side in Wii Party U, so I'll give him that.

76. Jesús - I don't know how lucky you could get, my man, when it comes to landing on the positive spots.

77. Eduardo - I used to hate him so much, but I've been thinking about moving him up now, since he's quite fun in Wii Sports Club; although, he's not fun in Wii Party U.

78. Kaori - She's getting on my nerves in MK8, but if she continues to bother me, she's going down to Hate.

79. Alphonse - Well, I used to hate him because of Baseball and of that one Miitopia image... but he honestly grew on me ever since that.

80. David - Even if he looks like a tired dad, I'd prefer him over the original, by a landmile.

81. Daisuke - Wii Party U made me no longer dislike him, actually.

Slightly Dislike (Wii U)

82. Cheng-Han - I still see him as some creepy dude for some reason... sorry.

83. Bernd - Good design, but not a good Baseball teammate.

Dislike (Wii U)

84. Pit - Kinda boring, but is positively better than the Wii Matt.

85. Maximilian - Just as annoying in Wii Party U, but not as bad as Erick or Barb.

86. Mitsu - A lovely design is what I could say about her, but.... it doesn't make up for how boring she is in the sports.

87. Rui - Not enough for that creepy smile, tbh...

88. Kazuhiko/Kazuhiro - Ehh... kinda looks like a potato, nothing wrong with that, but he's pretty annoying in Baseball.

89. Hyun-woo - He was helping me out in Wii Party U for a little, so I guess I forgive him for that? Overall, I still don't rly like him.

Hate (Wii U)

90. Guillermo - Eyo, let's watch this man SLIDE his way to catch the baseball, like he's sliding into the freaking dms.

91. Mónica - Is there even a time where this woman isn't trying to be annoying?

Despise (Wii U)

92. Yuehua - Okay... how is Yuehua a female? They look more like a male imo, but you're also very annoying in Baseball too.... OH HOOOO!!

93. Gerald - Slightly Overpowered, bur for real, he's frustrating in Baseball and Tennis.

Greatly Despise (Wii U)

(Nobody here LOL)

Loathe (Wii U)

94. João - "Eyo, after I caught your ball, I just hit a homerun just for my bois, LOL"

95. Erick - Ok, bud, why are you so annoying in Wii Party U??? It's literally just one step to the finish, and you somehow win the freaking game... screw you, Erick.

96. Haixiang - Male Haru, and yeah, this dude's way too forgettable, but when he catches a freaking ball, I'll remember him again...

97. Skip - Ah, so you have it out for me in Baseball and Mario Kart 8 now, eh? Well guess what, Skip, screw you too.

98. Sho - Good design, but can't even make up for how tedious he is in Baseball AND freaking Mario Kart 8, popping out of nowhere.

Detest (Wii U)

99. Ji-hoon - This child is a nightmare in Baseball.

100. Jeff - Get out of Master, please, will you? Thank you.

101. Akira - This man has caused me WAY too many problems, so I've officially lost my patience with him.

102. Dylan - Please get out of Tennis and Baseball...

103. Mi-sun - Quit it with the catching and the freaking home runs already!

104. Ricardo - I hate his stupid smug look, and I hate the way he acts in Boxing.

105. Marie - Useless in Tennis, and absolutely annoying in Baseball and Wii Party U.

106. Hiromi - Disgrace to the original, and is almost as big as a magnet too.

107. Alice - Would've liked her more if she wasn't a tease in Boxing, OR Barbara's sister, her smug look is too much for me, and I absolutely hate it. And if it weren't for Wii Party U too... you wouldn't even leave Jialan alone! It's like you were freaking in love with her or smth.

108. Bruce (FORMER LEAST FAV) - You've brought treachery upon me too many times, Bruce, and you look like you bring upon treachery children too! THAT'S A MINUS!


109. Zi-Kai - Cannot stand this kid in Tennis anymore... he is obviously learning from Xixi on how to be a complete jerk at the front court... Also, does he even remain Underrated??? I see people love him more nowadays... Too stressful in Wii Party U aswell.

110. Xixi (FORMER LEAST FAV) - Creepy stare, throws too pathetically in Baseball, LIKE COME ON! THROW FASTER! OR SLOWER, LIKE IT DEPENDS! And don't even get me started on how you always get on my nerves at the front court in Tennis... when i'm about to hit it out, Xixi's like "NOPE!" And makes my darn mii confused and not try to hit the ball back, THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOU, XIXI! YOU MADE ME HATE YOU!!!!!

111. Barbara - Huge eyes... EUGH! Just as bad as Alice, BUT WORSE! IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO GO A GAME WHEN THIS WOMAN DOESN'T CATCH THE BALL 24/7??? LIKE SERIOUSLY, SHE COULD EVEN BE A MAGNET HERSELF! IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!!! Ok, and you end it all with targeting me in Balloon Boppers, and you made Faustine win a freaking game... THIS IS YOUR FAULT, AND YOU ABSOLUTELY COMPLETE ME!!!

Opinions on other miis

Wii Music

Cory - Used to like him, until he was ruined... by someone whom I don't even wanna mention.

Don - It's literally Michael, so no.

Donna - Somewhat overrated, but she's pretty intriguing.

John - Reminds me of Ryan.

Marsha - She honestly looks pretty cute, but not cute enough, though.

Mia - Unique girl is comin' in, she seems interesting.

Naoko - It's impossible to hate this girl, right?

Naz - Looks like Sakura, so nope.

Ross - Looks like the cool kid.

Suzanne - I used to hate her, but she grew on me for some reason.

Tutori - I need to ask why this man wasn't in Wii Music, they should've replaced him with Sebastin Tute at least, he seems cool.


A24 - Not rly interesting, tbh.

aki - Reminds me of Nelly, almost.

Akito - He looks like a little doll.

CHIA - She reminds me of Se-young, for some reason... so yes!

Dai8 - Not too interesting, could have a better design tho.

DoTak - Looks like Luca, so no.

FJ - Reminds me of those mini bear biscuits, and I don't know why. But he seems a bit boring tbh.

Fukuda - She also seems a bit intriguing.

fuyu - She could be aki's daughter, looks good with Red too.

GASK2 - Ripoff of Miz.

Gorin - I kinda like how goofy he looks.

GQO - You have the weirdest name-

HIRO - Looks like she stole Gabriele's identity, and Gabriele is way better than you.

Ichiro - I don't like the fact that he looks like Shinta.

Ito.y - Bad design, and annoying.

iwaco - Kinda interesting to say at least, but at the same time, not so interesting, idk why I think that.

KATO - He looks like Brock, so he's ok.

Kei - Eh.... I don't rly like how he has those lips.

koh - Not interesting to say at this point, and he's not rly fair either in Moonview Highway.

Konno - He looks cool, kinda reminds me of Tin tin for some reason.

Kony - Smug kid, I kinda like him :]

KOZ - Way too annoying, nope, get out of my freaking face.

masa - He kinda looks like a girl, and somewhat reminds me of Cheng-han, so idk about him...

Matt - boring as heck, gives me no charm, rly.

MIKI - She also reminds me of Se-young, and also Fumiko, but she isn't as intriguing though...

Misa - She also looks like Fumiko, which is a plus.

Miyam - Looks like an ape, but also Takashi, so I'll give him something IG.

Miz - Male Chika, Bottom text

mokke - Not very interesting, and a little annoying.... and now that I think about it... monke

Morimo (WGM) - He looks like a teddy bear, in a way. Like something I would cuddle with.

morimo (KPC) No... just no, boring as freak and annoying.

msk - He's alright... kinda reminds me of Harry Potter.


Please, as you may, respect my opinions on what I think about these miis! Tysm for reading!

And now... time for something pointless that I had to get out of my chest.

This image is based on my whole Situation on Tomodachi Life

See this image?


I have Tomodachi Life

I made Miis (Example: Fluffy Paw (Left), Nyan Dog (Middle), and Nyan Cat (Right) on the photo)

Nyan Cat and Nyan Dog was in love once, but broke up for no reason, I want them back together now, but Fluffy Paw had to ruin everything, she used to be a friend, but now she's a threat to Nyan Cat, and she stole her Boyfriend (Yet, I'm waiting on Fluffy Paw and Nyan Dog to break up... I bet it's gonna be the day when the world ends)

I have Resort now! And I've found a Wii Remote, which I didn't know had Wii Motion Plus inside it. It works though! I'm heppy girl :3 (Ok so uh, this is old, I've gotten it a long time ago, still pretty good with it)

My lucky Haru badge collection (DISCONTINUED)

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