aka Flow

  • I live in DE CANADA
  • My occupation is living and drawing
  • I am Female
Hello, username
Welcome to my profile! (^o^)/
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About me

Hello! I'm Flow the octopus (Am red circle, with purple hair, and yellow tenty cals)

My most favorite miis are:

And my least favorite miis are:

HNI 0098-0

Me and Nicky!


Me and Rachel!


Me with Yosan and Zeena! (My miis)

Please, as you may, respect my opinions on what I think about these miis! Tysm for reading!

WhotookHNI 0057

This image is based on my whole Situation on Tomodachi Life

See this image?


I have Tomodachi Life

I made Miis (Example: Fluffy Paw (Left), Nyan Dog (Middle), and Nyan Cat (Right) on the photo)

Nyan Cat and Nyan Dog was in love once, but broke up for no reason, I want them back together now, but Fluffy Paw had to ruin everything, she used to be a friend, but now she's a threat to Nyan Cat, and she stole her Boyfriend (Yet, I'm waiting on Fluffy Paw and Nyan Dog to break up... I bet it's gonna be the day when the world ends)

I have Resort now! And I've found a Wii Remote, which I didn't know had Wii Motion Plus inside it. It works though! I'm heppy girl :3

And also, here's my QR code for my mii if you wanna use it. 


My QR Code

Facts for no reason lel

  • I'm not afraid to say it, but Mizuho is overrated
  • Hey, did I forget to mention my sick obsession with Patricia and Shu-Hui?
  • Lucia is better than Wii Daisuke
  • My friend is obsessed with Lalala and Lololo from Kirby, for some reason
  • Nvm that last part
  • Matt's not a god, he's a False God. (Batman vs Superman, anyone?)

My lucky Haru badge collection

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