aka ģяεεиγоςнı

Wuhu Island Resident Champion
  • I live in United States
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Super Mario Sunshine speedrunning
  • I am a person maaaan, person man, hit on the head with a frying pan.

At some point I'm gonna make a tier list with all of the gen 1 cpu Miis, but for now, I'm just gonna list some of my favorites.

My favorite CPU miis from gen 1!












My thoughts on all the sports in WSR

Swordplay: My absolute favorite! By FAR! Especially showdown, I could play that all day!

Wakeboarding: Got pretty good at the beginner level. Nice sport to play every so often!

Frisbee: Fun to play every once and a while.

Archery: Never really got into it, still really fun though!

Basketball: Fun, but it can be pretty intense.

Table Tennis: Once I learned about 11 point matches, I never looked back. On top of it being soooo satisfying destroying Lucía! Return challenge is a nice change of pace as well!

Golf: Meh, pretty boring imo

Bowling: I was one of those people that abused the gutter guard trick in 100 pin. Getting to max level in  10 pin was a nice challenge.

Power Cruising: Meh, never got into it. Didn't really hold my attention.

Canoeing: Oh god please no... Never again...

Cycling: Really fun time! Gets me pretty sweaty sometimes lol

Skydiving: Meh.

Island Flyover: Getting all the I points was really fun... until I only had one more. Then white balloons... Then I was just mindlessly looking around.

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(WR) = World Record, VR = Versus Rating, BR = Battle Rating

Title ģяεεиγоςнı
Gender Male
Favorite Color Green
Level Tennis (WSC): Level ★10

Tennis (WS): 2399

My Skills

Wii Sports

Tennis: 2399 (PRO) (WR)

Baseball: 2230 (PRO)

Bowling: 2213 (PRO) (WR)

Golf: 722

Boxing: 3124 (PRO) (WR)

Training (Wii Sports)


Hitting Home runs: 10 home runs (5554 ft)

Swing Control: 60 points

Wii Sports Bowling Power Throws Perfect 890

Wii Sports Bowling Power Throws Perfect 890

Batting Practice: 30 hits (WR)


Picking Up Spares: 20 Stages (Misses: ???)

Power Throws: 890 points (WR)

Spin Control: 20 stages (Misses: 0)


Putting: 10 points

Hitting the Green: 136.2 ft

Target Practice: 600 points


Returning Balls: 233 points

Timing Your Swing: 61 points

Target Practice: 91 points


Working the Bag: 44 points

Dodging: 99 points

Throwing Punches: ??? points

Wii Sports Resort

Swordplay Duel: 2500 (SUPER STAR) (WR)

Swordplay Speed Slice: 2500 (SUPER STAR) (WR)

Swordplay Showdown: 2500 (SUPER STAR) (WR)

Wakeboarding: 2063 (SUPER STAR)

Table Tennis: 2500 (SUPER STAR) (WR)

Return Challenge: 2500 (SUPER STAR) (WR) Record: 999 Pts. (WR)

Archery: 606

Basketball: 1700+ (PRO)

Bowling: 10 Pin Game: 2500 (SUPER STAR) (WR) Record: 300 (WR)

Bowling: 100 Pin Game: 2500 (SUPER STAR) (WR) Record: 3000 (WR)

Wii Sports Club

Tennis: Level ★10 (WR)

Baseball: Level ★3

Boxing: Level ★9

Bowling: Level ★2

Golf: Level 1 (I don't play golf)

Wii Party U

Close Knit: 356 in (WR)

Safe Landings: 0.00 seconds (WR)

Super Snow Sliders: 84 yd

Cliff Riders: 100 yd (WR)

Ice Spinners: 49 (WR)

Mii Vaulters: 204 yd 

Twisted Flight: 65 yd

Super Mario Sunshine

Speedrun Times:

Any%: 1:29:57

Ricco Harbor: 8:57

Noki Bay: 10:22

Coin Counts:

Pinna Park: 999 coins (WR)

Sirena Beach: 114 coins

Noki Bay: 151 coins

Pianta Village: 147 coins

Delfino Plaza: 999 coins (WR)

Mario Kart 7

Rank: 3 stars (WR)

VR: 12509

Wins: 6424

Losses: 3983

Coins Collected: 32188

Best Time Trial: GCN Daisy Cruiser 01:19.373

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

VR: 5150

Coins Collected: 50039

Best Time Trial: GCN Sherbet Land (200cc): 01:20.273

Super Mario 3D Land

Rank: 5 Glittering Stars (WR)

Star Medals: 360

Lives: 1110 (WR)

Lives Lost: 16

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Total Stars: 242 (WR)

Total Star Bits: 19998 (WR)

Total Coins: Around 2830

Lives Lost: 602

Streetpass Mii Plaza

Streetpass Tags: 2219

Plaza Population: 2987

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