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Deported from Wuhu Island
  • I live in U.S.A.
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Before we get into my profile I want to mention that I have a Toad Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus inside.

Okay. Now you can start reading. I have NO idea why I pointed that out, but... whatever.


Here's my tier list ranking all the Miis from the Wii.


Here's my tier list ranking all the Miis from the Wii U.


None at the moment.

About My Main Mii

Darrian (pronounced "DARE-ree-in") is KingFire4IcePowerAAA's user Mii that plays in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports Club, Wii Party, and Wii Party U.

HAA 0060-0
Title Darrian
Gender Male
Favorite Color Royal Blue
Level Tennis (WS): 1313 (PRO)

Baseball (WS): 1145 (PRO)

Bowling (WS): 803

Golf (WS): 1061 (PRO)

Boxing (WS): 1588 (PRO)

Swordplay (Duel): 2210 (SUPERSTAR)

Swordplay (Speed Slice): 2500 (SUPERSTAR)

Swordplay (Showdown): 2500 (SUPERSTAR)

Wakeboarding: 1266 (PRO)

Frisbee® (Frisbee Dog): 1055 (PRO)

Frisbee® (Frisbee Golf): 1161 (PRO)

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Darrian is good with a skill level of 1313, putting him in Pro Class.

His skill level in Baseball is pretty good, 1145 as his skill level.

In Bowling, he is also pretty good with a skill level of 803, and a score of 175 as the best score.

In Beginner Golf, he has a high score of -2. In Intermediate Golf, his high score is -1. However, in Expert Golf, he has a high score of +1. He does so much better in a 9-Hole Game, as he has a high score of -5. Overall, his skill level in Golf is 1061, making him a Pro.

Finally, in Boxing, he has a skill level of 1588.

Wii Sports Resort

Darrian is a Superstar in Swordplay Duel with 2250 as his skill level. He has the stamps Cliff-hanger, Straight to the Point, Met Your Match, One-Hit Wonder, and Last Mii Standing. In Speed Slice, he has a skill level of 2500, putting him in Superstar Class. He has every single stamp in that mode including Slice and Dice, Slicing Machine, Psychic Slice, Double Time, and A Cut Above. He is also in Superstar Class in Showdown, 2500 skill level to be exact. He has beaten every single stage. He has the stamps Not a Scratch, Sword Fighter, Perfect 10, Swordmaster, and Untouchable.

In Wakeboarding, in Beginner Difficulty, his best score is 2844 points. In Intermediate, his best is 1674 points. In Expert, he has a best score of 1087 points. He has a skill level of 1266 overall, which puts him in Pro Class. He has all stamps except for one, but the stamps he does have are Huge Air, Bag of Tricks, Smooth Landing, and Master Carver.

In Frisbee®, he mainly uses manual as his throwing style, but sometimes uses automatic if he is struggling. His skill level in Frisbee Dog is 1055. He has a best score of 1160 points. The stamps he has are Good Dog and Balloon Animal. In Frisbee Golf, in Three Holes, he doesn't have a high score in Resort B, Resort C, Classic B, and Classic C. In Nine Holes, he doesn't have a high score in Classic. He also doesn't have a high score in Eighteen Holes. He has a high score of -1 in Resort A, a high score of -3 in Classic A, a high score of -3 in Special, and a high score of -9 in Resort. Overall, he is great with a skill level of 1161. The stamps he has are Under Par, Lucky Skip, On a Roll, and Hole in One.

Archery is a sport Darrian is good at though. He has a high score of 111 points in Beginner, a high score of 102 points in Intermediate, and a high score of 78 points in Expert. Overall, he is in Pro Class, with 1152 being his skill level. He has four stamps. These stamps are Bull Stampede, Sure Shot, Century Shot, and A Secret to Everybody.

In Basketball 3-Point Contest, his best is 24 points. He has a skill level of 933. The stamps he has are Hot Streak, Bonus Plumber, and Quick Draw. In Pickup Game, his skill level is 1657, putting him in Pro Class. The stamps he has are Triple Dip, Rim Rattler, Lights Out, Buzzer Beater, and Hoop Hero.

In Table Tennis Match, he is in Superstar Class, with 2500 as his skill level. He has all of the stamps in that mode, which includes In Your Face, Back From the Brink, Epic Rally, Perfectly Matched, and Table Titan. In Return Challenge, his skill level is only 726, but has a record of 369 points. The stamps he has are 50-pointer, 100-pointer, 200-pointer, and Recycler.

In Golf, in Three Holes, he doesn't have a high score in Resort A, Resort B, Resort C, Classic A, and Classic B. In Nine Holes, he doesn't have a high score in Classic. In Classic C, he has a high score of -1. In Special, he has a high score of +-0. In Resort, he has a high score of +-0. Finally, in Eighteen Holes, he has a high score of +4. He has a skill level of 1006 overall, putting him in Pro Class. The stamps he has are Under Par, Chip In, and Hole in One.

In Bowling, he always uses manual throwing style, even when he's struggling. His skill level in Standard game is 1107, and his high score is 204. The stamps he has in that mode are Gobble Gobble, Split Spare, High Roller, and Pin Dropper. In 100 Pin Game, his skill level is 652, and his best score is 1787. The stamps he has in that mode are Super Strike, Split Spare, Off the Wall, and Secret Strike. In Spin Control, he is not good as his best is 61 and his skill level is 32. He only has one stamp, and that stamp is One for All.

Power Cruising is a sport Darrian is somewhat good at though. In Beach, he has a high score of 189.5 points, a high score of 161.0 points in Lagoon, a high score of 132.5 points in Lighthouse, a high score of 157.9 points in Marina, a high score of 168.0 points in Cavern, and a high score of 182.1 points in Shoals. He is a skill level of 1003 overall. The stamps he has are Ring Master, Power Jumper, and Leisure Cruiser.

In Canoeing, his best in Beginner Difficulty is 224.69 yards. His best in Intermediate Difficulty is 100.00 yards. He doesn't play Intermediate often. His best in Expert Difficulty is 205.00 yards. Overall, his skill level is 724. The stamps he has are Beginner License and Ducks in a Row.

In Cycling, In Around the Island, his record is 1st 2:29.11. In To The Beach, his record is 1st 2:07.28. In Across the Bridge, his record is 1st 2:15.51. In Over Talon Rock, his record is 1st 2:41.86. In Up the Volcano, his record is 1st 2:59.81. In Into Maka Wuhu, his record is 1st 3:14.63. In 3-Stage Race A, his record is 1st 6:45.39. In 3-Stage Race B, his record is 1st 8:59.44. Finally, in 6-Stage Race, his record is 1st 15:40.62. He is in Pro Class overall, having 1019 being his skill level. The stamps he has are Last Gasp, First of Many, 1-Stage Master, 3-Stage Master, and 6-Stage Master.

In Air Sports Skydiving, his record is 137 points. He has a skill level of 791. The stamps he has includes High Five, For the Birds, and Camera Shy. In Island Flyover, he has all of the (i) points found. He has got 58 (i) points at daytime, 57 (i) points at evening, and 59 (i) points at night. The first (i) point he ever found was Swaying Bridge and the last one he found was Gateway to Wuhu. The most (i) points he has collected in a single round is 22, and the most balloons he has popped in a single round is 150. The stamps he has includes Island Hopper, Pop Frenzy, and Follow That Plane, and Balloonatic.

Wii Sports Club

In Tennis, Darrian's skill is Grade ★7 and has a total of 10 stamps. The stamps he has are Smash Hitter, Forehand Master, Nail-Biter, 30-Shot Rally, Tennis Ace, Smash Return, 3K Runner, Smash Shooter, Dethroner of Champions, and Rattlesnake Reflexes.

In Bowling, he has a high score of 180 in a 10-pin game, a high score of 1,370 in a 100-pin game, his skill is Grade 5, and has a total of 6 stamps. He doesn't have a high score in Spin Control. The stamps he has are Turkey Wrangler, Split-Frame Spare, Powerhouse Strike, Pro Bowler, Secret Striker, and No Pin Standing.

In Golf, Darrian doesn't have a high score in all golf courses except for Eighteen Holes - Lakeside/Classic and Three Holes - Classic B. His high score in Lakeside/Classic is +29, but some say he purposely did bad on this hole. Though, in Classic B, he has a high score of -1. He is at Grade 2. He has three stamps. The stamps he has are Underachiever, Chip-In Wizard, and The Secret Shot.

In Baseball, his skill is Grade ★3. He has 7 stamps. The stamps he has are Home Runner, Strike Stringer, Three for All, Critical Catcher, Victory Lap, Shutout King, and Hit for the Cycle.

In Boxing, his skill is Grade ★5 and has 7 total stamps. The stamps he has are Fast-Fists KO, Uppercutter, Stone Fists, Guard Master, Opportunist, Close Call, and Straight Fight.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Darrian is a Master Mii.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, Darrian is an Master Mii.


  • His name in Japanese is Dari An (ダリアン).
  • Interestingly, his Mii on the Wii U is slightly different then his Mii on the Wii.
  • He is a Pro in every sport in Wii Sports except for Bowling.
  • According to his Mario Kart 8 Profile, he's American.


My Favorite Pages






Q: Do you ship CPU Miis with other CPU Miis?

A: Yes, I do. I currently don't have a section for CPU Miis I ship, but I will add it eventually.

Q: Who do you like more, Elisa or Olga?

A: Honestly, I don't know. I like them equally.

Q: Who do you hate more, Matt (WS) or Hiromi (WSC)?

A: Probably Matt, since not only did the memes ruin him for me heavily, but he's also extremely overrated on top of that.

Q: Is there a Mii that you like that others hate?

A: Takumi and Steph, the old friends. They get so much hate. Takumi gets a lot of hate because of swordplay showdown and baseball, and for Steph, I don't know the reasoning why people hate her so much.

Q: Is there a Mii that you hate that other like?

A: Yunyun and Rie. They are both so overrated on the wiki and on the wiki only. I'm not talking about anywhere outside the wiki. I always give rants about them often because of how overrated they are.

Starting with Yunyun, she looks so absurd and I hate it. It's the nose wrinkles combined with that unsettling glare that make her look absurd. Zi-Kai looks absurd too because of those nose wrinkles, but at least he doesn't have an unsettling glare like Yunyun's. Plus, I feel bad for him because of Kiddo. Kiddo didn't use Yunyun, so I can't feel bad for her. What is cute about this absurd looking kid?! I don't understand.

And with Rie, I never really liked her to begin with. I always thought she looked stupid. Plus, she's a million times more overrated than Yunyun! Yunyun actually gets hate on places outside the wiki like Instagram and other social media, but for Rie, NONONONONONONONONO! She gets love EVERYWHERE. I only found three negative comments about her on her page, and two of those were made by me! There was SIX comments that said stuff like "ShE's My FaVoRiTe Wii u mIi!" or anything similar to that. That's how overrated she is. She also caused me to lose a baseball game. And she's not even cute in the slightest. She just looks like a girl who has a very low IQ.

Q: Why do you think that Sarah overshadows Elisa, and not vice versa?

A: Okay, I wanted to talk about this, because I have seen a lot of comments that say "oH, sHe OvErShAdOwS sArAh!" and it honestly pisses me off, and it is not true. The reason I think that she overshadows Elisa and not the other way around is because first of all, she is ranked WAY higher than Elisa when it comes to Overall Skill Level and Total Skill Level, so that's one reason. And also because a lot more people like Sarah than Elisa, and it's not fair to me. Don't even tell me that people hate Sarah and like Elisa, because that is sick horse****. It's the other way around. She's also way better at every sport than Elisa, except for Boxing and Tennis. In fact, I might start to not like Sarah that much as I used to, because one, people like her and hate Elisa, and two, because she overshadows Elisa, AND ELISA DOES NOT OVERSHADOW SARAH!

My Opinions On The CPU Miis (WS/WSR) (Unfinished)

My opinions on the Miis based on the Miis based on my tier list. Lets get to the rankings!


1. Elisa (I've pretty much always liked Elisa since I first got Wii Sports. Her and Sarah were a good challenge in tennis. Unlike... *cough* some twin sisters *cough* they were actually *cough* kind of easy... *cough*... But anyway, I really hate that Elisa is getting a lot of hate because of Poofesure. I like Poof, but she doesn't deserve this hate. That makes me feel bad for her. Also, another reason why I feel bad for her is that she actually got worse in Wii Sports Resort, since she was not a pro in any sports, including cycling. Another reason is because people say that she is super easy in tennis, and Miis before her were more of a challenge than her and Sarah. In fact, it's SO ridiculous that people go to say that Hiroshi and Shouta were more than a challenge than her. CAN THAT BE MORE OVER EXAGGERATED?! Plus, I really like her design. Elisa will most likely always be my favorite Wii Mii.)

2. Midori (Better than Miyu. Sorry, HowILoveIt. Why do I think she's better than Miyu? I just like her design more, and she was actually a very good teammate in the pair minigames in Wii Party. She was my favorite when I was younger. I liked her so much at that time that I made a Mii that looked almost exactly like her. Though, it wasn't an attempt to make her, it was more of an "alternate" style. I used to think that she and Miyu are related, but looking at them more closely, the only similarities are the headshape, and hair, and eye color. Nothing else.)

Greatly Adore

3. Misaki (She looks like the type of girl who is very intelligent. I also imagine her as both a waitress and a maid, but that may be because of Tomodachi Life. She fits in Advanced.)

4. Abby (Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a child? Maybe I'm just crazy. She's pretty cute, nevertheless. I'm actually married to her on Luxuriate Island (My Tomodachi Life Island Name). I like her. Poofesure is not the reason I like her!)

5. Sarah (The partner of the tennis champion. Kinda sucks that she got Beginner. But her eye placement is kinda weird. I say that because her eyebrows are covering part of her eyes. In the discord server, I wanted to make a deadpan expression of a few Miis. Because of Sarah's eye placement... yeah, she looks a bit cursed. I would also like her a bit more is she didn't overshadow Elisa.)

6. Sakura (The better baseball champion in my opinion. I haven't even beaten her yet, because I kinda suck at baseball. I find it interesting that there is a song in Wii Music called "Sakura Sakura". That's a Japanese song, and Sakura is Japanese assuming by her name. Also, in her Wii Music artwork, she plays the Bells, which is part of the Japanese style. Either that's a coincidence or Nintendo purposely did it. That's pretty much what made me like her more. I like her.)

7. Stéphanie (The better dark-skinned blonde in my opinion. I really love her first appearance in purple armor. I actually played as her in Wii Party U one time, and I played longer with her more than the other CPU Miis. It was fun.)

8. George (Better than David. I kinda feel bad for him because of what happened to him because of Kiddo. Screw you, Kiddo... But anyway, he looks like an easygoing person, and he may be the second WSR male to be added to my Tomodachi Life island.)

9. Yoshi (A fun challenge in table tennis. She used to be in Adore, but she got moved up because she was one of the Miis that helped me beat Volcano Reverse without taking a hit.)


10. Chika (Funny looking. I don't really understand how she looks like a bird, though.)

11. Takumi (I know that a lot of people despise him, but I think he's kinda cool. He gave me no trouble in Castle Reverse, and I've never faced him in baseball. Another reason why he's up this high is because he was a great teammate in Balance Boat.)

12. Gabriele (I know people think that he’s ugly, but personally, I think he's funny looking. He's also a good boss.)

13. Pierre (He was very challenging in most sports, especially boxing. Apparently, there was a guy named "Kung Pierre" who caused trouble on this wiki, but I wasn't on the wiki when that happened. I do agree with HowILoveIt, it does sound like a kind of beer.)

14. Julie (Freakin' watermelon lips. But she makes it look good. People can have big lips as long as it looks good. Some Miis look awful with it.)

15. Vincenzo (If he wasn't the advice giver for cycling, he would have been much lower. Thank you, Vincenzo, for giving me advice every time I play cycling.)

16. Akira (He looks like an easygoing person. In fact, he actually is easygoing on my island on Tomodachi Life.)

17. Ryan (STOP. RYAN. ABUSE.)

18. Rachel (Better than Jessie. One reason she's this high is because I feel bad for her because of Kiddo. Once again, screw you, Kiddo.)

19. Nelly (For a Mii that looks like an old lady, she can give you a very big challenge. Kinda sucks that she got beginner difficulty, and it kinda sucks that she isn't too great at cycling.)

20. Jessie (I prefer Rachel, but Jessie is good too. She seems to get a lot of hate, and I don't understand why.)

21. Gwen (Basically the mascot of the skydiving sport. If dogfighting was a single-player sport, I guarantee you that she would be the vice-champion.)

22. Lucía (The champion of my favorite sport in Wii Sports Resort! But she kinda was a bit annoying in table tennis back when I was younger.)

23. Siobhán (I personally don't think she looks like a cat. To be honest, I always thought that she looked like a female version of Nick. This was probably the hardest name to pronounce when I as younger. I already wouldn't have known the way to pronounce it if it didn't have the accent mark, but considering it added that accent mark, it confused the absolute HECK out of me.)

24. Tomoko (There is just something about Tomoko that I seem to like, but I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the fact that she appeared as a boss? I don't know. She was slightly annoying in Bridge Reverse, so that's why she is not higher ranked.)

25. Emma (She's another dark-skinned blonde, and she's great! But the reason she is not higher up is because she kept on making us lose on Balance Boat Time Attack Expert.)


26. Haru (When I made my first tier list, she was in "OK". I thought that was a little harsh, but I didn't bother to change it back. Then she got moved up because she was a Mii that helped me beat Volcano Reverse without losing a heart. Then, she got moved up another tier. We were once dated on Tomodachi Life, but we broke up. And she's not this high because she's easy to recreate. I don't judge Miis based on how easy they are to recreate.)

27. Rin (Even though she is a little basic, she is very cute. Also a fun expert Mii to play against. Once again, she is not this high because she's easy to recreate. I don't judge Miis based on how easy they are to recreate. Is that even a valid reason to like a Mii? I don't even think it is.)

28. Miyu (Fun and cute. But she was kind of a nuisance in baseball, though. She also plays Tennis with Matt, which is a huge minus. Literally anyone could have been a better choice.)

29. Miguel (He would be the champion of dogfighting if that was a single-player sport, I guarantee you.)

30. Tyrone (This is the best teammate on Tommy's team in my opinion. But why the heck did he appear in black armor in Swordplay Showdown THREE FREAKING TIMES? I still like him, though.)

31. Eva (The second best teammate on Tommy's team. I love her black armor appearance in Stage 10. She was a bit of an annoyance when I was playing against Tommy though.)

32. Tommy (Yeah, Tommy was kind of an annoyance when I played against him in basketball, but I still like him a lot. He didn't deserve Beginner. He deserved at least Advanced.)

Miis That I Have In Tomodachi Life

These are Miis that I have in Tomodachi Life. I will update this when I add some more islanders.


Michelle (In case you don't know, that's my mom.)









Akira (WS)




Daisuke (WS)






Anna (WS)


Víctor (WS)



Kentaro (WS)




David (WS)






My Miitopia Team

My Miitopia team is full, so I won't be updating this anytime soon.

Darrian (Cat)

Michelle (Cleric)

Elisa (Pop Star)

Misaki (Chef)

Abby (Mage)

Midori (Imp)

Tyrone (Thief)

Sakura (Flower)

Takumi (Scientist)

Sarah (Princess)

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