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Some news

I am ranked 1 on the leaderboard since Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 19:56 GMT and got throned by Végégon on the 20 April 2019

Badges I want to earn, how active I am

I want to go for Alice's badge: make *000 or *500 edits on articles, which I already earned the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th(500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000), and I want to earn the 7th: 3500 and also want to earn Rachel's badge: Make 500 edits on sports articles, I was 1st to earn Eduardo's which was 100 edits on sports articles, thirdly also want to go for Maria(WSC) or/and Ivo's badge. I sadly failed to, I was at 94 days straight, I spent 3 months with all that hard work and ruined my badge. Now this will be so hard to attain it

If not able, I'll try at least to earn Bruce's Badge: contribute to this wiki every day for 60 days/2 months. I try to be active every day, but if unable, then I retry. If I do it will be very rare to have this chance

I use a cheat to earn badges: write 1 word while making edits(sneaky!). What's the point of using this cheat if you could just write normally? You earn more badge points by writing less. Just plan a sentence and then start your cheat!!!!!!!

My favorite pages

  • Hiroshi
  • Theo
  • Eduardo

my friends and enemies

My friends:

The admins, the Moderators

My enemies

All of LilCakey, Kung Pierre and Candy’s Sockpuppet families

Please follow me on:

Instagram: @jonas.abbou17(Jonathan is my real name, Jonas is my nickname)

Snapchat: @jabbou87

Mii Rankings(WII)


CHAMPION, Skill ♾) Eduardo (Please Nintendo, look what you did to that poor man, you had to demote him into an anti pro! I wish Eduardo was ranked 1 and that Nelly was ranked 80, he deserves to be a champion at everything!)

Living Legends

Skill 1488) David(He looks great and is a pro at most sports)

Skill 1472) George(Last Non-boss black armor)

Skill 1459) Shinta(16th boss and ranked 26)

Skill 1443) Hiroshi(Poor you, having skill 0 in tennis)

Addicted to

Skill 1423) Oscar (he got an 'oscar' on my ranking)

Skill 1408) Nick (the look is nearly perf)

Skill 1395) Theo(Pro at everything except Swordplay and Cycling, his 5-head)

Skill 1378) Takashi (Swordplay level 1376-1380, table tennis pro and 12th boss)

Skill 1360) Tommy(Ranked 3, looks great and is basketball champion, wears every armor color)

Skill 1351) Gabriele(Basic eyes+eyebrows, Boss of stage 10)

Obsessed with

Skill 1333) Vincenzo (Cycling Coach)

Skill 1316) Haru

Skill 1309) Ashley (So cute and adorable also is 5th best at basketball, easiest mii to make)

Skill 1288) James (Cycling referee, high improvement from WS, even if I think the hair should have been black)

Skill 1270) Pierre (Highest TSL and it was with him that I cleared Expert in Balance Boat)

Skill 1261) Naomi (She really should be a pro at almost each sport, you were so close!)

Skill 1247) Luca

Skill 1232) Andy

Skill 1216) Patrick(Ranked 4)

Skill 1197) Ren

Skill 1184) Silke(Plays on 17 teams in baseball)


Skill 1171) Helen(Pro at 5 sports out of 6)

Skill 1159) Shouta(Like that big nose, it kinda says watch those lips haha)

Skill 1142) Tatsuaki(Looks angry but is ranked over average at 37th)

Skill 1125) Miyu

Skill 1111) Mike(Extreme Canoeist)

Skill 1090) Midori(So cute)

Skill 1075) Takumi

Skill 1061) Saburo(The guy on the WS Cover)

Skill 1052) Ryan

Skill 1037) Abby(Poofesure's crush, improved since WS)

Skill 1024) Matt(Champion at 2 sports)

Skill 1005) Abe(Ranked 2)


Skill 992) Sakura(Baseball Champion)

Skill 979) Eddy

Skill 962) Sota

Skill 949) Rainer

Skill 925) Shinnosuke

Skill 918) Keiko

Skill 901) Holly

Skill 888) Yoko

Skill 871) Daisuke

Skill 851) Fritz

Skill 842) Nelly (Reminds me of a good friend, ranked 1, BUT LOOKS OLD AND UGLY ON THE OTHER HAND!!!!)

Skill 824) Elisa

Skill 808) Lucia

Skill 790) Shohei (His look is cool I just don't like when he made me lose 4 hearts in a row in solo mode)

Skill 776) Greg

Skill 767) Alex

Skill 754) Akira(High improvement from WS)

Skill 734) Hayley (NickyRulez hates her for some reason)

Skill 724) Kentaro

Skill 705) Rachel

Slightly Like

Skill 688) Ai

Skill 676) Tyrone (3rd best at basketball)

Skill 660) Jackie

Skill 649) Ian

Skill 632) Emily

Skill 616) Stéphanie

Skill 603) Hiromasa


Skill 584) Steph

Skill 568) Chris

Skill 552) Tomoko

Skill 544) Marco

Skill 520) Anna(You don't deserve to have all those titles; Cycling Champion, Swordplay Anti Champions, Boxing/Tennis Pro Beginner, 9th Boss in Showdown, plus she reminds me of one of my worst teachers!)

Skill 511) Fumiko(Sure is cute but sucks at barely everything)

Skill 496) Mia

Slight Dislike

Skill 480) Yoshi

Skill 461) Gabi

Skill 445) Susana

Skill 437) Siobhan

Skill 423) Miguel (Why is he a basketball beginner!!!!!?????)

Skill 407) Emma(I don't like that she dyed her hair)


Skill 387) Steve (I don't like those glasses/wrinkles and his face is super ugly)

Skill 377) Giovanna

Skill 355) Chika

Skill 342) Ursula (Ugh)

Skill 325) Pablo(Ugly face!!!!!!!!!)

Skill 312) Sarah(Those huge eyes)

Skill 302) Gwen (Always beats me on solo expert for some reason)


Skill 288) Michael(You don't deserve pro class in any sport dude)

Skill 272) Victor(Same as with Sarah and the accent he has on his name btw...)

Skill 256) Asami(Same as with Victor and Sarah)

Skill 240) Alisha(That tiny nose)

Skill 226) Sandra(you almost shaved your eyebrows)

Skill 213) Jake(No Eyebrows, he shaved them off!!!!!!)


Skill 191) Hiromi(Are you a girl or a boy?)

Skill 185) Martin(Not you, I don't like you, Mr Noob!)

Skill 168) Eva(WHY did we need to make that ugly girl a pro at most sports, she's super bad-looking!)

Skill 147) Misaki

Skill 132) Kathrin

Skill 124) Barbara (I prefer wii U Barbara, this one is ugly)


Skill 104) Megan(Why does she suck at everything and why is she ranked 100?)

Skill 87) Cole(You deserve rank 99)

Skill 78) Julie(Those huge watermelon lips ugh)

Skill 62) Maria(You just destroyed me on stage 50/Fruit Focus on a expert solo when I was about to get 570 pts and that I failed, all your fault you asshole!!!!!!!!!!!)

Living Nuisance

Skill 40) Marisa(THIS ALIEN LOOK!!!!!!!!!!)

Skill 32) Rin(Boring to play, Boring to look at and is so annoying!!!!)


Skill 14) Jessie(READ BELOW)

Best and Worst Mii

My Best Mii of All Times: (YOU ARE GOD TO ME)


Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 20.26.10.png


  1. He is the last mii to wear the Tall Lanky Black Armor
  2. He is the only anti-pro expert mii along with Sandra
  3. He looks very handsome even if nobody look at him well
  4. He is so ignored and if he was alive, I would have helped him become a pro at every sport
  5. He is 39th place in cycling. He lost the pro class in cycling sadly.
  6. He has 5 badges
  7. In Flycycle team, we did a record of 999m
  8. He deserves to try every armor!
  9. Only mii with those eyes!
  10. SMOKA_FIN and Awesome Gamerland beat Eduardo on Stage 50 on solo Expert. Congratulations Teemu for getting 556, if Eduardo wasn’t here you wouldn’t have got 556!
  11. He once saved me from failing expert solo mode!
  12. Reminds me of a friend named Eduardo
  13. Wears every armor color in Showdown including Black on Stage 20
  14. Expert Mii to have an improvement from WSR
  15. I think he would have done very well in WS
  16. Reminds me of David, George and James





  1. Boring to play with
  2. Annoying
  3. Too easy
  4. Boring look too
  5. Her look is too basic
  6. Looks like a tomboy....
  7. Looks kinda like an alien
  8. Those freckles!
  9. Those tiny eyes! Does she even see something?
  10. Sucks at Baseball
  11. She doesn't deserve to be a pro at anything
  12. Beginner Mii
  13. I would prefer Jessie J instead of you!
  14. They didn't make many special changes to her face

So STOP looking at me like this and get out of my life, JESSIE!

My Opinions on bosses

  1. Cole: All he does is block, he takes ages to attack...
  2. Gabi: She becomes more agressive now... but she twirls her sword
  3. Miguel: Acts like a green armor trying to dig to bedrock with his sword like in minecraft maybe
  4. Alisha: She would take 10 seconds to hit you and you will just after wait a min for her to hit 3 times
  5. Hiromasa: He doesn't focus on hitting; more on moving his sword
  6. Sarah: Once you see purple armors you start getting scared of her ahah
  7. Marco: A big fat black acting like the reds around him, don't like the design for his look
  8. Asami: (She's sooooo useless, what on earth is her goal?!) She just spends her life doing just what she feels like, just attacking so slowly and moving randomly
  9. Anna: She focuses on twirling only
  10. Gabriele: I mean he can be nicer once you start attacking but if you don't attack he makes you lose so fast... but with that speed it's a shame he doesn't defend when he's stunned.
  11. Tomoko: She isn't as fast as Gabriele... but she's just looking around and hits randomly
  12. Takashi: The fat guy with gray hair pro at swordplay... hell he's like hitting so fast only trying to hit that sword
  13. Marisa: So useless having her; forgettable firstly, second: she doesn't how how to attack
  14. Ian: He would only hit you once you try push him of a cliff, and he would also circle his sword a bit
  15. Barbara: Thought she was a boy first, but she waits for the player to take 1 deep breath to do 1 attack in 10 seconds!
  16. Shinta: He is like Gabriele, but he attacks a bit slower and favors attacking more than defeat
  17. Steph: How come Jackie and Maria are more agressive than the boss that's just not okay!
  18. Fritz: Easiest to push off a cliff. But he's the first to block when he's stunned, and he's slow
  19. Yoko: She is like Fritz but a bit faster or like Tyrone and Maria (on Stage 19)
  20. Matt: He would just attack so fast he keeps blocking and once he's stunned you get killed

My lucky badges




My stats

Wii Sports

Tennis: 804, Champion beaten

Baseball: 1155, Facing Maria to Sakura

Bowling: 995

Golf: 534

Boxing: 1183, Facing Theo and Saburo

Wii Sports Resort


Duel: 1768

Speed Slice: Around 1190, Facing Abe

Showdown: Stage 20 Clear, all 5 stamps


Dog: around 550.

Golf: Pro class at 1055


3pt Contest: 424

Match: 1622

Table Tennis:

Return Challenge: 1211

Match: 1493, facing Lucia


10-pin game: 200

100-pin game: 711

Spin control: around 315


Speed Challenge: 651


Road race: 2359, superstar class

Wii Party:

Minigame Records:

Spring Time: 20.1 seconds

Jumbo Jump: 464m

Rope Sling: 181m

Basket Bonanza: 51 shots

Space race: 19.9 seconds

Flycycle team: 905 with my favorite mii, Eduardo

Jump Rope Jam: 58

Solo Mode:

Beginner: 90

Intermediate: 140

Expert: 552 (482 and 7 hearts left, January 5 2022)


Marching Orders: about 12000

About Face: 2854

Garden Gridlock: I completed Stage 30!

Shifty Gifts: 2:49:0