• I live in The universe
  • My occupation is watching SMG4, playing Wii Sports and Mario games
  • I am an SMG4 fan
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Got my Internet privileges back :) I love the Wii Sports series!

Some news

Fall's here! I may not as active on this wiki, the wiki seems like it's pretty professional. I'll be more active on Discord though (check out my Tomodachi Life island).

I want to talk to people, so you can leave me a message on my Message Wall or on my Discord, provided that the content is at most PG-rated. I may not respond as quickly as you may like, so bear that in mind.

About Me

I am an adult who is in college, but probably will be kicked out second semester. I live in the US. My favorite video games to play are Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii (a ROM hack version of the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii), Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart 8. I do a bit of Mario modding and I have a Tomodachi Life island.

My Youtube channel is here:

Check out Everything Science Wiki! It is a wiki devoted to Science, but also history and other subjects. If we can get more decent people to add topics, that would be greatly appreciated!

Wikis for People who Want to Add Fanon Info about Wuhu Island/Poofesure Memes This is the place for all the Wuhu Island fanon and memes, not Wii Sports Wiki. If you want to add Poofesure memes to the Mii pages, go there, not here.

My Stats

Wii Sports- Wii

IAmAwesome2 at level 3124

Me in Boxing. Note: I am facing a random opponent, because I have defeated Matt.

Tennis: 2026, Pro/Superstar Class, current opponents- Elisa and Sarah. Defeated them numerous times.

Baseball: 1090, Pro Class

IAmAwesome2's Stamps in Normal Bowling WSR

My stamps in Bowling Wii Sports Resort Standard Game

IAmAwesome2's Stamps in 100-Pin Game

My stamps in Bowling: 100-Pin Game

IAmAwesome2's Stamps in Spin Control

My stamps in Bowling: Spin Control

Bowling: 930 Best: 203

Golf: 720

Boxing: 3124, Pro/Super Star Pro Class, current opponent- random. Defeated Matt twice and unlocked the Silver Gloves. (My mom doesn't let me play Boxing because she says it's too violent, but I don't care; I'm an adult!)

Wii Sports- Wii U

Note: my save data couldn't transfer to the Wii U. So I had to start all over. I also am using a different Mii, called Kate.

Tennis: 2154, Pro Class, current opponents- Elisa and Sarah. Defeated them numerous times.

Baseball: 1140, Pro Class

Bowling: 1013, Pro Class Best: 217

Golf: 390

Boxing: 3124, Pro/Super Star Pro Class, current opponent- random. Defeated Matt once and unlocked the Silver Gloves. We finally made it, bois.

Wii Sports Resort


Duel: 2500, Superstar Class, surpassed Matt, earned 5 stamps

Speed Slice: 1300, Pro Class, current opponent- Nelly, earned at least 2 stamps

Showdown: 2500, Superstar Class, at (but not completed) stage 20, earned 2 stamps

IAmAwesome2's Swordplay Stages

I haven't beaten Level 20 yet...

IAmAwesome2 in Swordplay Showdown

My skill level in Swordplay Showdown.


1688, earned 4 stamps, highscore 3083 (Beginner), 1661 (Intermediate), 1086 (Expert)


Dog- 1097, Pro Class, Highscore: 1250, earned 2 stamps

Golf- 1716, Pro Class, earned 3 stamps


2031, Superstar Class, earned 3 stamps.

  • Beginner: 117 pts
  • Intermediate: 113 pts
  • Expert: 88 pts
IAmAwesome2 in Basketball

Me in Basketball. Note: I am facing a random opponent, because I have defeated Tommy.


3-Point Contest: 886, Highscore- 22 Points, earned 3 stamps

Pickup Game: 2500, Superstar Class, surpassed Tommy, earned 4 stamps (My favorite sport to play on Wii!)

Table Tennis

Match: 2500, Superstar Class, surpassed Lucía, earned 4 stamps

Return Challenge: 2142, Superstar Class (Highscore: 538 points), earned 4 stamps.


1048, Pro Class, earned 2 stamps


Standard Game: 1339, Pro Class, earned 4 stamps, highscore 215 points

100-Pin Game: 600, earned 3 stamps, highscore 1578 points

Spin Control: 833, earned 2 stamps, highscore 154 points
IMG 2336

Me in Swordplay Duel. Note: I am facing a random opponent, because I have defeated Matt.

Power Cruising

860, earned 1 stamp


182 (I hate Canoeing because I'm bad at it)


2500, Superstar Class, earned 5 stamps

Air Sports

Skydiving- Over 600, earned about 2 stamps, highscore: 106 points

Island Flyover: Collected all 80 iPoints, earned 3 stamps
IAmAwesome2 in Table Tennis-0

Me in Table Tennis. Note: I am facing a random opponent, because I have defeated Lucía.

Wii Sports Club

Tennis: Level ★4

Baseball: Level ★1

Bowling: Level 8 Best: 227

Golf: Level 1

Boxing: Level ★2


  • I have never heard of Wii Sports Club prior to visiting this wiki for the first time.
  • I first got WSC in April of 2020.
  • I have defeated Elisa and Sarah in Tennis numerous times (at least 21, and then some more).
  • I have defeated Matt in Boxing 4 times.
  • I have defeated Tommy in Basketball at least 16 times.
  • I have defeated Lucia in Table Tennis five times.
  • I have defeated Matt in Swordplay Duel four times.
  • Haru was the last Mii I faced before I "maxed out" in Swordplay Duel.
  • Michael was the last Mii I faced before I "maxed out" in Boxing.
  • I have not defeated Sakura's team in Baseball and Matt in Speed Slice.
  • My brother's second main Mii (Jay) looks almost just like Poofesure's own Mii (Kienan). The only difference is that Jay's hair color is brown. Note: my brother does not know who Poofesure is.

My brother's second main Mii, Jay. His first main Mii is you're gum.

My Favorite Sports

S: Basketball Pickup Game, Boxing (WS)

A: Tennis (WS), Tennis (WSC), Table Tennis (Match), Frisbee Golf, Cycling

B: Baseball (WSC), Swordplay Duel, Swordplay Showdown, Wakeboarding, Bowling (WS), 10-Pin Bowling (WSC), Return Challenge

C: All Bowling modes (WSR), Golf (WS), Golf (WSR), Island Flyover, Boxing (WSC), Baseball (WS), Archery

D: Swordplay Speed Slice, Frisbee Dog, Basketball 3-point Contest, Power Cruising, Skydiving


F: Golf (WSC), Canoeing

My Opinions On the Miis

Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort

Note: not all the Miis in Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort are listed here, because I do not have opinions on them, or I don't have time to add their opinions.

Anna- Why does she look so angry?

Takashi- Looks old, nickname: "Old Grady". Whenever my dad says his name, he always shouts it: "TAKASHI!!!" He looks kinda ugly.

Andy- Why does everyone think he's fat?!?!?!

Megan- One of my friends said she looks like a chicken nugget.

Nick- I faced him in Baseball recently and tied 0-0. I gained 15 skill points. He is a very hard opponent, but I managed to tie against him. He looks like an otter. He is also in my Tomodachi Life.

Kentaro- Now that I looked up who Big Smoke was, he actually kind of does look like Big Smoke, but without the hat. (Thanks Minefa5). He also kinda reminds me of my Mii of Carl Wheezer.

Eddy- Spaghetti. Yes, Poofesure. Honestly, there's nothing notable about him.

Elisa- ELISA!!!! GO AWAY!!!! I HATE YOU!!!! WHY IS IT ALWAYS ELISA!?! Just kidding, I don't hate Elisa. She's actually pretty easy to defeat in Wii Sports, even in Tennis. It's just that, the hard part is getting a perfect game in Tennis with her and Sarah to ensure I gain skill points. She is also in my Tomodachi Life.

Jackie- Looks like a bear, nickname: "Honey Bear". Dislike her a bit because when I was facing Rin's team, I was tied 5-5, with two outs, in the third inning. She hit a homer and I had to restart. JACKIE!?!!? WHY!??!? Although, I finally beat Emily in Baseball and no longer have to see her when I play as Kate or Bob.

Gwen- Kinda ugly.

Emily- Very annoying in Baseball. Although I finally beat her. Twice.

Julie- Those lips are way too big! She also looks ugly!

Steph- Kinda annoying.

Miyu- Looks like Midori. Even though there is one user that says that Miyu and Midori look nothing alike, I still think they do. However, I can tell them apart, because of their skin color, facial features, etc. I think that because the hairstyle and head shapes are the same, that's why they look so similar. I imagine her to be Matt's girlfriend, with a high-pitched squeaky voice and totally devoted to Matt (not because of the memes, though).

Fumiko- Check out her YouTube channel! Aside from that, she's not very memorable. She is also in my Tomodachi Life.

Holly- Honestly, I find her ugly.

Chika- Spanish for "girl" (even though it's spelled differently). Why is she so sad?

Matt- I didn't even know he was a meme until a few months ago. I don't believe he is God, that Shaggy/Thanos/Big Chungus can defeat him, or whatever. To me, Matt is just a normal guy who is the champion of two sports (which are Boxing and Swordplay). If you don't like Matt, go here. This might cheer you up. Also, check out Matt's YouTube channel! (Yes, Matt, I see you on Discord...).. He is also in my Tomodachi Life.

Fritz- Looks like a monkey. Also, has a Basketball team of champions (Lucía and Matt). He also reminds me of my uncle (who is NOT a monkey)

Lucía- She's OK, except in Table Tennis. In Table Tennis, I HATE HER!!!! For a solid half hour, I tried to defeat her, but I couldn't! She kept out-hitting me, and my paddle would randomly orient itself (which I call pulling a classic beef boss) so that she would score points. A level 2500 Mii is easier to defeat than her!!! She is also in my Tomodachi Life.

Asami- Hard to tell she's a girl. Also, now that Poofesure mentions it, she kind of looks like a goldfish.

Hiroshi- The lips are way too big! And on My Miis Wiki, Hiroshi is the champion of Tennis. His partner is Jippy.

Sandra- The eyes are way too small!

Tomoko- Her eyes and lips make her look weird.

Greg- Seems to me like he'd be a ladies' man.

Sakura- Have never faced her in Baseball yet. Although I have faced Nick.

Rin- Too smiley. Nickname: "Rinny Rin Rin". Also my archnemesis in Baseball. She's hard, but I finally beat Emily, her teammate, so I don't have to worry about her anymore.

Tatsuaki- He looks so angry!

Rainer- Too long of a head. Very smiley.

Luca- Nickname: "Lullaby Luca".

Kathrin- Annoys me in Baseball. She's hard!

Keiko- Annoys me in Baseball. She's hard!

Giovanna- Forgettable.

Hiromasa- Cringe. Cringe. Cringe. In third grade, I blabbed on about him to my teachers and eventually I drew a picture of him. One thing wrong: I thought it was "Hiroshima" (accent on the "ro"). He became a big "thing", and the teachers said, "Be happy like Hiroshima". At the end of the year, one of my classmates said that he was "hiroshima". I cringe every time I think of this months-long incident.

Ai- artificial intelligence. An alternate version of her is one of Misy's teammates in Basketball.

Rachel- I think she looks nice.

Michael- Nickname: "Faint Boy". In Basketball, my siblings and I witnessed him faint once as someone was making a slam dunk. As you know, the Miis usually do that, but my siblings and I didn't know that at the time. Also, Mike is a nickname for Michael, but they are two separate people. Why, Nintendo, why?

Saburo- Subaru. I see him as Mexican, although Saburo is actually a Japanese name. However, I can see that Saburo is Japanese.

Sarah- She's actually pretty easy to defeat in Tennis. It's just that, the hard part is getting a perfect game in Tennis with her and Elisa to ensure I gain skill points.

Shouta- Seems to me like he shouts a lot. "Shout-a"? Also, very annoying in Boxing. He keeps on punching me hard!

Sota- Reminds me of soda. Kind of obvious here (the names sound similar). He also kind of reminds me of Shouta.

Ren- Has a name similar to Rin. Rin and Ren's favorite colors are both light blue, and they both have black hair. Rin and Ren... they go well together, like a couple. Also, Ren reminds me of Harry Potter.

Helen- It kind of looks like she has a beard. Upon closer inspection, I found out she does not.

Stéphanie- First Mii to have a Basketball team of Pros. Also, Steph is a nickname for Stéphanie (minus the accent), but they are two separate people. Why, Nintendo, why? AGAIN?!?

Ursula- Looks like an onion.

Gabriele- Man with a girl's name. Gabi is a nickname for Gabriele, but the Miis are of different genders.

Shinta- Looks like an onion.

Barbara- Has a male hairstyle. Unknown Channel is right- the other Barbara (WSC) is more feminine.

Ian- Nickname: "Mr. Bup" because he is the first Mii to use a hotel slipper in Table Tennis, and the hotel slipper makes a "bup" noise.

Oscar- My friend who said that Megan looked like a chicken nugget said that Oscar looks like a beef nugget, even though I think Oscar is not beefy at all. He looks like a nerdy version of Steve.

Nelly- My siblings call her "Hairy Muscle Man". An alternate version of her is one of Misy's teammates in Basketball. In my personal opinion, Nelly is about 50 years old.

Akira- A cool dude.

Silke- Those lips! Ugly!

Midori- Looks like she's high.

Yoshi- Reminds me (and not only me, probably) of the Mario character.

Steve- Looks like a cool version of Oscar.

Theo- That big forehead and the dull expression on his face doesn't make him look all that smart. He seems to be going like "Duhhhhh...". Yes, I agree with Poofesure, he has a fivehead.

Abby- She's a decent looking Mii. Poofesure has not influenced my opinion of her at all.

Pablo- Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, fat. So fat, he is as fat as the Sun. He is actually the Sun in some cases. Sometimes, there are two versions of him: the really fat one in outer space, and the fat one who plays sports. The two Pablos are telepathically linked. Don't ask me how a person can get as fat as the Sun and still be alive. Also: Pablo one completed the FitnessGram Pacer Test by rolling.

Shohei- same level in Table Tennis and Basketball. That's really weird. He also looks like a nerd.

Pierre- Now he reminds me of Kung Pierre. This is probably why the sockpuppet alert has Pierre's head on it. That guy needs to wash his socks.

Misaki- My-sockey. (yes, Poofesure... she's not very memorable otherwise)

Abe- Kind of obnoxious in Basketball

Ashley- Looks like a 50-year old woman

James- OP in some sports

Tyrone- OP in pretty much every sport

Eva- Same as Tyrone

Tommy- Looks like a monkey. Fairly easy to defeat in Basketball.

Wii Sports Club

Barbara- The only "clone" Mii that is memorable. She's the champion in Wii Sports Club Tennis and Poofesure wants her to be his girlfriend in his Tomodachi Life.

Akira, Anna, Chris, Daisuke, David, Eduardo, Hiromi, Kentaro, Maria, Matt- They are clone Miis. (I'm not including Barbara and Victor because Barbara is mentioned above and Victor doesn't have an accent in his name, like WS Víctor does). It's like Nintendo couldn't come up with creative names for them, they just had to use names from the original Wii Sports series! Like, c'mon! The Wii Sports Miis are iconic, the Wii Sports Club Miis are not (or less so).

Daisuke- Looks high.

Rie- Looks cute.

Victor- Looks like my 12th grade science teacher.

Marius- He looks like Hitler. Minus the glasses. I don't think Nintendo would have done this on purpose, though why would they do this...? (Yes, I am aware that Hitler was a very bad man, and should not be joked about.)

Maximilian- Kissy lips!

Pit- Has a weird name. Like, c'mon, PIT?!?

Bo-Jia- Fidel Castro.

Polly- Even though she's a ★1 Mii in Boxing, she was nice to fight against, the first time around. Second time? Not so much.

Haruka- She kept catching my balls in Baseball! ALL THE TIME!!! I don't really care for her.

How hard are the champions in WS and WSR?

Champion Difficulty- WS (Easiest to hardest)

  1. Matt (Boxing)
  2. Elisa (Tennis)
  3. Sakura (Baseball)

Champion Difficulty- WSR (Easiest to hardest)

  1. Tommy (Basketball)
  2. Matt (Swordplay Duel)
  3. Lucía (Table Tennis)
  4. Matt (Swordplay Speed Slice)

Overall Champion Difficulty- WS & WSR (Easiest to hardest)

  1. Matt (Boxing)
  2. Elisa (Tennis)
  3. Tommy (Basketball)
  4. Matt (Swordplay Duel)
  5. Lucía (Table Tennis)
  6. Sakura (Baseball)/Matt (Swordplay Speed Slice) (I've actually never defeated them yet)


  • My opinions of the Miis were put in order of how skilled the Miis are in Basketball Pickup Game. This is the order I remember them best in.
  • In my alternate universe, Matt and Ryan are elementary school teachers. Matt teaches fourth grade, Ryan teaches fifth. They are referred to as Mr. Matt and Mr. Ryan by the students.

What is my opinion on Poofesure?

I watch his channel frequently, and find him funny. However, I tend to skip over the major cursing sections (and his Tomodachi Life songs) in his videos.

I first heard about him from this wiki. I saw a bunch of pages with "This page has been protected due to Poofesure" and stuff like that. I'm like "Who is this Poofesure person?" I thought he was a female beauty consultant for Miis or something (Note: this was before I looked anything up). Then I searched for him one day, and watched one of his videos. I was immediately hooked.

Poofesure has not influenced my opinions of the Miis negatively (except possibly Elisa, Lucía, and Barbara (WSC), especially on Tomodachi Life).

I completely understand why anyone would hate him. He rages, curses, and plays Fortnite. I respect all your opinions about him.

Even though I watch Poofesure, I will NOT condone his fans vandalizing pages to put fanon about him. Those vandalisms will be reversed and the person warned, or blocked if applicable. This is an "encyclopedia" about Miis, and putting Poofesure fanon will not make it as encyclopedia-like. (For instance, renaming Asami "Goldfish" (DON'T DO THAT OR YOU WILL BE WARNED AND/OR BLOCKED). That is not the actual name of the Mii, and thus is fanon.)

Other WS YouTubers I watch

  • CP The Doc- His videos are great! He's also super friendly in his streams and encourages his viewers to treat each other with respect. Please subscribe to him!
  • NicroVeda- Decent. (In his video "Speedrunning WS with my ALL NEW Roster!", he said Conway and Crackhead were "old favorites", yet it doesn't seem like he had done a WS/WSR video with them before). I only started watching him very recently, so I don't know how many Wii Remotes he's broken (but I'm guessing the answer is zero). That is a good thing, because I don't know if Nintendo still produces Wii Remotes anymore. If Poofesure keeps breaking Nintendo's whole supply of Wii Remotes... Also, he doesn't rage nearly as much. Even though he's no Poofesure, NicroVeda is still a good YouTuber. (Although I'd like to change your mind, Lucía is at least 10x harder than Akira).


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