aka Hyperus Thunderbrand XVIII

Wuhu Island Resident Champion
  • I live in California [UTC -7]
  • I was born on August 9
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This user is currently on a low-activity hiatus.

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"Sorry, only the pros and champions can enter this place!"

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This is the current account of Dharak.Quendias176, a person who really never wreaks havoc unless he can't think straight at the moment.

I am just the panic button admin here, I am currently on a low-activity hiatus.

Fun fact: I am the 1st person to be active on the Pierre-Dharak War.

My friends: The Admins

My enemies: Sockpuppets of Kung Pierre and Candy7728


Yup: I rigged elections on PRa Fanon.

JoJo - Hell 2 U! HD

JoJo - Hell 2 U! HD

List of things to call me

  • Real name-related
    • David Tang
    • David
    • Dave
    • Davi Boi
    • Gnat Divad
    • Davi Thunder
  • Dharak-related names
    • Dharak
    • Dharaknoid
    • Noid
  • Hyperus-related names
    • Hyperus
    • Zeraora-boi
    • Thunderbrand
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