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Ladies and Gentelmen, I welcome you to my profile. Most of the stuff in here is back when I wasn't that more mature. Just ignore it.

  • Lemme start off by saying Miyu and Midori do not look similar in the slightest!

    Look at these three beauties. I love them so much.

  • I found out that someone has me as their favorite user on this site so, thanks. ^_^
  • I'm straight to the point when it comes to me being angry, so don't be surprised when you see a large essay describing why I hate a Mii once you scroll down.
  • Also, don't ask me about the Swordplay Showdown pictures that I posted (Miyu & Lucía standing next to eachother when they are not supposed to be even near eachother in the stage they are in. Same with Haru & Maria and Daisuke & Takashi).
  • And as a last note, I don't usually focus on how a Mii looks (That explains why Miis like Takashi, Shouta & Marisa are so high up in my Tier List) unless they look totally absurd, like José's creepy stare or Hiromi (WSC) and her weird looking lips. Reason being that I don't want to fall in love with someone because of their looks. They can look totally handsome and such, but still be a total jerk (Example of this is Takumi, being a total jerk to me in Baseball and Swordplay Showdown). Of course, the Miis that I like that look cute and/or beautiful get excluded from this, reason being that I either feel bad for them or I feel happy for them (Examples are: Alisha, Miyu, Fumiko & Lucía). Their looks seem to be a bonus sometimes. With that outta the way...

Q: Do I ship CPU miis with other CPU miis?

A: Yes. Some of these shippings were because my Tomodachi Life cartridge decided it would be a good idea to put these miis together, and I agreed. You can see that I like to go through the Extra Mile by shipping WS/WSR Miis with WSC Miis.

Miyu X Lucía (Because, why not? Better to ship the two smug girls that are paired with... That bald guy... with each other than to ship them with... That bald guy...)

Mizuho X Akira (WSC)

Holly X Vincenzo

Giovanna X Holly (Again, why not? I imagine them being best friends, but I also imagine them going through the Extra Mile in their friendship, If you know what I mean... Lemme put it as blunt as possible... Holly and Giovanna sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G.)

Alisha X André (Looking like a Rich Couple.)

Se-Young X Cheng-Han

Ashley X Abe (I like to imagine them as Abby's parents.)

Here's a 4-way tie between the One-time PROs in Stop Watchers.

Léonie X Frank (Old people parings are the most wholesome.)

Joana X Bernando (Like I said: Old people parings are the most wholesome.)


Gabi X Rainer (Also looking like a Rich Couple.)

Miyu X Midori (Why the heck not?)

Yoko X Bo-Jia (I like to imagine them as Miyu's parents.)

Elena X John (I like to imagine them as Eva, Susana and Massimo's parents for some odd reason.)

Q: What are your favorite miis?

A: Mizuho, Léonie, William, Haruka, Haru, Alisha, Lucía and Miyu.

Q: What are your least favorite miis?

A: Zi-kai, Shu-Hui, Delilah, Olga, James, Sakura, Greg and Abby.

Q: Why do you love Miyu so much?

A: It's hard to explain it, really. I guess it's because I kinda feel bad that she's paired with the worst Miis, she's not that recognized by many (And most of the people that recognize her don't even like her... Poor Girl. If you weren't in a Video Game, i'd give you a hug right now.), even though she played Tennis with the one Mii... THE ONE MII TO BE LOVED BY MANY... Matt... And that she's only a PRO in just one sport. I remember having a crush on her when I was younger. I guess not much has changed since then. I really hate the fact that she's on Steph's Basketball team and that she plays with both Oscar and Matt in Tennis. She is ranked to be the 2nd most mediocre Beginner Mii and the only sport she's a PRO in is Baseball. Nintendo really did not give this poor girl a break. I feel so bad for her! And mostly everyone doesn't even feel happy for her that she at least had PRO status in one sport. They would always go abuse her, saying things like "She's annoying" or "She's terrible" or "She's boring" and stuff like that... POOR MIYU! She deserved better. Nintendo could've at least made her a PRO in another sport, like Table Tennis or Cycling, or at least made her the Baseball Champion, it being the only sport she's actually good at... If I remember correctly, she's one of the Miis that got heckled by Poofesure. SLIGHTLY heckled. Eva, Pierre, Jackie, Silke and Shouta got heckled beyond belief by him to the point where it was just abuse. And now she's in Poofesure's Tomodachi Life game. It was bad enough that Elisa and Shinnosuke got in it. Now Miyu's in it and she's called "dora". This is gonna go badly. I can tell. She's mostly known as "Matt's Girlfriend" too... DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW ENRAGED THAT MAKES ME?!... No matter what, I will always love her, with all of my heart. UwU

Seriously though, when I first saw her in Tennis, I thought "this girl might be trash in Tennis, but I hope she's a bit stronger in other sports". Boy, was I wrong. Well, actually, I was sort of wrong. I didn't get to see her in Boxing, which made me a bit sad, but then I saw her in Baseball... the only sport she's a PRO in. That is the only good thing she has held onto through all of Wii Sports. I was happy that she got something good in Wii Sports, but sad that it's the only thing she got great at. Then came along Wii Sports Resort. Granted, there was another Mii that got the same treatment as Miyu, only being a PRO in one sport... Poor Alisha, so I wasn't focused on Miyu THAT much when I started playing. I thought she was going to improve in Wii Sports Resort. I was hopeful, but NOPE! In Swordplay, she's bad, in Basketball, she's bad and in Cycling, she's bad. In Table Tennis, she was kinda decent, but not a PRO, and that had to be the saddest thing I've seen. I started playing Swordplay Showdown after that. When I saw her in Black Armor in Stage 14 of Swordplay Showdown, I felt kinda happy, which then led to me having a soft spot in my heart for Ian. I went through the stages after that, but I didn't get to see her in Black Armor again. Her last appearance in Showdown was a 1 hearted Gold Armor as well. What the heck?! I was sad that she didn't appear in the last stage. My God, this girl had it rough. Then what finished it all was Wii Party. The amount of sadness I felt when I found out Miyu was a Beginner Mii... Was something else. This girl became Nintendo's Punching Bag since the very start. AT LEAST MEGAN GOT STANDARD, ALISHA GOT MASTER AND RYAN GOT ADVANCED! She looks like she's smilling, but I know deep down inside, she's crying non-stop because of what Nintendo did to her. The only thing she's good at is Baseball, and she's hated by it. Poor Miyu.

Q: Is there a Mii you love that others despise?

A: That would be Mr. Level 12 Boss in Swordplay Showdown, Takashi. I like him because he is very unique. He's the only one with those eyes, those lips, and the only one in Wii Sports Resort with that hair color. He really stands out a lot, and I love it so much. And you gotta admit, he looks awesome in Black Armor too.

Hiromasa, Siobhán, Gabriele, Marisa and Stéphanie also land on that subject. They look so goofy, and I love it. I can just Imagine Gabriele being the Violent type and going "ARRRRRGH!" whenever he gets mad. In my eyes, he'd be a better Swordplay Champion than Matt is.

And Haruka too, I guess. Her comment section is by far the most toxic I've seen... Well, Lucía's comment section is equally as toxic, but still.

Q: Is there a Mii you hate that others love?

A: Tyrone. He's annoying in Baseball, Basketball, and freaking Swordplay Showdown. Miyu, Misaki, Lucía, Eva, Stéphanie, Rachel and Abe deserved to appear more times in Black Armor than you, Tyrant Tyrone!

Matt, Sakura and Tommy also land on that subject. Pit, Enrique and Lucía are Better Champions than you, you annoying jerks!


Q: Why is Takumi your #5 least favorite Mii?

A: In Baseball, he kept catching the ball with no flaw everytime and the one time he appeared as a Black Armored enemy in Swordplay Showdown, he was literally the most tedious living being on Earth. Plus, the guy looks like a manipulative millionaire that abuses females domestically. STAY AWAY FROM MISAKI, YOU YELLOW PIMP JERK! AKIRA'S BETTER THAN YOU!

Q: Why is Lucía your #1 favorite Mii, tied with Miyu?

A: Unlike most people, who can't think of a strategy before going against her, I actually had fun playing against her in Table Tennis. Plus, I really love how she looks in Black Armor. I also love playing with her in Wii Party. There's just a ton of stuff I like about that freckled son of a gun I love so much. Believe it or not, I actually broke every default duo record in Wii Party playing with both Miyu and Lucía. She's so helpful and fun to play with sometimes. Other times she gives you a worthy challenge... Unlike Abby, Fritz and Takumi.

Q: Who do you hate more? Abby or Olga?

A: Well, from the Wii, I would say it's Olga. Wii U, I would say Marie. Overall, out of the two, the one who is on 211th on my list is... Abby.

Don't even get me STARTED on Abby. I used to like her a lil' before she just decided to be a massive prick to me. In Tennis, all she does is just screw me over millions of times. That made her go to neutral.

Then Baseball happened. I lost two games thanks to Abby being a pro MLB player in the outfield. She is literally a freaking magnet. And the fact that I'm the only one that had Abby do this to them while everyone else had Jessie do it angers me, because it just proves Abby is just targetting me specifically.

Then Basketball happened. I was trying to get Miguel to Champion and then to MAX Level, and in BOTH RUNS, Abby was literally the freaking GREAT WALL OF CHINA! Miguel's probably traumatized thanks to Abby just straight up abusing him.

Oh, and the icing of the cake was Wii Party. Wii freaking Party. The amount of times the game just helped her out the entire time was so many, I can't count it on two hands. I honestly feel bad for Tatsuaki and Susana, and probably Pablo for having to put up with this monster. There isn't a Mii that deserved to be a Beginner more than her.

Q: Who do you love more? Miyu, Lucía or Haruka?

A: I dunno who I love more, to be honest with ya. Could be possible that I love the freckled lovelies more, but I honestly dunno.

Q: What made Fritz dethrone Patrick, making him your (FORMER) least favorite?

A: I never really liked Fritz to begin with. I though he was annoying in Swordplay Showdown and Cycling and boring in Table Tennis and Basketball. However, the gates of Hell opened for me when I played Swordplay Showdown again. Now that I know how to play Swordplay Showdown, he's both boring and annoying. Boring because I can literally take him down with ease, and annoying because when he attacks quickly and I block the attack, his defense is so stupid that I can't tell where to swing the sword. Then came along Spin-Off in Wii Party. He kept going for 4 player minigames on low numbers and also the exact moment when I lost half my money. He also was in last, may I remind you. He kept picking the worst minigames out of the three displayed on screen. Example: Back Attack, Chop Chops or Risky Railroad? Third option is what he picked. Oh, and lemme remind you, he won most luck based minigames. He somehow won Risky Railroad, Dicey Descent and Lucky Lauch more than the others. It got SO ANNOYING! He also robbed Alisha in Cycling and ruined my happiness in Board Game Island when he landed on a UFO space, being in last, and switched places with me, being in first. And what takes the cake is freaking About Face from Wii Party. All he did is Steal, Steal, Steal. Take, Take, Take. Globe Trot was also terrible with this man. He was out to get me all game. He kept stealing cards and coins from everyone non-stop. Thanks to all that, he's now my least favorite.

Q: What happened with Sakura? You used to like her. Why is she now your (FORMER) least fav of all time now?

A: Baseball. It was absolutely terrible with this woman. She also got the most absurd and unfair luck in Board Game Island. That's what happened. She is NEVER fun to play with. The minute I see her, I just wanna punch her. She's such a jerk and a half. I can't believe Miyu, Nick, Pierre, Helen, Ashley, Rachel and Rin play with this living abomination of a Mii.

Q: What do you think about Poofesure?

A: I'm neutral with the guy. On one hand, he's entertaining to watch sometimes. I usually watch his videos when I got nothing else to do. On the other hand, he's a bit problematic. The hatred for Miyu spiked hard after he compared her to a kid's show (To which she has nothing similar to, other than the skin color), then he makes Abby, Barbara and most of the male CPUs look like major sex driven psychopaths (But I couldn't care less about some now that I absolutely hate Abby, Theo and Kentaro), and his hatred for Elisa is insignificant because she is literally the tutorial for Baseball. I will agree with him on this though... Sakura and Theo are annoyances. That and Fritz is a literal prick.

I REALLY want him to go try to get to Enrique in Baseball and HOPEFULLY Marie screws him over a lot so that there's more hate for her tho, because little to no people hate her.

If you people wanna see someone better, check out NicroVeda. He makes similar content, but, unlike Poof, he doesn't complain about dumb stuff.

15 CPU Miis that I love so much (From 1 to 15) (Wii)

Note: There's a tie for #1, so don't be confused.

  • Miyu and Lucía, best girls!
  • Alisha (How much did this girl get held back? Nintendo straight up abused this girl in Wii Sports Resort and everyone else CONTINUED with said abuse. SHE ISN'T BORING!)
  • Haru (So sweet and Innocent. Protect her at all costs.)
  • Midori (You didn't deserve to be Anti-Champion in Cycling. Also, she's very challenging in all sports, except Table Tennis, and I love that she looks like an energetic girl that just wants to have fun with friends.)
  • Eddy (Design is awesome and a real Challenge in Swordplay Showdown. He looks so cool in Thin Purple Armor too. Blue fits him so much.)
  • Marco (Mario, is that you? Seriously though, he looks so joyful and happy. Look at him! I love to see somebody in pure joy... unless it's someone I hate. Also, WATERFALL BOSS!)
  • Misaki (Looks to be the most distiguished, formal and intelligent Mii of them all. I love people who are smart and fancy, so how can I say no?)
  • Akira (How do you make a guy with the most flamboyant glasses ever so lovable? HOW?! This guy is 1000% better than Takumi. I absolutely love his improvement in Resort and that he is 3rd best in Table Tennis. Also, a really great choice for a Master Mii. He didn't improve in Wii Sports Resort for nothing.)
  • Hiromasa (God Almighty, do I love that he's a boss and how menacing he looks as a boss. Better than Barbara, that's for sure. That grin always gets me too. The color Brown fits him so well.)
  • Susana (Only one on Pablo's team that gave me a break in Basketball (She did it three times), and one of the actually fun Expert Miis.)
  • Stéphanie (Quite the challenge in most sports and really cool looking in both Black and Purple Armor. Plus, I like that she looks like she's clumsy. She's my golden girl when it comes to Globe Trot too.)
  • Helen (MILES better than Luca, and severely unlucky everytime I play as her for some reason.)
  • Giovanna (Really fun to play with sometimes and very unique. Plus, she's a redhead. I love redheads.)
  • Gabriele (Halfway through Swordplay Showdown, this man made himself known. He looks so cool in Black Armor and looks extremely violent.)

Honorable Mentions: Gabi, Asami, Takashi, Mike, Miguel, Rachel, Marisa, Holly, Abe, Pierre, George, Jessie, Gwen, Mia, Emma, Shouta, Ryan, Sarah, Vincenzo, Fumiko, Keiko, Hayley, Hiroshi, Ai and Sota.

15 CPU Miis that I hate with every fiber of my being (From 15 to 1) (Wii)

  • Takumi (Swordplay Showdown and Baseball. He also looks like an abusive multi-millionaire.)
  • Elisa (She was kinda ruined for me. Also a nuisance in Post-Champion Basketball and Baseball, because she's a darm magnet.)
  • Shinta (annoying in almost every sport, unfit for a boss, and doesn't fit Expert AT ALL.)
  • Cole (Boring, annoying and pathetic, all at once.)
  • Fritz (My former least fav until Sakura replaced him. He still is a prick. Undeserving of Advanced.)
  • Martin (He was a massive jerk to me who knows how many times in Wii Party. You brought this onto yourself, Martin.)
  • David (He is just so annoying in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party, inches away from just being a Male Sakura.)
  • Rin (I used to like her, but now all of a sudden she wants to be a jerk to me. Freaking puppet looking rat.)
  • Jake (Creepy and downright annoying.)
  • LUCA, Overrated, boring and annoying. Also stupid lucky in Board Game Island.
  • THEO, ridiculously annoying in literally everything.
  • JAMES, rains on my parade millions of times in Post-Champion Basketball. 6 TIMES IN ONE DAY!
  • SAKURA and GREG, two Miis that are just massive jerks to me in every game they appear in.

Horrible Mentions: Eduardo, Oscar, Tommy, Shohei, Kentaro, Steve, Matt, Ren, Chris and David.

15 CPU Miis that I love so much (From 1 to 15) (Wii U)

  • Haruka!
  • William
  • Léonie
  • Mizuho (smug brunette.)
  • Frank (Smug and British old man. I like that haistyle too. It fits him better than it does to Takumi, A.K.A., the annoying version of Babe Ruth.)
  • Rie (Well, I mean, who doesn't love her?)
  • Se-young (For an Anti-PRO, she can surely give you a big enough challenge.)
  • Chris (male lucía. Seriously though, his face radiates the same smug energy as Lucía's, and I love it so much. He's very helpful in Wii Sports Club too, being a teammate in Baseball and Tennis. I love him more than the other Chris.)
  • Susie
  • Bernd (He be German. I like Germany. I also like that he looks like a hard working dad. People are gonna hate me for this, but I like Bernd more than I like Anne and Marit.)
  • Bo-Jia
  • John
  • Enrique
  • Steven (He has that smug look on his face like: I see what you doing right there. He's so lovable. He looks like he could be a Champion in Bowling. He managed to get Expert difficulty in Wii Party U when he was just a Baseball teammate in Wii Sports Club. I love him for that too.)
  • Hee-joon

Honorable Mentions: Masako, Merrick, Rui, Mark, Dylan, Millie, Polly, Sara, Xiao-Tong, Akira, Kentaro, Patricia, Cheng-Han, Ivo, Irina, Juliette, André, Laura, Araceli, Alice, Yuya, Marius and Xixi.

15 CPU Miis that I hate with every fiber o my being (From 15 to 1) (Wii U)

  • Dunbar (Same as Barb, but replace Tennis with Boxing.)
  • Barbara (Highway Rollers and Tennis.)
  • Paula (She honestly looks spoiled and is annoying AF. I would've been happy with Haruka being in Expert (I dunno why I compare the two of 'em, but I do.))
  • Ricardo (Same with Xiaojian.)
  • Xiaojian (ANNOYING! ALMOST AS ANNOYING AS FRITZ! Plus, that dumb freaking hairstyle that makes him ridiculous angers me hard.)
  • Alphonse (Bland and Boring version of Rainer.)
  • Joost (Annoying in Wii Party U and a copycat of Pavel.)
  • Jeff (Pointless ripoff of Joseph. Joseph is WAY better than this wannabe. Jeff looks like what Joseph would be if he was made by Great Value.)
  • João
  • Anna (Annoying as a Baseball Teammate and basically just an old Hiromi.)
  • Hiromi (The one from Wii Sports Resort is better than this one, with her Kim Kardashian lips. Plus, she's basically Fritz reborn when playing against her in Wii Party U.)
  • ZI-KAI, A.K.A. Mr. Mario's handpuppet and Kiddo's apprentice.
  • SHU-HUI, a literal annoyance in Baseball. I lost to Akira and Donna thanks to her.
  • OLGA, annoying AF in Wii Party U and in Boxing. Also way too similar to one of my fav Mii from the Wii.

Horrible Mentions: Jesús, Mónica, Maximillian, José, Giulia, Marie, Yuehua and Hyun-woo.

How I rate the Miis from the Wii.


  • 100. Abby (How about you don't mess things up for the both of us in Tennis, eh? That would make you more likable. She also ruined a Baseball game for me. She catches the ball before it gets to the outfield. Me and the opposing team were both on 8, and she keeps me there. Végégon was right about you, Abby. You're a JERK! She was ruined by Poofesure too, which makes me hate her even more, 'cuz I can't go 5 seconds without thinking of him and his fans when looking at Abby. Reason of me hating her because of Poof being because he started a joke about Miyu being Dora, and two people actually went out their way to insult me and bully me because I liked Miyu and kept on talking about the Dora stuff, not to mention a freaking Poof fan went and said TO MY FACE "stop liking her and Lucía because I hate them. Make Abby and Matt your favs" like the guy has control of what I like. To put it short, his fans (Or Abby lovers as I like to call them, because they love Abby so much, they'll freaking riot whenever a little bit of hate towards her is shown) were just being jerks to me, and he started this mess with the Dora joke, not to mention that now most of the people that watch him are now creepily IN LOVE with Abby, so... And now mostly everyone is like "Abby's not your fav Mii?! RAAAAAAGH!" because of him. NOT. EVEN. JOKING. Trying to get the Buzzer Beater stamp was pure chaos with this woman too, and even if I wasn't going for that darn stamp, SHE WAS STILL AN ANNOYANCE! Swap Meet was a train wreck with her too, as well as Globe Trot. And Board Game Island is the cherry on top! HOW MANY TIMES IS SHE GONNA GET LUCKY?! She is just SUCH an jerk and a lucky rat most of the time. I'm not forgiving her after the hell she put me through! The community is overly defensive to her as well. Someone told me that they got death threats because they were neutral to Abby. Not even kidding. DEATH. THREATS. BECAUSE THEY WERE NEUTRAL TO ABBY. Basically, it's like, either you like her or you don't and you have half the community hunt you down. I used to think that her being a Beginner was actual nonsense considering she got good in WSR, but scratch that. Stay in Beginner, Abby. Swordplay Showdown, Basketball, Baseball... HOOOOO, HOW MUCH I HATE HER! BTW, whoever likes her, if you see this as a threat, don't. Why would I do that?)


  • 98. Sakura (You'd be the slightest bit lovable to me if it weren't for Baseball and Board Game Island. She's never fun to play with and is literally a good for nothing cheater when it comes to Baseball. The balls I hit either went sliding to Miyu, Helen and Maria or went flying way too high up to the point where it would hit a damn bird. I couldn't make much progress either because most balls she threw were either splitters, balls ready to fly onto the stands, strikes that are SO hard to hit or balls going the speed of a freaking train. No matter what it is, she just SPAMS it. Her pitching is annoying, her batting is abnormaly stupid, and the only thing good about her is that she has Helen, Pierre, Miyu and Nick on her team. Everyone else is bloody annoying, especially the outfielders (Excluding Pierre). She is the most luckiest jerk in Board Game Island too. She literally drained all of the fun out of the game 'cus she had the most ABSURD LUCK I HAVE EVER SEEN! Every single time I play against her in Board Game Island, she always gets SO LUCKY! IT'S SO UNFAIR! I mean, if I could count how many times she won because the game made me land on the damn UFO Space and made me swap places with HER, AND WON AFTER THAT, we'd be here all month. Plus, she plays with Greg on her and Greg's team in Basketball, and THAT is just SAD. At least she plays with Rachel and Ashley in Tennis, but at this point, IT DOES NOTHING FOR HER! SHE SABOTAGES ME IN THE MINIGAMES WII PARTY FOR NO REASON TOO! SHE IS MASTER DIFFICULTY! WHAT'S THE POINT?! YOU'RE STILL GONNA WIN, DUE TO ABSURD LUCK! SCREW YOU SAKURA! YOU UNFAIR JERK! SHE IS SO OVERRATED TOO! THE AMOUNT OF TIMES I HAVE SEEN HER BELOW NEUTRAL IS SO LITTLE! HOW CAN PEOPLE LIKE HER?! SHE LOOKS LIKE A SPOILED BRAT! SHE IS STUPID LOOKING TOO WITH HOW CLOSE THAT NOSE IS TO HER MOUTH! It's ABSURD! She isn't beautiful at ALL! SHE IS ABSURD LOOKING! ...Miyu or Nick, or even Pierre should've been Champion of Baseball... You people talk about Lucía, but Lucía is a cakewalk compared to this psycho! She deserves NO LOVE! You didn't deserve Master at all!)
  • 98 as well. Greg (He'd be more likable if he didn't always stand in the same freaking spot in Return Challenge. He serves the balls really freaking stupid like too. Because of that, the ball goes either out of the range of the table or right into him when I hit it, making me need to restart because I want to get all the stamps, and one of them is obtained by getting 100 points without letting the ball even touch him. Dude, I'm trying to get the stamps. Stop making things hard for me and let the ball go right past you! Don't just stand there and take it to the face. Do you have a kink for hurting yourself?! He also looks like a younger Jake, and that, for me, is a HUGE minus from you, Greg. He also bullied poor Miyu in Board Game Island, along with Shinta and Kentaro AND stole a win from me when I was playing as Alisha! LIKE, EVERYTIME I PLAY AS ALISHA, GREG JUST HAS IT OUT FOR ME! LEAVE ALISHA ALONE!)
  • 97. James (This guy actually was SOOOOO unfair in Swordplay Duel. Plus, that nose is really distracting. I can't get my eyes off it. Jesus Christ. Table Tennis is a big nope with him too, ESPECIALLY at MAX Level. And Basketball? Oh, don't even get me STARTED on Basketball! 6 TIMES IN A ROW, HE HAD THE ACTUAL NERVE TO JUST RUIN MY DAY! 6! I know it's post champion and all, but this is just RIDICULOUS! SCREW YOU, JAMES! AND HE JUST GETS STUPID LUCKY IN WII PARTY TOO! You don't deserve that improvement you got in WSR!)
  • 96. Theo (Dat forehead tho. Dude looking like a Pizza Slice. I will agree with Poofesure for once here. He is abnormaly tedious. I dunno how Lord McForehead managed to be one of the best Miis when it looks like he doesn't even know what his name is. Also, a Youtuber I despise likes him. Again, NOT a topic I wanna talk about. He's so absurd looking too, it's ridiculous. Freaking chin-face.)
  • 95. Luca (Great design, boring as heck. Really BAD Combination. And in Baseball, he just FLINGS himself towards the ball and catches it before it gets to the outfield, ruining everything, and he gets STUPID LUCKY IN WII PARTY TOO! He literally makes things so annoying most if the time. Walking headache in Post-Champion Basketball too. Also, a Youtuber I despise likes him. This is not a topic I wanna talk about.)
  • 94. Jake (Huge annoyance in Boxing and Swordplay. And why the everloving HECK does he not have eyebrows?! Why are his eyes as small as Takashi's nose?! He looks high on crack. He also CANNOT LEAVE ME ALONE IN WII PARTY!)
  • 93. Rin (I like how cool she looks in Black Armor and stuff, but can she PLEASE just stop being a nuisance in Wii Party? Like, for real.)
  • 92. David (Post Champion Basketball. That, and he's annoying in Baseball. Oh, and he's also as lucky as freaking Sakura and Abby in Wii Party. SCREW YOU, DAVID! I used to have mixed feelings about the guy, but now I don't. Thanks, David. The Wii U David is MILES better that this David, because the other David has YET to be an annoyance to me, while this one is just jamming a freaking bottle of soap onto my eye socket.)
  • 91. Martin (He has done nothing but piss me off multiple times in Wii Party. I'm sorry, Matt, but Martin is just a jerk to me.)
  • 90. Fritz (This guy gave me a headache in Swordplay Showdown when I was a kid, and Alisha would've at least been Vice-Champion in Cycling if it wasn't for this guy. Maybe even Champion, but Fritz just had to ruin it for her. Dude, Alisha deserved to be Vice-Champion more than you did after being BASHED by NINTENDO. And WHY do you play Basketball with that Bald Annoyance?! Stay away from me, you freak. You don't deserve to be loved, what with how big of a jerk you are, you nervous looking son of a deadbeat dog. Also, playing Spin Off, the guy just wouldn't stop going for 4 player minigames when the bank was at a low number. This jerk actually thinks it's a good idea to go for low numbers. At the end of it, Holly won, so SCREW YOU, FRITZ! WHAT IS THE POINT?! Go for big numbers, you twat. GO FOR A GAME CHANGER! DON'T ACT AS COMIC RELIEF! Another thing. In that luck based Minigame, where you're on carts and have to pick one out of 3 passage ways, he was the most luckiest prick of a cactus! HE WON MOST OF THE TIME! He kept picking the WORST minigames when it came to him being in Last in Spin-Off and Board Game Island. Something else I should add is that I got ****** so hard by him in Board Game Island. He lands on a UFO space and freaking throws me BACK! I WAS IN FIRST, AND HE THREW ME TO LAST! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU, FRITZ?! WHAT?! WHAT HAVE I DONE THAT MADE YOU TURN INTO A DISGRACE AGAINST ME?! Oh, and one more thing... You can take your boring pressence and throw it to the ocean to drown, Fritz. Just seeing you makes me mad! I wish you didn't exist. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME! YOU INSECT! You are nothing but an annoying and boring twat to me. Table Tennis, Spin-Off, Swordplay, EVERYTHING! ALISHA AND ANNA ARE 100% BETTER THAN YOU! I wish that parachute didn't freaking deploy when you fall down from the Cliff in the Stage you're the Boss in. In Balloon Buggies, the amount of times he freaking screwed me terribly, stealing almost every balloon I kept trying to get and blocking my way. There was also this one time where he just threw Miyu (The Mii I was playing as) to the freaking rolling bomb. LEAVE MIYU ALONE! JESUS! DON'T STEAL WHAT I'M TRYING TO GET AND DON'T BASH ME ONTO A FREAKING MOVING HAZARD! The only thing he did good is put some of the Miis I like in Purple Armor.)
  • 89. Cole (He looks like an adult Oscar, and I don't like it one bit. He's also bloody boring and PATHETIC in Table Tennis. He also did the same crap that Fritz did multiple times in Spin-Off. He kept going for low numbers for no freaking reason! He also screwed me multiple times in Globe Trot, and Board Game Island and got stupid lucky in Swap Meet.)
  • 88. Shinta (My memories of Swordplay Showdown about this guy... They are not great to remember. What a jerk. Sarah is a better Swordplay Showdown boss than YOU, Shinta. Sarah actually looks ready to fight. Shinta looks like he doesn't even know what gender he is. He also bullied poor Miyu in Board Game Island, along with Kentaro and Greg. There's someone on YouTube who has Shinta as his favorite Mii and I have not grown very fond of him, so that's another reason why I hate him.)
  • 87. Elisa (If you were on Discord, you would know why. Table Tennis is a big NOPE with her too when on MAX Level. Her and James were obnoxious. Just goes to show how hard the opponents get after beating the Champ on that sport. Also an annoyance in Post-Champion Basketball and a literal magnet in Baseball, just like Luca.)
  • 86. Takumi (One word: Baseball. I wish that bomb that Alisha gives you in the Boxart of Wii Party freaking explodes on your face, you jerk. "But he looks so handsome and good looking." Swoon all you want, but it's my primary objective to make this guy suffer as much as I did. I hate Takumi so much. You didn't deserve to appear in Black Armor or to be a Master Mii... You didn't deserve anything. All you deserve is a kick in the back of the head for how annoying and down right unfair you are. He's also HORRIBLY overrated. The only reason people like this guy is because of his looks. UGH! He's also a filthy cheater in Swordplay Showdown. I swing the sword to the sides while his sword it POINTING to the sides, and he somehow blocks it. He has learned the way of the Patrick. He also keeps. Catching. Every. Ball. I hit. To. THE OUTFIELD! SCREW YOU, TAKUMI! I want you to stay away from Haru, Miyu, Misaki, Lucía, Akira, Alisha... EVERYONE I LOVE, YOU JERK! I wish I could grab your neck and choke you to DEATH! F*** YOU!)


  • 85. Matt (If I were to list the reasons on why I hate you, we'd be here all week. Day by day, my hatred for this guy grows more and more... Oh, and he plays with Miyu in Tennis and is Lucía's Best Friend in Friend Connection... WHYYYYYYY?! AND IT DOESN'T HELP THAT THAT FREAKING BLONDE DISGRACE OF A SWORDPLAY SHOWDOWN BOSSPLAYS WITH HIM IN BASKETBALL!)
  • 84. Shohei (Table Tennis... You have no idea how HAPPY I got when I found out he got Beginner Difficulty. Those eyes are distracting and creepy looking too. In Board Game Island, Swap Meet and Globe Trot he's a nuisance too. Lucky Freak! Not to mention that he basically targets me everytime I play as Miyu, kinda like Greg whenever I play as Alisha. And Strategy Steps takes the CAKE! Stop picking the same number as me, please. Or do you WANT me to throw my Wii Remote at my TV?!)

Mildly Loathe

  • 83. Tommy (People call Lucía unfair, but what about this jerk?! He is the 3rd most annoying champion IMO, just behind Matt. OVERRATED and ANNOYING! If you want me to like you, Tommy, DON'T MAKE THE GAME COMPLETLY UNFAIR BY JUMPING LIKE SUPER MARIO WHEN BLOCKING BALLS! The only thing good about him is that he has Eva on his Basketball Team.)
  • 82. Tyrone (There were many Miis you could've given Black Armor 3 times to, Nintendo. Haru, Miyu, Lucía, Midori, Ryan, Rachel, Keiko, Rainer, David, Susana... And you pick this annoyance. OVERRATED and ANNOYING! "Oh, he's so strong and masculine". Shut up, OK? Just shut the heck up.)
  • 81. Kentaro (Dude... Shave a little, will ya? He's both boring and annoying and... YEEESH, THAT BEARD LOOKS TERRIBLE! That nose does not make it any better either. He also bullied poor Miyu in Board Game Island, along with Shinta and Greg, not to mention that he was in love with Greg one time when I played as Gabi.)

Despise Greatly

  • 80. Steve (Same with Emily and Maria, except freaking NIGHTMARISH. Ugh. Also, in that Wii Party Minigame, where you drive planes into balloons (Poppin' Pilots), he kept bonking me non-stop, making me have a TON of difficulty trying to play the minigame.. Steve is a terrible Mii.)
  • 79. Michael (I'm gonna put it as blunt as possible... Baseball, Swordplay Showdown, Boxing... He's straight up annoying in everything he's good at and boring at everything he's bad at. There's no in between!)
  • 78. Ren (Same as Luca, except he's not a jerk in Baseball. The reason I dislike him is because of Wii Party. He just gets a bit lucky. The Advanced difficulty in Wii Party is tedious sometimes. He's not enjoyable in Wii Sports either.)


  • 77. Oscar (Freaking mini face here, being a total annoyance in Swordplay Showdown. You freaking pest! Stay away from Miyu, you freaking annoyance! You make me SICK! He must have bribed Miyu with something 'cuz there's no way Miyu would actually want to play with this guy.)


  • 76. Eduardo (Main reason I hated him so much was because I didn't like how he was the last one to wear the tall lanky black armor and I would've like it better if it was Rin instead, but after recent events, I can safely say I would pick him over Rin any day. Still not enjoyable to play against tho...)


  • 75. Chris (Hand it to Nintendo to make one of the Miis that look freaking dumb to copy the absolute milk and butter out of Abe in Swordplay Showdown. Abe being a Black Armor, looking ready to fight in the Volcano stage was WAY better than this guy in Volcano Reverse, looking like he has no idea what he's doing. He freaking sucks at Tennis too. He's worse than Abby, but at least he didn't ruin a Baseball game for me! Don't shoot the ball out of the court, you ding dong!)


  • 74. Barbara (Other than her being an AWFUL Boss and having one of the worst designs I've seen, she... REALLY hasn't done anything to me at all. That means I hated her for nothing other than her being a bad boss and also having a bad design.)
  • 73. Eva (...Eva, why are you being a jerk to me all of a sudden? You were so nice to me in Basketball, and now you want to be a jerk in Wii Party. I... honestly feel betrayed.)
  • 72. Maria (Same with Emily. Those eyebrows look freaking stupidly absurd too. Look how LARGELY EXTENDED they look. Mia also has something like that, but it looks normal with the eyebrows she has. Maria literally has two drawn mountains on her forehead. She hasn't done anything to me recently tho, so...)

Slightly Like

  • 71. Emily (Baseball is not really that fun with her, but other than that, she's fine. Kinda fun in Wii Party too. Key word: KINDA.)
  • 70. Patrick (Back then he was annoying, but now... now he's kinda meh... which brought me to like him now. It feels like him and Abby swapped places or something. No joke.)
  • 69. Daisuke (He was a massive annoyance in Wii Sports Resort, but to be honest with you, I lost a lot of hate on the guy because it's been a LONG time since I last played against him. Plus, a lot of people hate him, so... yeah, welcome to "Like", Daisuke.)
  • 68. Steph (Even tho she is annoying in Swordplay Showdown AND Baseball, she hasn't really done much to me for so long (Mainly because I've been avoiding her), and she did terribly awful in a Board Game Island game while Sakura, like always, just gets everything her way, so yeah... I guess that brought me to like her.)


  • 67. Anna (She's a redhead... She looks angry... She looks awesome in Black Armor... But Alisha would've been a better Cycling Champion. Alisha got a TON of slack in Wii Sports Resort and recieved MORE of it from the people on this Wiki, so she deserved it more than you did, Anna.)
  • 66. Andy (Same with Alex, but he didn't screw me in Tennis and he didn't repeat himself in Baseball (I forgave Alex tho). He also looks like Steve Harvey.)


  • 65. Siobhán (She has features that make her look like a cat. Big eyes, swirvy mouth and nose literally on top of her mouth. How goofy.)
  • 64. Saburo (Used to hate him. Now I like him, but only a little bit. I still don't like the look he has on his face. He also helped me a lot in Globe Trot.)
  • 63. Ursula (I like that she looks like a character from a Cartoon, but I don't like that she also looks like she's related to Chris.)
  • 62. Alex (I forgave him after what he did to me in Baseball, but he did it again. He and Daisuke ruined a Baseball game for me. I was going against Tatsuaki, and Alex just prevents a fast ball from going to the outfield by sliding and streching his arms up in the air. At least Helen and Miyu catching balls made sense, considering the balls they caught were hit terribly, because Sakura can't pitch correctly. He also looks like Bob Marley, and I like that, but, even though he was low skilled in Tennis, he somehow prevented the balls from bouncing twice on his side of the court, so WTF is with that? Am I playing against the Great Wall of China? I'm gonna give him one last chance tho. If he does it again, he's staying in Despise no matter what.)
  • 61. Rainer (He looks like an inverted George. If he had the ponytail, then he would be a literal ripoff of him. He was actually fun to play with at times... Unlike Fritz and Sakura, who are NEVER fun to play with.)

Really Adore

  • 60. Pablo (I just... do not know what to think of this guy. Like, on one hand, I feel bad for him for 1. Having Abby on his team and 2. Getting pictured as some sort of monster to her, and I WANT to like him, but he is just not that enjoyable to play against in Wii Party. He is fun in Basketball now tho, so... maybe?)
  • 59. Ian (He reminds me of Steve in probably about 25 years, due to them having the same hair color, skin color, favorite color, wrinkles... and I don't like it one bit. I hate it, actually. He looks great in Black Armor though. And his taste in females in Swordplay Showdown is Godlike. Don't like his Basketball team though.)
  • 58. Hayley (Girl, your mouth's so big that it literally looks like you don't have a jawline. Only reason I started to like you is because you are one of the forgotten Miis. I doubt people are going to know right away who you are if I showed a pictured of you to them. Plus, a Youtuber I hate hates her. Not talking about it.)
  • 57. Kathrin (Her design looks nice, she looks cool in Black Armor and she is an actual challenge in Baseball. The color White fits her too. The reason she's not higher up is because she kinda looks like a female version of Michael, and you know how I feel about Michael.)
  • 56. Sandra (She's alright... I dunno about those dotted eyebrows, but still. Plus, for being an Anti-PRO, she's quite good.)
  • 55. Silke (OOOH boy, do you look absurd with those lip- oh wait... I see why they gave you big lips now. You are quite a fashionista.)
  • 54. Nick (2nd best in Baseball. Plus, he's basically a male version of Miyu... :( )
  • 53. Fumiko (You know that view that Unknown Channel has of Sara? I have that same view when it comes to Fumiko. I have the same view Unknown Channel has of Sara too, BTW. She's starting to lose some love from me tho, considering that she's starting to get annoying in Baseball.)
  • 52. Hiroshi (Dem Lips Tho! How much Botox did you inject onto your lips, my guy?! Only reason I started to like you is the same reason I started to like Hayley. Plus, a Youtuber I hate hates him. Let's not discuss this topic.)

Extremely Adore

  • 51. Tatsuaki (He is indeed annoying as one can be, ESPECIALLY in Boxing, but I kinda feel terrible now considering that a ton of people only hate him because of him being paired with Abby and that they're potraying him as some sort of abusive monster to her. Abby's the real monster. Basketball and Wii Party's the damn evidence. So yeah... I like him now.)
  • 50. Yoko (Yoko... Oh, Yoko... As much as I like redheads, Emily and Steph being the only exceptions, you'd be higher up if you didn't give me the Super Mario Bros. treatment on Baseball. She did awful on Board Game Island a lot tho, which made me feel a bit bad... At least she won it. She deserved it after the game just messing with her a lot.)
  • 49. George (I imagine him being a passive and easygoing farmer, just trying to make everyone happy. I would like it if Celeste didn't associate him with Matt. Leave George alone! Nintendo managed to make him play Basketball with Fritz and Matt, two of the worst CPU Miis! At least he also plays with Chika, so Nintendo wasn't too hard on him.)
  • 48. Yoshi (Gentle old lady. You have trained Lucía well. Her Basketball team is also kinda good. She has Midori, best Expert Mii, and... Steve... Ew. Forget about him. Let's just act like he doesn't exist... He WILL stop existing if he catches my balls in Baseball again.)
  • 47. Víctor (I like his design and that his favorite color is red, but... Explain to me why he plays Tennis with Takumi and has Emily on his Baseball team. Another thing I like about him is that he looks like my uncle.)
  • 46. Abe (Looks good in Black Armor and is a really great challenge in most sports... And he looks so freaking sad. I don't like to see someone sad... Unless it's someone I hate, in which case, I end up feeling pure joy... A sad and depressed Steph is a joyful moment in my life... Are you OK, Abe? Do you need therapy or something?)
  • 45. Sota (He looks cool and plays cool! Plus, he's basically a Male version of Ai, but I spent more time with Ai than I did with him, so he's still quite an Enigma to me.)
  • 44. Hiromi (I like that deadpan stare, but I don't like that she reminds me of a low budget version of Tomoko.)
  • 43. Ashley (She's a great challenge in Basketball and has a really good design, but those glasses don't fit her at all.)
  • 42. Julie (Or as I like to call her, "The Menace of Table Tennis". People hate her because of her Watermelon lips, but trust me, there is WAY worse. Have you even seen the girls on Instagram? They have lips as big as a freaking purse. While she is kinda annoying in Wii Party, she's also really polite in Baseball, so that makes up for it, I guess.)
  • 41. Pierre (Challenging Frenchman. Apparently there's a guy named "Kung Pierre" that was a total annoyance in this Wiki, but I don't know no "Kung Pierre." Sounds like a type of beer.)
  • 40. Rachel (Quite the pleasing face to look at. Something about the blondes in Wii Sports Resort puts me at ease... Except Tyrone and Fritz. Celestia, or Celeste,as she likes to be called, gets reminded of a spoiled brat whenever she sees her, but I just don't see it... To me, she looks like a biker. She has that jock aura on her. Plus, she keeps on doing bad whenever I play against her. Like, yikes. She has gotten last 6 or 5 times IN A ROW!)
  • 39. Nelly (For an old lady, she can surely throw you to the ground. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is what they always say.)
  • 38. Chika (She's mostly fun to play with and she looks like a bird. Take to the skies, Chika!)
  • 37. Megan (Poor Megan... What has Nintendo done to you? She hasn't done anything to me at all, honestly. Like, nothing. Literally nothing, so that's why she's so high up.)
  • 36. Shouta (He looks like he could be a Nintendo CEO. I look at him, and I feel like he's going to talk to me about the next Mario game.)
  • 35. Shinnosuke (A.K.A., The only person on Earth that can pull off a bowlcut. I like how his Baseball team is the last one to not have a Mii from the Champion's team.)
  • 34. Mia (Looks to be the tropical kind of girl... In my opinion, anyway.)


  • 33. Jessie (Quite a pleasing face to look at... Just like every blonde in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, excluding Tyrone and Fritz, because they are jerks, I feel stress free and at ease when I see her. Plus, she's overhated, and I kinda feel bad that she's in an awful baseball team (The only ones I like on her team are Emma, Misaki, Akira and Silke)... Poor Jessie... While being a bit tedious in Wii Party, she's done more good to me than bad, so... In fact, she barely has done anything bad to me. I can only think of, like, probably 4 bad things that she's done to me. She did give me three outs in a row, but I was doing way too good in the game, so I didn't mind it much. Also ended up giving me two triples one time.)
  • 32. Sarah (Same with Rin, but God Almighty, is she an awesome boss! Plus, she's actually kinda fun to play against in Wii Party. Key word: Kinda.)
  • 31. Naomi (There's just something about Naomi I seem to like, but I don't know what it is.)
  • 30. Jackie (She looks cool and she's a real challenge in Swordplay... Unlike Patrick. Do NOT associate her with "Kung Jackie" or whatever it was. I don't want her ruined. OK?)
  • 29. Keiko (How can you not love that happy glare she has? She'd be good at Archery if CPU Miis were involved in it. Keiko, the champion of Archery.)
  • 28. Vincenzo (If it weren't for this guy, Cycling would've been an annoyance for me. Thanks Vince!)
  • 27. Gabi (You be looking smug as ever, Gabs. She looks great in Black Armor and she looks so fashionable with that eye shadow. You go, girl! I like to imagine that she and Alisha are sisters.)
  • 26. Mike (He looks like a Conquistador.)
  • 25. Ryan (Stop Ryan Abuse. Stop Ryan Abuse.)
  • 24. Takashi (Very Unique. I like to call him Donald Duck at times because of those lips. He looks AWESOME in Black Armor too.)
  • 23. Miguel (What a helpful man. Thank you, Miguel, for everything you have done for me in Wii Sports Resort.)
  • 22. Gwen (Look at this photograph. Everytime I look at it, it makes me laugh.)
  • 21. Asami (She looks traumatized... I like it. I also love that she's the Boss in Cliffs in Swordplay Showdown. Better than that German Edgelord in the reverse version... Ugh. She'd be a great champion for Frisbee.)
  • 20. Tomoko (She looks cool in Black Armor, and she's smug... I like it. The color Brown fits her too.)
  • 19. Ai (She looks cool and plays cool. That's all I'll say. Artificial Intelligence to the MAX! Used to be my fav Standard until Helen decided to be really nice to me.)
  • 18. Emma (I like that hair bun and that pink lipstick she has. Her name is very common in France, and I do like the French, but Stéphanie's the better Dark Skinned Blonde. She actually caught me off guard in Spring Ringers from Wii Party. She just kept making long shots and it almost always got to the flower she was aiming for. She must be a legend in Ring Toss.)
  • 17. Marisa (ANGRY! VERY ANGRY INDEED! Her goofy looks honestly make her look like she wants to be left alone. I love it so much. She looks very cool in Black Armor too, but I think the Bulky Armor that Barbara had would've fit even more to her looks. This is one of those rare ocassions where I like the boss from both the normal stage (Beach) and the reversed stage (Beach Reversed).)
  • 16. Holly (Really Unique. She looks incredibly smug too. Plus, she's a blonde, and if you don't know why I like the blondes from Wii Sports Resort (Excluding Tyrone and Fritz) up to this point... What have you been doing when reading all this?)
  • 15. Gabriele (Epic Italian Man. He would've been a better Swordplay Champion and Final Boss than Matt was. Nice choice making him the boss in the Volcano stage, Nintendo. It really fits him. That's the exact reason why I imagine him being really violent and strict.)
  • 14. Giovanna (How do people not like her? She's unique and real fun to play with sometimes. Plus, she's a redhead! UwU)
  • 13. Helen (Challenge in Basketball, annoyance in Baseball (Only on her personal team. On Sakura's team though, she only catches the ball because of Sakura's trash pitching combined with my IQ of a Klondike Bar. Same with Miyu, except Miyu wasn't annoying in her personal team. It was mostly Takumi making me want to end it all. Most balls went to the outfield and were caught by him, and ONLY him). She looks cool too. Plus, everytime I play as her, she just gets tortured everytime and barely wins it.)
  • 12. Stéphanie (She's Blonde, Her name is French, and that goofy face... If there were any sports in Wii Sports that involved running, she'd be the champion in those for sure. I just picture her to be an expert runner. The Usain Bolt of Wuhu Island. She's also my golden girl when it comes to Globe Trot against Master Miis. I think this girl is actually the most forgotten.)
  • 11. Susana (I like her design, I like that her favorite color is Black, I like that she's a real challenge in Basketball... I just like her a lot to be honest. And to top it all off, she helped me THREE TIMES in Basketball when I was playing against Pablo! Not to mention she was actual fair competition one time in Board Game Island, unlike Sakura. Thank you, Susana!)

Really Love

  • 10. Hiromasa (That goofy grin and those red glasses. I love him! =D Good choice for a boss in Swordplay Showdown. I'll tell you who wasn't a good choice for a Boss... Fritz.)
  • 9. Akira (Best Male Table Tennis Player. I also like his design. The color brown fits him too. Kinda sucks that he only appeared in 1 heart armor in all of Swordplay Showdown. What I would give to see him in Black Armor. In Baseball, he's kinda tedious, but at the same time, he isn't? Does that make any sense? Plus, he's kinda fair game in Wii Party. He got Master Difficulty too, which suits him. He didn't get an improvement in Wii Sports Resort for nothing.)
  • 8. Misaki (Looks to be the most distiguished, formal and intelligent Mii of them all. I love people who are smart and fancy, so how can I say no? I also like that she improved in Wii Sports Resort.)
  • 7. Marco (Fat and Jolly. Who wouldn't like that in a man? I also like that he's the Boss in Waterfall in Swordplay Showdown. Better than the Boss in the reverse version of the stage... Screw Steph.)
  • 6. Eddy (Best WSR Boy. Design is awesome and he's a real challenge in Swordplay too. He looks SO AMAZING in Purple Armor too.)
  • 5. Midori (Nintendo really punched this girl in the stomach in Cycling. She was so close to being PRO... That's one of the reasons why I don't like David that much. She's a real challenge in the sports she's good at, and her design is quite nice. Kinda reminds me of a really energetic girl you'd see on the streets with her family most of the time. If she was in Wii Sports to begin with and didn't debut in Wii Sports Resort, she would've been a better Tennis teammate for Miyu. The Pigtailed Prodigies or... something like that. Anything to get Matt off of Miyu's backside. I'm actually getting tired of people going ahead and saying "She looks like Miyu." Miyu looks Spanish and Midori looks either Dutch or Irish. I like that she plays with Yoshi, but I hate that she plays with Steve in Yoshi's team. Steve is a literal jerk.)
  • 4. Haru (Protect her. UwU. I dunno how, but Nintendo managed to make a girl that looks like she's 5 years old look really intimidating in Black Armor... I love it. She also usually does kinda bad in Wii Party. One time, she was at the very top with me, and then Shohei swapped with her, making her go from the very top all the way down to where the volcano space is.)


  • 3. Alisha (This poor girl got the short end of the stick, just like Miyu did, being a PRO in only one sport, and being called either boring or annoying. You didn't deserve this, you lovable son of a gun. Fritz freaking ROBBED this poor woman of recognition in Cycling. Poor Alisha. I like to imagine, if Badminton was in Wii Sports, she'd be the champion in that for sure, along with Gabi. The Fashionista Sistas! I guessing that 86% of people on this wiki hate her...)
  • 1. Lucía (Ok, so, apperently people think she's evil and/or unfair because of her preformance as the Table Tennis champion, but really, she's just competitive. Being competitive does not mean you're evil. At least be happy for her improvement from Wii Sports to Wii Sports Resort. #Lucía, all the way! Better than Matt. She also looks AWESOME in Black Armor. Thing is, she appeared as a Black Armor in the same stage Miyu was a Black Armor. That is just pure greatness on it's own for me. Gotta say, Ian has good taste in women. Her Basketball team is kinda good too. She has Asami, one of the most adorable Miis I've seen, and... Fritz... BUT FORGET HIM! I'm here for the Good Miis, not the Terrible, Disgraceful ones like Fritz. For some reason, I imagine her being German. I am getting the feeling I'm gonna be the only one who loves this Mii in just a few weeks.)
  • Also 1. Miyu (I explained as much as I could in the Questions and Answers section of this profile. I don't need to say more... You poor girl, Miyu. AND CAN WE STOP COMPARING HER TO DORA, FOR GOD SAKE?!)

How I rate the Miis from the Wii U


  • 111. Olga (Miyu ripoff in Tennis, ruined by another user and a literal prick of a cactus in Boxing. Also a MASSIVE annoyance in Wii Party U. Like, the amount of times she won by pure luck is just so many that it's ridiculous. SCREW YOU, OLGA!)
  • 110. Delilah (A.K.A. Steph 2.0. Now comes with more ways to become a horrid annoyance. FREAKING BASEBALL!!! ARGH!!! DON'T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO, YOU DINGUS!? Stop catching the Ball so many times! HOW DO YOU RUN TOWARDS THE BALL SO QUICKLY?! She's freaking annoying in Highway Rollers, Mii Fashion Plaza and a literal BORING hurdle on my way in The Balldozer. Oh, and don't get me started on Team Building. I was getting used to the game at the time, but JESUS CHRIST, DID SHE SHOW NO PITY! What makes it worse is that she won that. SHE GOT FIRST IN THAT MESS!)
  • 109. Shu-Hui (Baseball... Basically Maria 2.0 over here except WORSE. I lost to Akira and Donna because of her and her fat duck lips in Bating. Also in the Outfield. QUACK and WACK! She is basically Abby, but WAY worse. If I were to count the amount of times she caught the bloody ball, the number would get to double digits in an instant. I hate this woman.)


  • 108. Zi-Kai (Thanks, Mr. Mario 28 and Kiddo... Ugh! The guy is as bland and boring as Alphonse is too. Why the HECK do you play Tennis with Susie?! She doesn't deserve someone like YOU! UGH!)

Mildly Loathe

  • 107. Hiromi (Those lips are a big No-No, my dear. Julie and Shouta are the only ones that can look good with big lips. You just look like you overdosed on Botox... A Lot! EW.)
  • 106. Anna (The other Anna is obviously better than this batting annoyance. FORGET WHAT I SAID ABOUT HER DESIGN! I DON'T LIKE IT ANYMORE! Upon further research, I found out that she looks like an old Hiromi.)

Despise Greatly

  • 105. João (This guy's just annoying in Baseball.)
  • 104. Jeff (Ripoff of Joseph. Not fun in Wii Party I either. Actually, the full on opposite.)
  • 103. Joost (Ripoff of Pavel. He just looks too similar to him. Pavel is WAY better than this wannabe. A real annoyance in Wii Party U as well.)


  • 102. Alphonse (He's just a bland, boring and unimportant version of Rainer. Also annoying in Baseball. He looks like a nice guy, but he damn well isn't one when he's on the opponent's team in Baseball.)
  • 101. Xiaojian (Dumb hairdo and annoying as one can be. 1. Only Shinnosuke can look good in a bowlcut, so don't try to copy him, and 2. Don't be an unfair annoyance!)


  • 100. Ricardo (Nope. No No No No No. Absolutely nothing I like about this kid. Dumb hairdo, looks high on drugs... He's annoying as one can be too. Get your baked off face outta my sight, you annoying dumbtree.)
  • 99. Paula (Spoiled BRAT! Haruka should've been at Expert, not you.)
  • 98. Barbara (Used to like her. Now I don't because of a blonde perverted man ruining her. Another thing is that she kept sabotaging me in Balloon Boppers, which lead to Olga winning the damn game... and for some friggin' reason, when I faced her in Tennis playing as Haruka, all of a sudden she wants to be smart. She wanted to give me a break when I played as my own Mii, but when it's Haruka? Nope.)
  • 97. Dunbar (He is just annoying in Wii Party U. Like, completely annoying to be honest. Not that fun in Boxing either, but at least he's more easy than Olga...)
  • 96. Hyun-woo (Ripoff of Cheng-Han. Cheng-Han is WAY better than this wannabe. Also screwed me and Steven one time in Spiked-Ball Brawl when he just launched himself to the damn ball and lost us the game. Thanks to that, Leonel got more ahead than he already was in Highway Rollers.)
  • 95. Yuehua (I still don't think highly of her because of Baseball AND that she's a Yunyun clone (I saw Yunyun first), but she's starting to grow on me.)


  • 94. Marie (She's annoying in Baseball and a sabotaging rat in Tennis, and her design reminds me too much of a Karen, but she recently started to do awful in WPU, so...)
  • 93. José (I usually don't focus on looks, unless they are HORRIBLY absurd, like Hiromi's Botox lips, but SWEET JESUS ON A STICK, ARE YOU FRIGHTENING!)

Slightly Dislike

  • 92. Maximillian (I'm gonna pull a Celeste hereand say that that name is WAY too freaking long for someone like him. He's also annoying, but not as annoying as Xiaojian.)
  • 91. Giulia (...Questionable. Seriously, she looks like a Marshmellow with chocolate on top of it while being held by a toothpick. She would be in neutral if it wasn't for WSC and WPU. She is just not fun in either of them.)
  • 90. Jesús (This man's appearance in Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U confuses me a tiny bit so... I honestly have no clue what to think. I mean, he's only good in one sport and semi-mediocre in the others, yet he's a Expert. Going by that logic, Miyu and Miguel should've been Expert Miis too, but nope. Nintendo does not make ANY sense. I mean, if the game came out AFTER Wii Party U, at LEAST make the skill levels match the difficulty they're given in Wii Party U. He's also a little annoying in WPU.)
  • 89. Mónica (Same with Giulia, except she doesn't look like a Marshmellow covered in chocolate on a toothpick. She looks like a literal hashbrown. Also kinda annoying.)


  • 88. Carlo (Same with Giulia and Mónica, but he isn't THAT weird, considering he's old. The other two mentioned look like food. Monicá looks like a hashbrown and Giulia looks like a marshmellow.)
  • 87. Xue-Ren (I like that he looks like he's traumatized, but this guy is HORRIBLY overpowered in Wii Sports Club. If they make a Wii Sports for the Switch, they need to tone him down a bit.)
  • 86. Sho (Eh... He's just there. He hasn't done anything to me so far, good or bad. Probably the only Mii I... really haven't had that much experience with. I keep on forgetting he exists.)
  • 85. Xiuping (I get Uncomfortable Discomfort whenever I see her because of the headshape, but other than that, she didn't do much to me.)
  • 84. Mi-sun (I honestly dunno what to think about this woman. On one hand, I like her, but on the other... Eh. Because she's just... not that fun in Wii Party U.)


  • 83. Pian-Pian (Her name sounds like a cat meowing. She was also kinda fun in Wii Party U for someone in Beginner.)
  • 82. Massimo
  • 81. Haixiang (Only reason I like him is because he reminds me of Haru. Other than that, not much to say about the dude.)
  • 80. Bowen (For an old man, he can stomp you to the ground so quick. This guy is probably Nelly's teacher. A strong old man teaching an old lady how to be strong. Wow.)
  • 79. Barry
  • 78. Kazuhiko/Kazuhiro
  • 77. Pedro (Only reason I like him is because he reminds me of Marit.)


  • Bernardo (Gentle old man.)
  • Elena
  • Bruce (He is only an annoyance in Baseball. I just realized that recently. I've been avoiding him in Wii Party U for the longest time, and the one time I actually play against him, he isn't as big of a problem as he previously was. I dunno why I started to like this guy all of a sudden, honestly, but now I like him, I guess. Maybe playing against him in Wii Party U made me like him? He's overhated too (Unlike Sakura...), so... I guess those are the reasons? I dunno.)
  • Adrien (He's... Interesting... to say the least, but unlike Martin, he's actually not boring at all.)
  • Erick (Even though I like him a lot for being only a Baseball Teammate but still getting Advanced difficulty on Wii Party U, Merrick's a WHOLE lot better than him.)
  • Masako (Small and Goofy Grandma.)
  • Yuriko (She reminds me of Chika a little bit.)
  • Jianjun
  • Mitsu (Gentle old lady, just like Yoshi.)
  • Joana (Same with Mitsu.)
  • Claudia (CHALLENGE! How astonishing can a woman be in Sports? This girl's the answer.)
  • Matt
  • Guillermo (He literally looks like one of my brothers. Plus, he's kinda fun in Wii Party U.)
  • Leonel

Really Adore

  • Polly
  • Dylan (The Takashi of Wii Sports Club. Really Unique.)
  • Sophia (She reminds me of Anne.)
  • Anne (She looks kinda like a sophisticated English Teacher. That and her hairstyle's kinda cute. I was adding her to my Tomodachi Life game, and she literally crashed it. I scanned the QR Code, and the second she popped up, my game crashed. It was so freaking funny.)
  • Sara (She looks like she'd enjoy the summer sun and the sandy beach. She also kinda looks like a brighter version of Mia. I wonder if that comment is gonna annoy Unknown Channel a little bit. I basically just called Sara "Light Mode Mia.")
  • Marit
  • Akira (I preffer the other Akira, but this one's cool too, I guess.)
  • Mark (Is there anyone in here that even likes this guy? Other than me, of course. He looks to be the smart and independent type of person, and you know very well I like people who are smart. He's also a CHALLENGE! in most sports.)
  • Merrick (Unlike Fritz, this guy is actually lovable, what with that unique goofy look on his face, how joyful he looks... He's awesome. He's exactly what Fritz should've been. I feel bad that he's an Anti-Pro and that he's mediocre in most sports. He got the Megan treatment!)
  • Eduardo (Better than the WSR Eduardo. Quite a challenge too. The color Black fits him as well. He kinda looks like an explorer. Unlike the other Eduardo, this Eduardo deserved to be in Expert. The other one deserved to be in Beginner or Standard or... whatever.)
  • Daisuke (Exact same reason I why adore Eduardo. Just replace "Expert" with "Master" and you're good to go (This aged like milk since I now like the other Daisuke).)
  • Ji-hoon
  • Yuya (Sucks that he didn't appear in Boxing, but Joana, an old lady that looks diabetic managed to get in there. He reminds me of Eddy a little bit, him being the only Master Mii in Wii Party U that had a beard and ONLY a beard.)

Extremely Adore

  • Rui-Lin
  • Jin-ah (This Mii makes being blank and bland actually look good. Dunno how, but she managed to do it.)
  • Xixi
  • Ilka
  • Millie
  • Cheng-Han (He looks like a little plushie toy. I just wanna squeeze his cheeks... The ones on the face, I mean, you dirty minded freaks.)
  • David (I like how goofy he looks. Better than the other David. I actually feel bad that he's good in Baseball, but became a Beginner Mii. Basically what Miyu went through. He deserved at least Standard or Advanced.)
  • Irina (Same with Juliette, but she's Russian so... Frick. At least the flags have the same colors, so that's something.)
  • Jialan
  • 40. Araceli (Redhead. UWU)
  • 39. Alice (NO, I don't like her because she looks cute or because she's the champion of Tennis. I like her because of her being an CHALLENGE!, Boxing being the only exception.)


  • 38. Kaori (That grin unsettles me, but she's quite charming to me.)
  • 37. Kentaro (Gentle old man. Better than the other Kentaro, who REALLY needs to shave off that beard or at least keep the mustache only. Also, the guy can knit a scarf like there's no tomorrow. The video they show on Close Knit when on the rules section of the minigame has him knitting a literal monument of yarn.)
  • 36. Xiao-Tong (She reminds me of Keiko a little bit. She plays Tennis with Pavel too. WOW!)
  • 35. Juliette (She reminds me of Léonie a little bit. They are both French so...)
  • 34. Marius
  • 33. Yunyun (I would like some funyun rings, Yunyun. Seriously tho, she was an OK teammate in Baseball and, when I actually played Beginner, she was actually fun. She looks like a plush toy too.)
  • 32. Faustine (She reminds me of Haru a little bit. I imagine her being her sister.)
  • 31. Cristina (She's a lovely lady. I feel all warm inside whenever I see her. I guess she calms me down.)
  • 30. Clara (I just find her fun to compete against.)
  • 29. Patricia (I love that hairstyle and her eyes. She's cool. I also love her name and that she's a PRO in all sports. I dunno why she got Advanced difficulty in Wii Party U. She deserved more than THAT, Nintendo! I would've given her Expert.)
  • 28. Skip (I love his name. Thanks to that, I just imagine him being the Captain of a really strict pirate crew! I also love that he's an Expert in Wii Party U.)
  • 27. André (He reminds me of like a doctor from a St. Judes hospital.)
  • 26. Ivo (You can tell this guy is living life with utter joy. Look at that grin he has! I also like his design. Reminds me of an old hillbilly. This guy actually looks like he's just playing Sports for fun and doesn't even mind being a Beginner Mii in Wii Party U. It's not everyday a Mii looks really happy even with the angry eyebrows that Lucía and Donna have.)
  • 25. Donna (Nintendo made this girl waste her potential when it came to parties. This is the same thing that happened to Nelly! How are you going to make an italian girl be a PRO in sports, but make her lose every inch of potential she had when it comes to ranking her in Wii Party U? Wow, Nintendo.)
  • 24. Gerald (There's just something about this elderly man that I like, but I don't know what it is.)
  • 23. Joseph (Same with Gerald.)
  • 22. Rui
  • 21. Pit (The BETTER Boxing Champ IMO. He's more of a challenge and less of the annoyance that Matt was. His boxing gloves are Aesthetic... I love how they look. Makes him look more like a menace.)
  • 20. Na-rae (REAL FREAKING CHALLENGE! Her skill level IS a copy of Nelly's, but she's really fun to play against.)
  • 19. Maria (If you tell me the Maria from Wii Sports is better than this one, you're wrong... On SO many levels. She looks like she's from Portugal. She is portuguese, so...)
  • 18. Pavel (I used to love him a lot! Quite a challenge in most sports, really fun to play with... I also love that he's a Staff Ghost in Mario Kart 8/8 Deluxe and that he's Russian. Thing is tho, thanks to someone, he's no longer my #1 fav. Not saying who.)
  • 17. Victor (He reminds me of Trevor from GTA. Plus, same as Hee-joon, overhated.)
  • 16. Laura
  • 15. Hee-joon (Forget about the stuff he did to me in Boxing, forget about his weird design. LITTLE TO NO PEOPLE LIKE HIM! ;-;)
  • 14. Steven (He has that smug look on his face like: I see what you doing right there. He's so lovable. He looks like he could be a Champion in Bowling. He managed to get Expert difficulty in Wii Party U when he was just a Baseball teammate in Wii Sports Club. I love him for that too.)
  • 13. Enrique (BATTER UP! I like this guy more than I like Sakura, mainly because he's an actual challenge while Sakura and her outfielders (Except Pierre) end up being the most tedious living beings on Earth.)
  • 12. John (He reminds me of both John Wick and Jack Black. Plus, there was this one time in Wii Party U, in Highway Rollers, where the guy kept getting high numbers no matter what place he got. That honestly made me laugh a lot.)
  • 11. Bo-Jia (Master Mii in Wii Party U, but just a plain Baseball teammate in Wii Sports Club. Quite an Enigma, if you ask me... I love it. He looks like he could be Miyu's dad. I mean, look at the two of 'em!)

Really Love

  • 10. Bernd (He be German. I like Germany. I also like that he looks like a hard working dad. People are gonna hate me for this, but I like Bernd more than I like Anne and Marit. Pretty obvious now that he's in a higher category than them.)
  • 9. Susie (smol gurl. Real fun to play with in both Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U too.)
  • 8. Chris (Better than the other Chris for sure. Unlike the WS Chris, this one doesn't screw me over in Tennis. He's actually quite helpful. Tennis teammate, Baseball teammate... I love him so much.)
  • 7. Se-young (For an Anti-PRO, she can surely give you a big enough challenge.)
  • 6. Rie (There's like a ton of things I like about this girl. Believe it or not, she was actually my most favorite before I found out about the ones ranked above her.)
  • 5. Frank (Smug and British old man. I like that haistyle too. It fits him better than it does to Takumi, A.K.A., the annoying version of Babe Ruth.)
  • 4. Mizuho (Freaking smug brunette.)


  • 3. Léonie (Such a lovable old lady. She's a PRO in every sport (Except Boxing, in which I think is absurd. We can have Joana, an elder who looks like she's in terrible health condition, play Boxing, but we can't have Léonie, an elder that looks to be in perfect health, stepping on the ring.) and she's French. Mostly everyone hates her because of her being old, in which I think is REALLY dumb. Respect your elders, kids. Everyone leave her alone! She's just a lovely French old lady. Let her live her life!)
  • 2. William (Really helpful in Baseball and a large challenge in Wii Party U. He was actually close to winning against me one time in Team Building. God almighty, is he something.)
  • 1. Haruka (Looks to be the smart and nerdy type. I love it! She did not deserve Beginner. She derserved like Standard or Advanced. You're telling me Paula can participate in nothing but Baseball and end up being an Expert Mii, but Haruka ends up doing the same and ends up becoming a Beginner? Wow Nintendo... Just Wow. She's also overhated. I seen her under neutral at times and there are like 9 people that have her as their least favorite female Beginner... Haruka, no. :()

My opinion on the Swordplay Showdown Bosses

  • Cole - Even if he is the first boss, why the everloving heck is he so defensive?! He takes almost 5 minutes to stop blocking and attack. Not a very good moveset for a boss.
  • Gabi - Unlike Cole, this girl is WAY more aggressive and attacks quicker. Serves for an actual challenge.
  • Miguel - Pelvis Sword. At least he attacks quick enough to make up for his mediocre defense. Not a very good moveset though...
  • Alisha - You let this woman touch you with her sword, she'll knock you into next week! I only just found out that she attacks TWICE when you let her hit you. Really nice moveset for a boss.
  • Hiromasa - Same with Gabi.
  • Sarah - For some reason, her being defensive makes sense. Cole being defensive does not make any sense at all. He's the first boss, for crying out loud. Some bosses should be defensive the more stages you go through.
  • Marco - Same with Sarah.
  • Asami - Same with Marco and Sarah.
  • Anna - Very defensive, but the minute she hits you, she hits you a second time... How unique.
  • Gabriele - He does not hold back at all. All three swings, just flying at you without delay. He's really violent and aggressive. Awesome moveset for the guy.
  • Tomoko - Same with Gabriele.
  • Takashi - Attacks, then stops for a second, then attacks again. My god, is this guy something good. He is like "I gotta make sure I don't set myself up for something here". I love it.
  • Marisa - She's so random. First, she attacks quickly. Then, she takes her time to attack again. It's like she's plotting something.
  • Ian - Same with Marisa, but Marisa makes it look good. Ian just makes it look dull. At least he has good taste in girls (Lucía and Miyu).
  • Barbara - Same with Marisa and Ian, but this woman makes it look a bit annoying. Ai yai yai, Barbara.
  • Shinta - At this point, the "attack quickly and then take some time to attack again" just makes me mad. How annoying can you be, box head?
  • Steph - ...Why the same thing five times in a row. Marisa is the only one that made it look good. Why copy her, Steph? Why?
  • Fritz - I wanted to jump off a cliff myself while fighting him. I lose focus for one second, and he is just on me. Why the heck does he defend himself after failing to attack?! It would make more sense to have Yoko do that, her being the second to final boss. He was literally just an annoying hurdle on my path.
  • Yoko - Same with Tomoko and Gabriele, but she's a tad bit too strong IMHO.
  • Matt - Roses are red, my favorite color is also red. This guy is stupidly annoying and is better off dead.

I'd say my Favorites have to be Gabriele, Marco, Alisha and Hiromasa while my Least Favorites are Fritz and Shinta.

Haru Badge Collection

  1. 82,000th edit
  2. 83,000th edit
  3. 84,000th edit
  4. 85,000th edit
  5. 86,000th edit
  6. 87,000th edit
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  8. 95,000th edit

Favorite to Least Favorite Wii Party game modes

  • 1. Spin-Off (Creative in its own way. I love it.)
  • 2. Friend Connection (It literally just made me make Miyu X Lucía into a real thing without even knowing it.)
  • 3. Match-up (Again, creative.)
  • 4. Balance Boat (Creative.)
  • 5. Globe Trot (WAY too complicated, but eh, guess it's good.)
  • 6. Swap Meet (See Globe Trot.)
  • 7. Animal Tracker (So confusing.)
  • 8. Buddy Quiz (Why up to 3 human players? I JUST WANNA PLAY!)
  • 9. Hide 'n Hunt (Boring.)
  • 10. Solo (Mostly because of Expert Level.)
  • 11. Word Bomb (WTH were they thinking with this?)
  • 12. Time Bomb (See Word Bomb.)
  • 13. Board Game Island (Sakura sucked the fun out of it 'cus she always got SO LUCKY when she appeared as an opponent in this!)

Wii Party/Wii Party U Minigames


  • Chop Chops (All-Time Favorite)
  • Zombie Tag (2nd Favorite)
  • Can't Catch Me (Joana got me working up a sweat.)
  • Chin-up Champ (God almighty, it is something godly. I love it.)
  • Fruit or Scare (Funny to see Marius get surprised. He he...)
  • Apple Scramble (Focus real hard and you'd be getting a good run.)
  • Delivery Duel (Reminds me of Mario Kart.)

Least Favorites

  • Moon Landing (FREAKING METEORS!)
  • Pogo Battle (God, it's so hard to aim correctly at your opponents. Hiromi, you get out alive this time.)
  • Balloon Boppers (THANKS A LOT, YUEHUA!)
  • Banana Blockade (Took me so long to finally get to the final level. Miyu and Lucía can finally take a rest.)
  • Poserobics (Greg... you're a nightmare.)
  • Recipe Recall (TOO MUCH TO REMEMBER!)
  • Balanced Diet (Too Complicated!)

How I rate the Miis that haven't appeared in Wii Sports/Wii Party (Favorites to Least Favorites)

  • 1. Marsha - Best Wii Music Girl. I love her so much! A 10/10 for me! (And no. It's not because she looks like Lucía)
  • 2. Donna - Seems pretty lovable. I'd say she's equal to the other Donna for me.
  • 3. Naoko - Same with Donna. If she was in Wii Party, she would be an Advanced Mii.
  • 4. John - Looks like Ryan.
  • 5. Ross -Someone I'm friends with on Discord made me like him. Still don't like how he's literally just a younger Saburo.
  • 6. Suzanne - Same with Naoko and Donna. Kathrin's twin as well, And I have grown very fond of Kathrin.
  • 7. Mia - The other Mia's better, but this one's cool too, I guess.
  • 8. Ray - Eh... I guess he's OK.
  • 9. Michael Tutori - See Ray.
  • 10. Cory - See, the thing is, I used to like him, but then the lewd crap about Lucía was posted, now he's on Slightly Dislike.
  • 11. Don - Michael's twin, and I absolutely HATE Michael a lot.
  • 12. Naz -He looks WAY too similar to Sakura, and I do not like Sakura AT ALL.

Least to Most Favorite Sports

  1. Baseball (Sakura, Takumi, Steve, Shu-hui, João and Anna ruined it for me.)
  2. Boxing (The Mii I'm playing as just doesn't wanna throw punches sometimes.)
  3. Basketball (Tommy and his KANGAROO HOPS!)
  4. Tennis (Mainly because of Abby.)
  5. Golf (Basically Abby if she was a sport.)
  7. Power Crusing (So hard to control!)
  8. Wakeboarding (So freaking tedious to avoid the obstacles.)
  9. Archery (I, for the life of me, cannot get the stupid hidden targets!)
  10. Frisbee (What the HECK do you mean the dog can't catch that? It's close to the bloody target.)
  11. Canoeing (Mike... the amount of power you could have had on the palm on your hand...)
  12. Air Sports (GWEN AND MIGUEL! YAY! :D)
  13. Cycling (Alisha... you poor thing... :()
  14. Swordplay (Good to know some of the Miis I like became Bosses but... Why Fritz tho?! >:()
  15. Table Tennis (Greg... yeah, not really feeling it. Lucía tho... she good!)