My Personal Mii! :D

Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party are part of my childhood. And I got Wii Party U. (Blue = My All-Time Favorite)

My YouTube Channel: ☀

My Opinion Miis

Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort

I like every Mii, but I'm not sure, if I like Giovanna or not. :/

My Fav.: Tommy, Hiromasa, Eva, David, Shinnosuke, Alex, Nick, Anna, Miyu, Yoko

Wii Sports Club

I like every Mii too! :>

My Fav.: Chris, Enrique, Hee-joon, Alice, Anne, Jeff, Daisuke, Jianjun, Maximilian, Jesús

Outside Wii Sports series

I like every Mii too! :>

My Fav.: Ray, Cory, Don, Naz, John, Marsha, Mia, Naoko, Ross, Donna

Special Badge

Pit's Badge (Platinum) - 216/365 (59.18% complete)

Gerald's Badge (success) - December 24th 2019 (By adding Total Skill Level for all 111 Wii Sports Club Miis)

Lucky Haru's Badge (success) - February 21st 2020 (104,000th Edit)

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