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Champions Beaten in Order

  1. Matt (Speed Slice) 8th of November 2020
  2. Matt (Swordplay Duel) 22nd of December 2020

My Favourite and Least Favourite Games in the Wii Series


Wii Sports + Resort

Wii Party

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Music

Wii Play: Motion

Wii Party U


Wii Fit U

Wii Sports

Wii Fit Plus


Wii Fit

Wii Sports Club


Wii Play

Wii Chess

favourite and least favourite Sports

This is how i rank the sports in Wii Sports/Resort/Club

  1. Speed Slice-really fun and is fair until the final boss
  2. Cycling-also really fun, but the energy meter is way too short.
  3. Baseball (WSC)-the only sport that is outright better in WSC than it is in Wii Sports. The fielding makes the game a lot more interesting.
  4. Baseball (WS)-not as good as Baseball in WSC, but still fun
  5. Island Flyover-other than having to move the wii remote forward to boost, this is a good sport.
  6. Swordplay Duel
  7. Showdown
  8. Archery
  9. Table Tennis-I would like this more if it didn't get so hard so fast
  10. Wakeboarding- it's a bit too simple, but for what it is it's good
  11. Boxing-same reason as table tennis
  12. Bowling (WS)-the most enjoyable version to play
  13. Bowling (WSR/WSC)-slightly less fun, but fells more realistic
  14. Basketball 3-on-3 game-shooting the ball is badly done and the lack of free movement are two major problems, but it still is fun despite this
  15. Golf-just ok
  16. Skydiving-there is almost no substance to the gameplay, but it is somewhat fun
  17. Power Cruising-the controls stop it from being good to just ok
  18. Basketball 3-Point contest-the first sport I would consider bad.
  19. Canoeing
  20. Tennis
  21. Boxing (WSC)-i've barely played this sport and for good reason. It's just not exciting, unlike the original.
  22. Frisbee Dog-controls REALLY bad and is boring
  23. Frisbee Golf-instead of being boring, it's frustrating as trying to score, with how bad the motion controls are.

Mii ranking (WIP)

Mostly based off looks with some exceptions.


Guillermo-No idea why, but I really love Guillermo's design and he deserved a lot more than just being a Baseball teammate and Standard Difficulty.

Hiromasa-Really like his design, however he is annoying in Wii Party.

Martin-His design is great and fits in really well with his skills. However, he still should've gotten a higher average skill level.

Barbara (Wii)-Great, unique design and very overhated; the more people that hate her, the more I like her. So much better than Wii U Barbara and deserved Advanced or Expert.


Matt (Wii)-A good challenge in Duel and Speed Slice (until Ryan ruined it by being a terrible referee.) A pretty great design too.

Gabrielle-Verrrrry cursed design, but in a good way. He deserved better.

Greg-Also a charmingly cursed design.


Matt (WSC)-On one hand, I do like his design and the idea of a Mii being the reverse of another Mii with the same name in interesting, yet calling him Matt feels like a big insult to the original and he should've gotten beginner if they wanted him to be a complete reverse of Wii Matt.


Keiko-The balls she throws in baseball are annoying (Thats all the experience I have with her.)

Alice-Very generic design, just like her sister. She's higher than Wii U Barbara because she isn't nearly as overrated.

Barbara (WSC)-One of the most generic Miis ever. No idea why so many people like her.


Ryan-I used to like you, but as a referee you 1-would not Recognize my swings 2-would swing one way and it would register another way 3-Would swing the right way, but would say i swung the wrong way. If it wasn't for that, you would be in the Ok/Good category.

Elisa-I dunno, I just dislike her. Pretty decent design though.

Abby-Really annoying in Baseball and overrated (She looks soooo bland.)

Shinnosuke-I just dislike his design, thats all.

Midori-Strange, creepy and ugly looking, but not in a charming way unlike Gabrielle or Barbara (Wii). Extremely overrated.

Silke-Do not like her design and annoying in Baseball.

Maximilian-In a game with so many miis who don't even have a level in a sport, why do they have to be Miis who are the best in almost every sport, like Maximilian and Mark etc.



What I'm Working on

My goal on the wiki is to expand or create new pages, especially ones not related to the games Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club.